Bubly's 4 New Fruity Flavors Might Just Have You Cheating On Your LaCroix Habit

Courtesy of PepsiCo

It's safe to say that sparkling water is having a *moment* right now. I feel like there are new flavors and new brands coming out left and right — and the trend is continuing into 2019. If your a tried-and-true sparkling water drinker, there's a good chance that you've had bubly in the past. If you've tried it (and loved it), you'll be happy to hear that new bubly sparkling water flavors are finally here. There are four of 'em, to be exact, and they might just have you cheating on that LaCroix habit of yours.

Don't get me wrong: I love LaCroix. I also love bubly and zillion other sparkling water brands. However, bubly's new flavors are piquing my interest — and I really want to try them. The company's new cans were announced through a PepsiCo press release on Jan. 17, which also includes information about the brand's upcoming Super Bowl ad (more about that later, though). Anyway, the brand new bubly flavors announced in the release include raspberrybubly, peachbubly, cranberrybubly, and blackberrybubly. Don't they sound delicious?

Those flavors join the bubly collection that already includes limebubly, grapefruitbubly, orangebubly, strawberrybubly, mangobubly, applebubly, cherrybubly, and lemonbubly. TBH, all of them are giving me major summer vibes — and I can't wait to try the new ones.

Courtesy of PepsiCo

If you're also excited to try the new flavors, you'll be happy to hear that they're already for sale. According to an email from PepsiCo to Elite Daily, the new cans are currently available on Amazon. If you choose to buy 'em there, you can get an 18-pack of the new flavors for only $10.99. Per Amazon's product page, that package includes six raspberrybubly cans, four cranberrybubly cans, four blackberrybubly cans, and four peachbubly cans. In other words, you'll definitely be getting your money's worth of flavors when you order pack.

Now that you know about bubly's new sparkling water flavors, let's chat about the Super Bowl ad that I mentioned at the beginning of this article. According to PepsiCo's press release, bubly will release a 30-second Super Bowl ad during the game that features Michael Bublé and the company's sparking selection. Why is that, you ask? Well, take a moment and say "bubly" and "Bublé" out loud. They sound similar, right? Apparently, the company uses that comparison in its ad and features its four new flavors in the clip. You can check out the 15-second teaser of the ad here.

Courtesy of PepsiCo

Apparently, Bublé is excited about the upcoming segment. In PepsiCo's press release, he said,

I had a blast doing my very first Super Bowl commercial with bublé – I mean bubly. Because of our similar names, the brand and I share a special bond. I love how the cans are bold, bright, and full of personality. They're perfect for any Super Bowl viewing partés you might be having.

Whether you're sipping on one of bubly's new flavors during the Super Bowl or downing them throughout your work day, sit back and enjoy the fruit-inspired tastes.