These National Pet Day 2021 tweets are filled with the cutest photos.

Here Are All The Cutest Dog & Cat Photos From National Pet Day This Year

by Daffany Chan

National Pet Day fell on Sunday, April 11 this year, which meant tons of proud pet owners showed some appreciation for all their favorite animal companions with the most adorable photos. Naturally, the Twitterverse celebrated the cuddly holiday with a bunch of feel-good pics and videos of cats and dogs. These National Pet Day 2021 tweets pay tribute to the most adorable furry friends.

National Pet Day is all about celebrating four-legged friends and all the joy they bring to peoples' lives. To give you a bit of backstory, the founder of the holiday, animal advocate Colleen Paige, established the special date in 2005 to bring awareness to adopting pets in need of homes. While National Pet Day is still an annual reminder to adopt and find foster parents for animals living in shelters, April 11 has also become the perfect excuse for animal lovers to celebrate all the cutest pets across the country.

Twitter users rang in the holiday this year with some heartwarming animal appreciation posts. People shared a whole slew of photos and videos capturing their furry partners-in-crime going about their daily routines, including felines chilling at the office and pooches at the lake. It's safe to say these photos will put a huge smile on your face.

Everyone's favorite meme-worthy pooch, Doug the Pug, kicked off a thread of pet photos for National Pet Day, asking owners to comment with photos of their furry friends.

Major names like Michelle Obama even joined in on the fun, sharing a picture of her family's two dogs, Bo and Sunny. Along with the photo, Obama also shared a sweet message: "Happy #NationalPetDay to these two bundles of joy! Thanks for always making my day a little brighter — and for the endless cuddles."

Missy Elliott's pet appreciation post featured a video of her new pooch, Icy, biting the singer's new hat.

Shania Twain warned her Twitter fans to "expect a lot of puppy videos from here on out" of her new pup, Camper.

Michael Bublé shared the most hilarious tweet about his dog Coco, explaining that "she pees every time she sees [him]."

Feline friends are also getting their fair share of love for National Pet Day.

Of course, pet owners are sharing plenty of goofy pictures of their pets doing hilarious things.

There are also a lot of pics of dogs enjoying the outdoors, no matter the weather.

There's no doubt about it: Four-legged companions have a special place in their owners' hearts.

With so many loyal, cuddly creatures to celebrate, it's time to head to Twitter and check out all the adorable photos that'll surely brighten up your day.