These National Puppy Day 2021 tweets are a collection of the cutest photos and videos.

People Are Sharing The Most *Adorable* Pics & Vids Of Their Pups For National Puppy Day

by Daffany Chan
gollykim/E+/Getty Images

Get ready to celebrate one of the cutest holidays of the year, because National Puppy Day is on Tuesday, March 23. Naturally, animal lovers from all around the world are heading to Twitter to share adorable pictures and videos of their favorite pooches. These National Puppy Day 2021 tweets will brighten up your day with some heartwarming pup appreciation posts.

If you haven't heard of National Puppy Day, the holiday is all about celebrating four-legged friends and all the joy they bring to peoples' lives. But animal advocate Colleen Paige also had another reason for establishing the special date in 2006: to highlight the importance of adopting dogs in need of homes. So while March 23 is an annual reminder to consider adopting a pooch from a shelter rather than buying a dog from a pet store or breeder, it's also become a (very welcome) excuse to celebrate all the furry companions across the country.

The Twitterverse is certainly lighting up the special day with plenty of pooch love. People are sharing a whole slew of photos and videos capturing their furry partners-in-crime trying out everything from puppy yoga to having fun in the snow. If you're looking for a way to celebrate the day, check out these National Puppy Day tweets, because they're seriously adorable.

User @buitengebieden_ kicked off a pooch-loving mega thread on Twitter for the holiday, writing, "The best day of the year on Twitter!"

Celebs like Hugh Jackman even joined in on the fun, sharing a picture of the day his pup Allegra joined his family.

Footballer Beth Mead showed off her "baby girl."

Plenty of Twitter users showed off the adorable shenanigans puppies are known for getting into, like stealing the golf ball in the midst of a putt.

There are even videos of pups getting active with their own version of yoga.

There are just so many ways to celebrate National Puppy Day, including this pooch who's ready to celebrate at school (brown-bag lunch and all).

The Kentucky Humane Society shared double the cuteness.

It's also the perfect day for throwbacks to when now-grown doggos were little puppers.

With so many adorable photos and videos of doggos, it's time to head to Twitter and start your Tuesday with some good ol' pup appreciation — there's bound to be plenty more pup goodness popping up throughout the day.