These Mother-Daughter Road Trip Ideas Are Perfect & My Bags Are Already Packed

Jose Coello / Stocksy

Listen up everyone, Mother's Day is right around the corner and it's time to impress. No one deserves a special day more than a mom, but instead of flowers and cards, this year I say we hit the road. If you're with me, here's a list of mother and daughter road trip ideas that'll create memories to last a lifetime.

There's no better way for some mother-daughter bonding than to take a nice trip somewhere. Just picture yourselves as Thelma and Louise hitting the road and planning to take on the world. OK, yes, their journey might not have had the happiest ending, but that doesn't mean you two can't write your own story. Not only is it an excuse to take a much needed trip, but according to Y Travel blog, taking a mother-daughter trip together helps both parties start to see one another as individuals instead of just "mother" and "child."

So the question is, where should this dynamic duo head off to?

From sandy beaches to bustling city streets, there's a myriad of places to vacation and enjoy some quality time together. Every mother-daughter team is different, and so it's important to choose carefully where to spend a very special Mother's Day to ensure both of you will fully enjoy your time. So get out that map ladies, and start charting your course.

For The Ladies Who Prefer Beachside Views, Zoom Down The Pacific Coast Highway

Let's be honest, nothing beats some salty beach air hitting your face. For those California girls itching to take in some seaside views, the Pacific Coast highway stretches from San Luis Obispo to Monteray, California where you'll be able to take in views like Big Sur and drive through quaint Golden State cities including Carmel and Paso Robles. For those who reach Monteray, make sure to visit the famous Monteray Bay Aquarium, which holds a huge variety of marine life and informational tours.

For The Ladies Who Need to Wind Down, Take Highway 29 And Grab A Glass Of Vino In Wine Country

To me, nothing says vacation quite like a glass of wine. Napa Valley is basically known as the destination for a much needed girls trip. Just hop onto Highway 29, which passes through Calistoga, St. Helena, Rutherford, Oakville, Yountville and Napa, and marvel at all the towns that hold some of the world's most delicious adult grape juice.

Make a stop in every town you pass, and you ladies will be able to sit back, uncork, and enjoy vineyard views without a care in the world. Plus, if neither of you wants to D.D., there's an extensive list of hotels, resorts, and bed and breakfasts that will make sure you'll be sleeping safely and soundly after a few glasses (I'm not judging).

For The Ladies Who Are Feeling Outdoorsy, Blue Ridge Parkway Takes You On A Wild Ride

Been feeling antsy and need some fresh air? The Blue Ridge Parkway travels through the scenic states of Virginia and North Carolina. Not only will you two be able to experience some first hand Southern charm, but this route takes drivers to two noted national parks, including the Great Smoky Mountains and Shenandoah National Park. Although these parks may differ in size and location, they both offer enough beauty to satiate any visitor's green thumb. While driving down the parkway, stop by the Luray Caverns, which features a six-foot deep wishing well. Here's to wishing this trip never ends!

For The Ladies Who Want To Keep It Low Key, Drive Down U.S. Route 50

Sometimes a girls trip doesn't need to be all fun and giggles. For those who want to spend some time contemplating and enjoying some peace and quiet, Nevada's Route 50 is perfect. Otherwise known as The Loneliest Road, this road trip is a chilled out stretch of land that passes through a number of hip towns visitors can enjoy at their own leisure. Grab a coffee, hit the road, and don't worry about feeling too lonely with a great passenger by your side.

For The Ladies Who Just Want To Go Green, Enjoy Acadia All American Road.

Nothing says a road trip like enjoying the sights of wildlife and wildflowers, and this All American route is perfect for just that. Drive down Maine's Acadia All American Road and stop by the Acadia National Park, which is rumored to have prime bald eagle and other wildlife sightings. While driving through, make sure to stop to enjoy some homemade ice cream at Jordan Pond House while soaking up other scenic, waterfront views.

So there you have it ladies. What are you standing around for? Get that Mother's Day weekend started, pack those bags, and hit the road!