'Twilight' fans made memes for 'Midnight Sun' all about Edward being emo.

23 ‘Midnight Sun’ Memes For ‘Twilight’ Fans Who Love Edward Being Emo AF

by Dylan Kickham
Summit Entertainment

The day Twilight fans have waited over a decade for finally arrived at the beginning of August, and of course, Twihards wasted no time picking out all the best moments from Midnight Sun and turning them into hilarious memes and jokes. The newly released novel retells the story of 2005's Twilight from Edward Cullen's point of view rather than Bella Swan's, and fans are loving the vampire's melodramatic thoughts. All the Midnight Sun memes from Twilight fans are celebrating Edward's ridiculously emo perspective.

On Tuesday, Aug. 4, Midnight Sun was officially released. The long-awaited Twilight companion novel was first expected to drop all the way back in 2008, but Stephanie Meyer put the book on an indefinite hold after several chapters of it leaked online. The leaked chapters gave fans a welcome peek inside Edward's mind as he first met Bella and grew closer to her while fighting his blood-thirsty urges. In 2020, Meyer finally finished the book and fans can relive the entire first Twilight novel in a completely new light.

Readers have been sharing their favorite portions of Midnight Sun on social media, with special attention given to all of the times Edward embraces his emo, melodramatic thought patterns. Fans already loved Edward's awkward, ridiculously self-serious demeanor in the original Twilight, but Midnight Sun amps that up so much more. Some of the moments getting the most attention are Edward invoking Greek mythology while watching Bella eat ravioli, Edward's constant specific plans to kill all of his classmates, and his inability to read Bella's mind. Check out some of the best jokes about the new novel below.

While Twihards are absolutely loving the return to Edward and Bella's tortured romance all these years later, it does not seem likely that fans will get to see Midnight Sun as a movie. Although Twilight director Catherine Hardwicke recently said she'd be interested in making a new movie from Edward's perspective, stars Robert Pattinson and Kristen Stewart have been infamously vocal about their distaste for the film saga and have become much bigger movie stars since their breakout roles.

A film adaptation may not be in the future, but at least Twilight diehards have a whole new novel to sink their teeth into now that Midnight Sun is officially available at long last.