Nikolas Ajagu in Dior Air Jordans 1s at Joe Biden's Inauguration on Jan. 20.

Someone Wore Dior 1s To The Inauguration & What A Power Move

Alex Wong/Getty Images

As major fashion events and happenings over 2020 were severely lacking, it's not surprising that the inauguration has become the place for fashion. It might not be a red carpet, but the Capitol building was filled with the freshest looks I've seen in months. One look has already gone viral, and it's one you might've missed. Twitter just can't get over the Dior Air Force 1s at Biden's Inauguration. It's about time sneakerheads get some White House recognition.

The shoes made their first major appearance on the Capitol steps during Amy Klobuchar's speech. The Dior and Air Jordan collab is super rare, and the sneakers retailed for $2,000. They were dropped as a limited release in 2020, and over 5 million people tried to snag a pair. Now, if you want your own pair, resale sites currently sell them for over $7,000. As soon as viewers first caught a glimpse of the shoe at the inauguration, despite it only lasting for a few seconds, Twitter was on the case of who was wearing them.

The person showing off all this drip was Vice President Kamala Harris' nephew-in-law Nikolas Ajagu. His partner, Meena Harris, the VP's youngest sister's daughter, confirmed it was him in a tweet. And, given how clean and sharp his shoes looked, it seems he's taking good care of his rare Dior 1s. Ajagu paired his shoes with matching light gray trousers, a navy peacoat, a white button-down, and a tie. It was a sharp, refined look with a touch of clout. He sat with his two daughters throughout the ceremony, who were wrapped up in two fuzzy, leopard-print coats.

Alex Wong/Getty Images

However, Ajagu wasn't the only one in Jordans, it appears. Maisy Biden, the president's granddaughter, wore a pair of 1s Mid Sisterhood. Naturally, sneakerhead Twitter is all over this. "This administration is already off to a fresh start," one user said. The only sad news is that these styling new first family members probably won't be gracing the White House very often with their trendy kicks.

Still, we can count this as a major win for sneakerheads everywhere.