Fans Hearing 'Sesame Street's Grover Possibly Drop An F-Bomb Is Yanny & Laurel All Over Again

George De Sota/Getty Images Entertainment/Getty Images

Ever since Sesame Street first aired back in 1969, PBS has consistently encouraged young viewers to "come on down to Sesame Street." If you have never seen the show, it is a friendly, honest space for children to share and learn important lessons about life, kindness, and friendship. So, it comes as quite a surprise to hear that a recent audio clip sounds like Grover is swearing like a sailor. Shocking, I know. To figure out what's going on, check out these memes about Grover dropping an F-bomb on Sesame Street, according to fans who heard it. Elite Daily reached out to Sesame Street for comment on the clip, but did not hear back at the time of publication. TBH, this is totally the new Yanny and Laurel debate — and it's hilarious.

Remember the infamous Yanny and Laurel debate from earlier this year in May 2018, when people on the internet couldn't collectively decide what word they were hearing in an audio clip? Well, on Friday, Dec. 28, a Sesame Street clip that sounds like Grover is swearing made its way into a new internet debate, but it's, like, 10 times weirder. I mean, really, it's fun, innocent Grover we're talking about! Anyway, according to Mashable, the clip was originally picked up on by Reddit user schrodert, who was watching the show with his daughter. In the video, Grover apparently said to Rosita, "Yes, that sounds like an excellent idea," but... it also sounds a lot like he said, "Yes that's a f*cking excellent idea." Whoa, Grover, whoa. Elite Daily reached out to Sesame Street for comment on what episode the clip came from and what Grover's actual line is, but did not hear back in time of publication.

While came as a major shock, user NeverFresh responded with a theory about how listeners can basically choose what they want to hear, based on what they're thinking about hearing while they're watching it. Makes sense, right?

Listen to the original clip for yourself, below.

What do you hear? Do you hear the F-word like I do? Or are you a little less jaded than I am? Maybe all you hear is an enthusiastic, "Yes, that sounds like an excellent idea," which is likely the line that was scripted, because this is Sesame Street, you guys.

Anyway, the reactions coming from Twitter about this highly debatable matter are straight-up hilarious. In fact, the Twitterverse has literally started making memes about it, and they've honestly made my day.

Others in the Twittersphere simply can't believe their ears. It actually sounds like Grover is swearing, and even though he obviously isn't, it definitely sounds like it. Er, it definitely does to me.

There are a select few people out there, on the other hand, who just aren't hearing it at all. Y'all are no fun.

OK, I actually can't get over how funny all of this is. People on Twitter are having a hard time containing themselves, and honestly, it's one of the best meme opportunities I've seen all year long. Maybe you can hear it, or maybe you aren't able to. Maybe you're still arguing over Yanny and Laurel, or maybe this is will make you refrain from joining any audio clip debates in 2019.... Whatever you're thoughts, it's a funny situation nonetheless, and I'm seriously loving every minute of it.