This 2012 Drake Tweet Is Trending & It's Turned Into The Most Relatable Meme

Vaughn Ridley/Getty Images Sport/Getty Images

As a true blue Gen Y baby, I grew up with adults constantly reminding me that whatever I post on the internet could come back to haunt me later. Despite the fact that this is relatively common knowledge, not everyone seems to fully recognize that there will, in fact, be consequences from an embarrassing photo, or more importantly, an incredibly moody tweet from five years ago. So, in case you haven't already seen these memes about Drake's 2012 "what am I gonna do" tweet, they're straight-up hilarious.

Back in the day, I was well-versed in the art of sub-tweeting. Whenever I was arguing with a friend or if I was mad at a guy, I would totally write a carefully constructed, passive aggressive away message, Facebook post, or tweet to tell the entire world I was annoyed with them. Although I've made sure to since delete the evidence, it's pretty clear that Drake has left all of it out in the open, and fans are totally loving it. In response to a tweet he wrote in 2012 saying, in full, "What am I gonna do? Say no?", the Twitterverse is coming up with the greatest situations that Drake could have been faced with at the time, and they're definitely worth looking at.

Some think this melancholy AF tweet may be in reference to spending money, and honestly, I can relate.

Others assume it's in reference to indulging on more food or drinks. So really, what am I gonna do? Say no to either of those activities? Absolutely not.

Maybe this simply refers to the constant battle that society has with technology nowadays. Whether it was referring to a Netflix addiction or parental control, Drake could have honestly just been making a statement about society's unshakeable dependency on technology. Who really knows?

Also, of course, it could relate to Drake's (or literally anyone's) lack of control around cute animals...

...Or an inability to tell the truth, to avoid hurting somebody's feelings.

Oh Drake, you classic sad boy. Who — or what — could you have been tweeting about? Was this entire thing about a girl? Was it about an irresistible sandwich? Or maybe it was in reference to splurging on a really nice vacation home? Nobody really knows, but don't worry, Drake. This too shall pass. Really though, my 2012 shenanigans usually have me asking "Why did I ever do that?" as well. This definitely blew up out of nowhere, and the most humiliating part is that even Panera ended up responding... and you know when that Panera responds, it's definitely a meme that's worth talking about.

I'm telling the truth when I say, "We're really sorry about that, Drake." Some of us in the Twittersphere really just couldn't resist taking advantage of this glorious opportunity for a laugh or two. Hopefully he's gotten over whatever was on his mind at the time, and maybe he'll think twice about leaving his dark, dark past out in the open for all of us in the Twitterverse to see. Hopefully not, though. This is some really meme-worthy internet content right here.