Twitter Is Sharing Hilariously Weird Takes On This 'Ellen DeGeneres Show' Tradition


If there's anything that Ellen DeGeneres is known for, it's acting as a fairy godmother and magically surprising the guests on her show with the wishes of their dreams. Meeting Idina Menzel and Barack Obama? Check. Gifts and one-in-a-lifetime vacations? Check and check. Because the internet is a weird and wonderful place, the Twitterverse decided to brainstorm the surprises that they think the longtime emcee would bestow upon them should they ever make an appearance on her show, and these "Me On Ellen" memes about Ellen DeGeneres' surprises are the most absurd (and hilarious) imaginings.

So, what would Ellen gift you if you happened to be on The Ellen DeGeneres Show? Last Wednesday, Feb. 27, Twitter user @cavedevice was one of the first to muse over that question with what was admittedly a pretty dark version of the meme, per Mashable. Since then, however, the idea has gone viral and taken on a more absurdist slant with numerous people chiming in with silly theories of how DeGeneres would surprise them if they hypothetically ever starred as a guest on her daytime show. The platform's answers range from bizarre to hilarious with everything in between, and you'll definitely be inspired to create your own submission after looking through these posts.

The formula of the meme basically starts with a fictional Ellen telling her guest some version of, "So, I hear you like [blank]," be it a movie, an SO, or even a stable job. Upon confirmation, the desired object then magically appears on stage, and the guest exclaims, "OMG Ellen, you didn't."

The Twitterverse has taken this format and is running with it, and the resulting tweets will make you laugh at just how weird they are.

In addition to a few pop culture references, the meme makes light of the emo Twitter posts we all used to share on the app way back when. There's no place like Twitter to air your ~feelings~ in 140 characters or less, amiright?

Compared to the upbeat and positive talk show host we normally see, Twitter's version seems to be bringing plenty of sass and tough love to the table.

It's no secret that adulting is hard IRL, and while some select celebrities and special guests might be recipients of some incredible surprises on The Ellen DeGeneres Show, that's definitely not the norm. In their memes, some Twitter users poked fun at the whole idea by adding an unexpected twist: The moment that DeGeneres decides to just leave them hanging.

Meeting your favorite musical icons in real life? Not so much.

Quite a few submissions also acknowledged the fact that we're all big fans of DeGeneres. From her internet-breaking Oscars selfie to her generosity on her show, what's not to love? Several Twitter users poked fun at what would happen would happen if another Ellen decided to magically appear.

While it's highly unlikely that any of us mere mortals will ever get to meet DeGeneres, let alone receive one of her famed surprises, it's safe to say that the what-ifs are seriously entertaining.