These Shamrock Shake GIF Stickers Will Make Your Instagram Story So Festive

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I don't want to be responsible for instigating any #FoodFOMO, but if you haven't already ordered your annual Shamrock Shake from McDonald's, you should get on it. Not only will the seasonal sip leave menus soon, but you can also use these McDonald's Shamrock Shake GIF Stickers for Instagram Story to up your IG game. Here’s how to get started with some seasonal GIFs

McDonald’s launched a few different milkshake-themed Story GIFs for Instagram and Snapchat's GIPHY libraries in 2019, and they’re all back for 2020. You can choose from a cartwheeling shake, two clinking shakes, a shake with hearts floating from the top, a shake with a rainbow plunging into it, a shake draining dangerously fast, and a green likes meter with a milkshake on it. In addition to the OG GIFs, McDonald’s added two new golden Shamrock Shake GIFs — each emblazoned with “50” — to celebrate a half century of the seasonal staple.

All you need to do to find your Shamrock Shake GIPHY Stickers is search “#ShamrockShakeSZN” in your app's GIPHY library, and voila! You have yourself a perfectly fitting addition to your Shamrock Shake Instagram or Snapchat Story. If you don’t remember the exact hashtag, you can also simply search “Shamrock Shake” for the same results.


To find where you can get a Shamrock Shake near you, check the McDonald's app or online. On the app, simply navigate to the "Order" button on the bottom menu bar and enter in the details of your location with a city or zip code. Then, scroll over to "Sweets & Treats" and tap "Shakes." The Shamrock Shake should pop up if you live in an area that offers it.

Thankfully, the Shamrock Shake was released nationwide this year, for the first time since 2017, so you shouldn’t have any trouble getting the sip where you live. You can also try the new Oreo Shamrock McFlurry, which combines the Oreo McFlurry with Shamrock Syrup for a mint-chocolate combo that will remind you of a Thin Mint.

No matter which treat you get, you can share it on your Story with a complementary GIF. Just remember — even though the GIFs will be available all year long, the Shamrock Shakes are set to leave stores soon after St. Patrick's Day.

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