These McDonald's Shamrock Shake GIF Stickers For Instagram Story Are Festive AF

I don't want to be responsible for instigating any #FoodFOMO up in here, but if you haven't already ordered your annual Shamrock Shake from McDonald's, you've been seriously missing out. There is truly nothing better than tasting that rush of cool and creamy peppermint, but in my opinion, the best and most pivotal part of the entire experience is 'gramming it. Yes, you heard that correctly, and lucky for all of you, these McDonald's Shamrock Shake GIF Stickers for Instagram Story will make your seasonal post straight-up magical this year.

Just in time for St. Patrick's Day (and — of course — the return of the Shamrock Shake) McDonald’s has created not two, not five, but seven different milkshake-themed Story GIFs for Instagram and Snapchat's GIPHY libraries, according to a McDonald's blog post from March 7, 2019. Each and every one of them are super original, and thankfully, none of them are particularly hard to find. In fact, they're all in the same place, as long as you search the correct keyword.

To locate your Shamrock Shake GIPHY Stickers, all you have to do is search #ShamrockShakeSZN in your app's GIPHY library, and voila! You have yourself a gorgeous lil' addition to that Instagram or Snapchat Story. Make sure to get 'em while they're hot, though — while the stickers will be available all year long, according to McDonald's blog post, the milkshake itself will not be.


The seven GIF stickers that you'll find upon searching #ShamrockShakeSZN are pretty rad, if you ask me. You can choose from a cartwheeling shake, two clinking shakes, a shake with hearts floating out the top, a shake with a rainbow plunging into it, a shake draining dangerously fast, and a green likes meter with a milkshake on it, to show the sheer popularity of the springtime staple. There's no doubt in my mind it'll be an amazing addition to that festive AF Shamrock Shake Story.


To find where you can get a Shamrock Shake near you, check the McDonald's app or online. On the app, simply navigate to the "Order" button on the bottom menu bar and enter in the details of your location with a city or zip code. Then, scroll over to "Sweets & Treats" and tap "Shakes." The Shamrock Shake should pop up if you live in an area that offers it. On the McDonald's website, just search "Shamrock Shake" and select the text that says "Shamrock Shake Finder." Then you'll be required to type in your zip-code, which will show all your nearby Shamrock Shake-serving locations.


Don't get me wrong — very few things in this world sounds better than knocking back an ice cold Shamrock Shake right now. However, Instagram's Shamrock Shake GIF Stickers are totally about to make the Shamrock Shake experience, like, ten times better. They're easy to find, simple to add to your Story, and TBH, I'll be using them long after the Shamrock Shake is gone. I'll be yearning for another taste of that refreshing peppermint in no time.