These 3 Blue Moon Spells Will Manifest Everything You Want Before Spring Comes

If you needed another reason to believe that we live in a magical universe, brace yourselves. On Saturday, March 31, we'll have a second full moon in the same month. This is what's known as a "blue moon" and this particular blue moon will be in beautiful and harmonious Libra. However, for as wondrous as this all sounds, the effect it will have on us might be less than gentle. You may feel lost in the trenches of some difficult feelings, making it absolutely vital that you immerse yourself in some spiritually clarifying activities. These spells to perform on the blue moon will help wash away all your worries.

There are a number of planetary aspects that may have a negative impact on this full moon. The most prominent of them all being that Mercury retrograde is opposing the moon, making it difficult to express your intense emotions to others. You may feel like you're imploding; like bombs are going off in your heart and you have no idea how to release the explosion.

Remember to purify your space before performing any of these spells. You could burn some sage to cleanse the energy in the room, then open a window to allow the smoke to escape.

To Spread Happiness

Do you want to infuse your world with joy? Do you want to heal yourself wherever it hurts? Do you simply feel like making everyone in your vicinity a lot happier? You'll need:

  • One orange candle
  • Clear quartz crystal
  • Citrus essential oil
  • Bowl of water

Light your orange candle. Pour as many drops of the citrus essential oil into the bowl of water as you see fit. Then, dip the clear quartz crystal into the mixture. Take a moment to center your energy, to take a few deep breaths and become present in the moment. Whenever you feel ready, repeat:

There is bright light

surrounding me

and all my loved ones.

We are protected, we are blessed.

Nothing can stop us.

While you say these words, imagine the light surrounding yourself and those you care about most. Visualize it as deeply as you can. Whenever you feel ready, pull the quartz from the water and hold it close whenever you want to feel happiest. Allow the candle to burn all the way through.

To Find Beauty In Yourself

Are you concentrating too closely on your flaws? Would you like to see yourself in a better light? Do you want to feel stronger, more beautiful, and confidant in every way? You'll need:

  • One purple candle
  • Lavender essential oil
  • Any black crystal (like onyx, tourmaline, hematite, etc.)
  • Bowl of water

Light your purple candle. Drip as many drops of the lavender essential oil into the bowl of water as you'd like. Dip the crystal into it. Take a moment to clarify your mood by breathing deeply, perhaps meditating with your eyes shut. Then, repeat:

I am filled with beauty, from head to toe.

This beauty remains forever;

it will only continue to grow.

I will fight forever to protect it;

it is a fire within me

that will forever remain free.

Say this over and over. It's meaning only intensifies. Each time you say it, believe it even more. Whenever you feel ready, remove the crystal from the water. This crystal will always protect your self-love from anything that threatens it. Allow the candle to burn all the way to the end.

To Attract Healthy Relationships

Do you want to imbue your relationships with love in its purest form? Do you wish to be a selfless companion? Do you want to surround yourself with people who always want the best for you? You'll need:

  • One pink candle
  • Rose essential oil
  • Rose quartz crystal
  • Bowl of water

Light the pink candle. Pour as many drops of the rose essential oil into the water as you deem necessary. Insert your rose quartz crystal into the floral mixture. Take a moment and enjoy the smells, the feeling of conducting a spell. Breathe deeply. Know that you are safe here. Whenever you're ready, repeat:

My love is raw, fierce, and eternal;

it expands in my chest.

If you reciprocate my love,

I, in return, am blessed.

See this love extending from your heart and ricocheting back to you. Believe that there is harmony in your emotional avenues. Envision these friendships unfolding. Eventually, remove your rose quartz from the bowl. You may carry it with you always or hold it close whenever you need to feel loved and balanced. Allow the candle to burn until no more wax remains.