These Makeup Looks For Pride 2019 Will Color You Impressed

by Kelsi Zimmerman

Pride month is well underway, and the internet is swarming with fashion and beauty ideas to inspire your look for your next Pride month event. So if you're in need of some inspiration for how to slay your beauty beat for your next parade, party, or outing, I've rounded up the best makeup looks for Pride 2019 to help you out.

Of course, each look features some variation of a rainbow, but they're all a little different. Some of the Pride makeup looks shown below are more subtle, while others take up your whole face, incorporate a ton of glitter, or use pastel versions of the otherwise bright rainbow shades. It doesn't matter how you slice it, though — the possibilities are endless.

No matter your style, there's bound to be a rainbow-inspired look for you. Because after all, LGBTQIA+ Pride events are all about expressing your truest self and celebrating you and the entire community. So if you're in need of inspiration for how to do your makeup for your next Pride month event happening, read on, as the use of colors, design, and intricate details in all of these looks are bound to strike your fancy. Now go on and find a look that works for you.

Strike Out

Forget the traditional rainbow arch this Pride month. Instead, recreate this striking lightening bolt using as many bold hues as possible.

Pretty In Rainbow Pastels

If pretty and dainty is your Pride celebration aesthetic, then this look is all of the inspiration you'll need. There are so many delicately pretty aspects to this look, from the brushed up brows to the sky-high lashes, the glossy lip, the tiny pearls, the twinkling stars on the cheek bone, and the muted color scheme.

All That Glitters

On the other hand, if lots and lots glitter is on-brand for your Pride ~lewk~, then take some notes from this glittery eye makeup. The key to this look is to fully incorporate the eyebrows by dousing them in red, orange, and yellow glitter.

The Face Of Pride

This look is for anyone whose makeup motto is "go big or go home." What else screams "I'm extra AF and love it " than the colors of the rainbow covering most of your face?

Get Graphic

This intricate look incorporates false lashes, a sharp cat-eye cut crease, glitter, and, of course, all the shades of the rainbow, extending from the entire eyelid down underneath the eye.

Smoke Show

If you prefer a more sultry look that's a bit darker and smoky, this take on the rainbow eye look has your name written all over it. By using the warmer colors of the rainbow to pop on the lid and the cooler, darker colors to smoke out the lower lash line, you get a completely fresh take on a traditional smoky eye.

Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Pride Star

Talk about being starry-eyed. I can't tell if it's the neon rainbow shades, the highlighted nose, or the star-studded cheek bones, but this entire vibe has me starstruck.

A Rainbow Crease

You'll undoubtedly need a steady hand to create this sharp rainbow crease, but if you're up for the challenge, you will surely stun everyone you see at your next Pride party.

Bedazzle Me

This pride look from James Charles is absolutely glowing, from his fiercely highlighted brow bone and cheek bone, allllllll the way to the rhinestone drops underneath the eye. You can't help but stan a glow-up like this.


A more inventive way to incorporate the rainbow, this speckled look is creative and incredibly artsy.