These 20 Maddie & Kenzie Sister Moments Will Make You Love Them Even More

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Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler have come a long way since 2011 when they shot to stardom after being featured on Lifetime's hit reality TV series Dance Moms. At the time, Maddie was a mere eight years old, while Kenzie was just six. The world watched as the two girls grew up in the spotlight, and while their respective careers at such young ages are mesmerizing, it's Maddie and Kenzie Ziegler's sister moments that really stand out.

When Maddie and Kenzie first started out on Dance Moms, their mom, Melissa Gisoni, was also a major part of the cast of the show, proving just how close the family is. After years of navigating fame on the show and finding themselves individually, the Ziegler sisters quit Dance Moms in 2016 to pursue projects outside the show. In October 2020, Gisoni said the girls' decision to quit was pretty simple to make.

“We left [in] season six because my girls said they didn’t want to do it anymore and I said ‘OK then we’ll leave,’" Gisoni told Entertainment Tonight. Though things may be different for Maddie and Kenzie since leaving the show, with Maddie pursuing an acting career while Kenzie focuses on singing, one thing remains the same: Their sister bond is just as strong as it has ever been.

Love At First Sight

Kenzie and Maddie's bond started before Kenzie was even born. This pic of Maddie loving on her baby sister while she was still in her mom's belly definitely foreshadowed the tight-knit relationship they'd come to have.

A Strong Family Bond

Kenzie shared this epic throwback picture of her, Maddie, and Gisoni in honor of their mom's birthday, and it showed just how close the trio has always been.

No Greater Friend

It's clear from this precious throwback picture of Maddie doting on her little sis that their connection was always strong.

Blonde Beauties

Maddie and Mackenzie appeared to be inseparable from the start.

First Public Appearance Together
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Less than a year after getting their start on Dance Moms, Kenzie and Maddie kept close to each other as they attended the Tattoo Bandz at KIIS FM TCA Gifting Lounge event in July 2012.

First Major Red Carpet
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Maddie and Mackenzie walked the red carpet together at Nickelodeon's 27th annual Kids' Choice Awards in March 2014 when they were just 12 and 10 years old, and could not have been cuter.

Sisters Who Care

In May 2016, Maddie and Kenzie used their platform to team up for a PSA for DoSomething.org's Birthday Mail campaign. In the video, the siblings encouraged everyone to make homemade birthday cards for children in shelters who may not get a chance to celebrate any other way.

Spilling Sibling Deets

In a joint interview for Teen Vogue in August 2016, Maddie and Kenzie were the definition of #sistergoals. Maddie even recalled the very first moment she became a big sister to little Kenzie: "My earliest memory is when you were born and then I got to hold you and I squeezed you so tight and your face looked like a tomato."

Maddie added that her fav part about Kenzie is that she'll "always have a little friend."

Maddie Inspires Kenzie

From a young age, the girls recognized how lucky they are to have each other. During an interview with Hollywire in August 2016, Kenzie gushed over her big sis Maddie, saying: "She's a big inspiration to me and I look up to her. She's just an amazing dancer."

Kenzie Is Always There

In Maddie's 2017 memoir, The Maddie Diaries: My Story, she opened up about dealing with the spotlight when she was just a kid. While not everything was wonderful, she credited her relationship with Kenzie for helping her make it through. "I can't imagine going through everything I've been through these past several years without [Mackenzie] there on the journey with me — even if she bugged me sometimes," Maddie wrote.

A Built In BFF

Just like normal sisters do, the two played around with each other's makeup in this adorable Instagram Live in April 2017.

They're Only Getting Closer As They Get Older

Kenzie adorably dished on her close relationship with Maddie, telling Young Hollywood in July 2017: "We used to fight a lot when we were on the show [Dance Moms], 'cause we were just sick of each other from being with each other 24/7. But after she went on tour with Sia, we got a lot closer 'cause we missed each other."

Maddie Is Kenzie's Hero

During Kenzie's time on Dancing With The Stars Juniors in November 2018, she dedicated a dance to her big sister Maddie. In a video package ahead of the Samba to Sia's "Cheap Thrills," Kenzie explained that she experienced a lot of bullying during her time on Dance Moms, but thanks to her older sister, she was able to overcome those obstacles.

Maddie was overcome with emotion and was so proud of her little sis, saying, "It's so cool to see her shine." 

Travel Pals

By this point, Kenzie and Maddie have had plenty of opportunities to gush over each other, but this video from their time on tour in the United Kingdom in January 2019 is so pure and shows how naturally their relationship comes, even when they're on the road in an unfamiliar place.

Passing The Time

It's not just for major interviews or campaigns that Maddie and Kenzie get together to create fun content. In April 2019, the two did a super fun IG Live where they interacted with their fans and had a blast together.

Sisters Who Care

In honor of Kenzie's 16th birthday on June 4, 2020, Maddie not only shared a super cute throwback pic on IG along with a heartfelt caption, but she also made a donation to the NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) in her sister's honor.

"To my favorite person. i’m the most lucky to be your sister," Maddie wrote. "I admire your beautiful soul and spirit. thank you for being my best friend in life. i’ll always always always be right here for you. and i’m so proud of you for using your voice and standing up for what’s right during this time. in honor of her birthday she asked me to make a donation to an organization of her choice. so i will be donating to NAACP. happy 16th birthday best friend. i love you more than you will ever know

Still The Same Despite Their Fame

More than three years after their first makeup tutorial video, the siblings had a blast together once again while doing each other's makeup in July 2020. The 16-minute video was full of candid moments that made fans love the sisters even more.

Fun & Games

In July 2020, Kenzie interviewed Maddie for an Instagram series where she quizzed her on her favorite things — almost all of which Kenzie knew the answer to.


Maddie and Kenzie looked more alike than ever in an Instagram they posed for on Sept. 18, 2020. Not only were the sisters wearing matching white crop tops and jeans, but with their hair pulled back and red lipstick on, it was almost hard to tell the two apart.

They Celebrate Each Other's Milestone Moments

Kenzie honored Maddie in an Instagram post for her 18th birthday on Sept. 30, 2020. "Happy birthday to my favorite person in the world. YOU ARE 18 WHAT?!! thank you for always being there for me. you make the whole world happier. never ever change you weirdo i love u to the moon and back."