These Jack & Rebecca From 'This Is Us' Couples Costume Ideas Are Too Perfect

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Remember before This Is Us premiered and we just thought Mandy Moore and Milo Ventimiglia played a hipster couple in 2016? What looked like a flair for vintage style turned out to be the young couple wearing the fashion of the times, and following their style from the 1970s to the '90s is always one of the highlights of the series. If you want to embrace the throwback look this year, these Jack and Rebecca from This Is Us couples costumes are perfect ways to honor TV's favorite couple.

Whether you want to pick a look based on your guy's facial hair or embrace your inner flower child with one of Rebecca's breezy dresses, there's plenty of range about what era of the Pearsons to emulate. From lovesick newlyweds to tired but content parents, Jack and Rebecca will bring a romantic tone to your spooky Halloween night. Have your renditions of "Moonshadow" and the Big Three chant ready to break out at any point of your celebrations, and stay away from any Crock-Pots at your Halloween house parties. Top off the night with some soppy dialogue about how much you love each other and you'll have a Halloween worth remembering.

Which Pearson look will you copy this year?

The Pearsons' Wedding Day

It wouldn't be the 1970s without a flower crown and a groom's shaggy hair. Some couples have gone viral thanks to their clever recreations of Rebecca and Jack's wedding day look, so don't feel too daunted about rocking a wedding dress on Halloween. Find a body-hugging, lacy white dress and style your hair in loose waves before putting on your flower crown. A cream-colored suit is perfect for your Jack, and if he happens to have shorter hair, finding a comically bad wig to fit '70s Jack ought to be fun. if you know another couple that will risk playing the ill-fated Miguel and Shelly, you can even recreate the couple's group wedding photo.

Their First Date Outfits
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Nothing says young Rebecca more than a beret. Her simple outfit during her and Jack's first date at a carnival consists of a burgundy hat, a green turtleneck dress, and a striped black-and-gray coat. Meanwhile, Jack channeled a grown-up Danny Zuko in his leather jacket, which covered a flannel button-down and the famed green shirt from "The Pool" underneath. Because of how recently the Season 3 premiere containing these looks aired, this couples costume is probably the most recognizable of This Is Us Halloween ideas. Plus, if your Halloween plans involve the outdoors, these outfits are very appropriate for typical October weather.

Rebecca & Jack's Steelers Gear

To be clear, none of us want to recreate a heartbroken Rebecca wearing her Steelers jersey at the time of Jack's unexpected death. Season 1 included plenty of rosier scenes with the couple supporting their favorite team, whether it was a jersey-wearing Rebecca waking up Jack on an earlier Super Bowl Sunday or Jack kicking off the entire series clad in just a Terrible Towel. If you're a Pittsburgh native or simply a football junkie, representing your favorite show and the local team is too good of an opportunity to pass up.

Get yourself a Steelers jersey and give your guy his pick between sporting a towel (just kidding) or the Steelers knit hat Jack wore in a brief Season 1 flashback of the family watching football. Proceed with caution if you're in a city whose football team might have a particularly strong rivalry with the Steelers.

Their '70s Folk Look

Its ode to laundry machines wasn't This Is Us's finest moment, but following Jack and Rebecca through the years in this montage was a reminder of why we love the show's time-traveling aspect. Imitating their peak-'70s attire is probably one of the cheaper costume options this year. Current fashion leans more toward the 1970s for inspiration, so it should be easy to find patterns that match the psychedelic tones of Jack and Rebecca's wardrobe here. Dig through thrift stores or your parents' closets for the right look, but you might have to get creative in reenacting Jack's cowboy-esque denim shirt here. To the fabric store you go!

Although they rock many styles from this decade throughout the show, Jack and Rebecca's laundry day clothes aren't the most memorable. With that in mind, turn to the hair to really sell this costume. Either style your hair or find wigs to resemble Rebecca's feathered locks and Jack's groovy beard.

Jack & Rebecca As Old People

Leading up to her wedding in Season 2, Kate dreamed of herself and her brothers watching their parents renew their wedding vows in an alternate reality where Jack survived the fire. Very few of us can probably copy professional prosthetics to pull off the show's advanced aging style, but makeup is everyone's friend on Halloween. A few wrinkles and dark shadows will age anyone, and if you already have a hairstyle similar to Rebecca's present-day bob, half of your work is already done. Spray-in hair color will also easily add some gray streaks to both your hair and your Jack's. A suit fits this scene's Jack that never was, while a characteristically flowing but matronly dress best suits older Rebecca.

Good luck with living out your Mama and Papa Pearson fantasy! This Is Us continues on Tuesdays at 9 p.m. ET on NBC.