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These Captions For Your Sorority Sister's Birthday Are Beta Than "HBD"

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It's time to start scrolling through your camera roll for extra special pics, because it's your sorority sister's birthday. You want to shower her with tons of love by posting the sweetest IG of the two of you together. Finding the cutest selfie or hilarious throwback out of the millions you've snapped together is already hard enough, so make sure you've got some Instagram captions for your sorority sister's birthday ready to go.

It's almost written in the sisterhood handbook that when a sister's birthday rolls around, you've got to celebrate her on the 'gram, no matter what stage of life you're in. Your Instagram Story is usually where you feel free to post as many hilarious videos and pics as you want. But choosing one special photo for your feed requires extra thought. This is where you can write a heartfelt message to let your sis know just how much you care.

Start off with any of these 40 birthday wishes for your sorority sister. Once you've got something short and sweet, you can add in some of your favorite memories from college game days, rush week, and fundraising events. It's that simple. Some might even say it's a piece of (birthday) cake.

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1. "Today's the greatest day, because it's the day you were brought into this world."

2. "I know it's not my birthday, but my wishes came true because I got an amazing sister like you."

3. "I'm Omega fan of this birthday girl."

4. "I'm so excited. I just Kappa hide it."

5. "I can't wait till we're the old ladies causing trouble in the nursing home."

6. "This birthday girl is too glam to give a damn."

7. "Happy birthday to my unbiological sister."

8. "You don't get older, you level up."

9. "My Big is cooler than yours."

10. "Rushing to wish you a happy birthday."

11. "Was always too cool for school."

12. "Save a piece of confetti cake for me, OK?"

13. "Sister squad."

14. "You are the dancing queen." — ABBA, "Dancing Queen"

15. "Hey sis, I hope today is as special as you are to me."

16. "Pi hope you have the best birthday ever."

17. "You Beta watch out. A birthday queen is coming."

18. "You glow, girl."

19. "Today is your birthday, so you are the Alpha."

20. "You've earned a crown."

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21. "Missing those birthday shenanigans together."

22. "Vibe and thrive on your birthday, sis."

23. "On your birthday, you wear pink."

24. "You really rosé to the occasion."

25. "Unlike this pizza, you can't be topped."

26. "Gamma more birthday cake."

27. "On your birthday, we celebrate virtually."

28. "I love Mu birthday sister."

29. "This is a birthday Mu-ment."

30. "Have a Greek birthday!"

31. "Hope you're wearing your party pants today."

32. "Wish I could be there and eat cake with you."

33. "I hope your day is filled with *Big* fun."

34. "I'm going to Eta lot of cake today just for you."

35. "Sisters make the best of friends."

36. "Love you like a sister. Wait, you are a sister."

37. "We go together like birthday cake and ice cream."

38. "You are truly the world's greatest sister."

39. "Best friends? No, we're sisters."

40. "The PB to my J, always."

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