Hunter's New 'Mary Poppins'-Inspired Boots Will Add Some Magic To Your Fall Wardrobe

Courtesy of Hunter

When you think about it, rainstorms can be pretty magical. Between hypnotizing pitter-patters on the rooftop and gorgeous post-storm rainbows, a good autumn shower can put you in a trance. Believe it or not, Hunter Boot Ltd — the company that brings you those waterproof rain boots that you adore — is adding even more magic to gloomy weather. The boot haven recently partnered with Disney to release Hunter x Marry Poppins Returns boots, and they'll add a spoonful of sugar to all of those rainstorms that you'd typically dread.

In case you're unaware, a Marry Poppins spinoff called Marry Poppins Returns is slated to hit theaters on Dec. 19. According to the movie's IMDB webpage, the film will focus on Marry Poppin's return to help the Banks siblings decades after her original debut. Needless to say, it's going to be a must-see for Marry Poppins fans — and one look at the trailer will get you excited to watch the entire movie.

If you've already watched the trailer for Marry Poppins Returns, you were probably taken aback by the beloved nanny's magic (I know I was). In fact, the nanny in the new movie — who is played by the lovely Emily Blunt — is featured in Hunter's enchanting new boot collection. In fact, her silhouette is shown on all of the boots amongst various camouflage patterns that are sure to add magic to your fall wardrobe.

Take a look at the Hunter x Marry Poppins Returns boots for women that are available as of Thursday, Nov. 8.


These green-hued boots are perfect for anyone craving a classic camo look. Of course, Mary Poppin's silhouette is shown repeatedly in the pattern. You can buy them for $185.


Anyone longing for a classic pair of blue rain boots should check out this pair of Hunter boots. If you look close enough, you can see Marry Poppins' shadows in the design. You can purchase these for $165.

Moonlight (Slim Fit)

Like the original Moonlight Hunter boots (shown above) the slim-fit design boasts deep shades of blue that show Marry Poppins' silhouettes. You can buy these beauts for $185.

Arcade Pink

Unlike the previous Marry Poppins-inspired Hunter boots, these pink boots feature neon camo designs that'll definitely "pop" while you're walking in the rain. Like the others, you can see Marry Poppins' shadows in the background. You can purchase this vibrant pair for $165.

Parma Violet

Those of you who want to add even more color to your fall wardrobe can get these violet rain boots. Like the pink ones, they showcase a neon camo pattern with Marry Poppins' silhouettes against the purple. You can purchase these boots for $165.

If you have enough rain boots in your wardrobe already, fear not. Hunter released even more Marry Poppins-inspired products as a part of its Marry Poppins Returns collection. With one search through the collaborative products, you'll find backpacks, umbrellas, and even short rain boots with the same Marry Poppins designs as the others. Thankfully, there are even kid-sized boots in the selection — so if you were wondering what to buy your little sib' for the holidays, now's your chance to grab a special Marry Poppins-themed gift.

Whether you're buying a pair of rain boots for yourself or a family member, rest assured that rainstorms are about to get a little bit more magical.