These Graduation Party Themes Will Make You Toss Confetti, They're That Good

Graduation day is right around the corner, so get your confetti ready to toss up in the air. Congratulations are certainly in order. The past four years have been hard work, and now's the prime time to celebrate all you've accomplished. The ceremony is about commemorating your college experience with your peers, and you'll live for the moment when you turn your tassel. But let's get real here: Your grad party is when the real celebration begins. All eyes will be on you as your friends and family raise their glasses to their favorite graduate. You'll want to party it up in style, and these graduation party theme ideas will help make your day even more special.

Choose a theme that really speaks to your soul. It will help with picking out the right decorations, snacks, and even music. The only problem is, you've already spent hours working on finals and wrapping up your essays. You deserve a break, so let me help you out. Hopefully, these six graduation party ideas will give you a little bit of inspiration. Picking a theme will be the only work you'll have to do, and the rest will fall into place. So, party on, because you deserve it. Happy graduation day!

A Dr. Seuss Party That Celebrates "The Places You'll Go"
mrssipessweets on Twitter

"Oh, the places you'll go" is a perfect quote for graduation pics, cap decorations, and even your party theme. Have an entirely Dr. Seuss-themed bash, complete with hot air balloon decorations, green egg and ham sandwiches, and even some Truffula tree centerpieces. The whole party will feel whimsical like something straight out of the pages of a Dr. Seuss book.

It's Time To Get Nostalgic AF
kaczmarekchanel on Twitter

Just because you're about to take a major step into adulthood, that doesn't mean you need to turn down the fun. It's time to get super nostalgic.

Use your graduation party as an excuse to do everything you miss about growing up. Have a bounce house, Disney song karaoke, tiaras fit for a princess, and a colorful cake with sprinkles galore. This party is going to be extremely Instagram-worthy, so don't forget to pass a few Polaroid cameras around.

A Travel Theme For The Grad With Wanderlust
e_gengler on Twitter

Now that you've graduated, it's the perfect time to check off those bucket list destinations. If you're filled with wanderlust, a travel-themed grad party is the way to go.

Decorate your backyard with vintage suitcases filled with flowers, and hang paper airplanes like streamers all around. Get a large map so your guests can put push pins into all the places they think you should go, and don't forget to have a globe for your friends and family to sign.

Say "Aloha" To Graduate Life With A Tiki Bar Party
lauramohanx on Twitter

Graduation is timed perfectly at the beginning of summer, so a Hawaiian-themed party is only appropriate to celebrate the beautiful beach-filled days to come. Set up a tiki bar, and create a specialty cocktail dedicated exclusively to yourself. Invite your guests to wear their tropical best, and have a lei making station. You'll get the cutest pictures with your college besties.

Have S'more Fun With A Grad Party Bonfire
boomermg15 on Twitter

A bonfire is another perfect theme for your summer grad party. Who doesn't love making delicious s'mores? Put together a DIY s'mores table where everyone can make their own treat with different types of chocolate and marshmallows. Serve up some special hot chocolate, and sit around the fire while sharing your favorite memories from school.

Remember The Good Times With A Throwback Picture Party

It's time to break out the string lights and clothes pins to hang pics throughout the party. It'll create such an artsy, intimate vibe. Use pictures from your childhood and throughout your college experience to decorate a throwback picture-themed grad party. Not only can you use old photos to decorate banners and centerpieces, but you can also put together a photo album for your friends to sign.

Set up a photo booth for guests to take new pics in, too, with a fun chalkboard backdrop. To add to the picture theme, leave out disposable cameras for your party guests to take pics with all night, and even come up with a special hashtag to document everything on the 'Gram.