Isaac H. Wright Has Seen All Your ‘GOT’ Bran Memes & He Loves Them


There was a lot for fans to take in during the Game of Thrones Season 8 premiere. After all, it's the first time the beloved series was back on the air in two years so viewers had to get reacquainted with a lot of characters and plot details. But, perhaps nothing in the first episode was as jarring as getting reintroduced to Bran Stark and his never-ending stare. In fact, Bran seems to have emerged from the premiere as the most memed character, simply thanks to his ability to creepily stare at multiple other characters in the most unnerving way. Twitter has been lighting up with all the Bran memes fans can think of, and the good news is that even the actor who plays Bran is in on the fun. These Game of Thrones Bran memes have Isaac H. Wright's seal of approval.

To be fair to Bran, it's not entirely his fault that he doesn't seem to know how to socialize normally. He's technically not Bran at all any more. Back in Season 6, during the Battle of the Three-Eyed Raven (which was devastatingly the last time fans saw Hodor), Bran became the Three-Eyed Raven himself. That means that the all-seeing ancient figure inhabits Bran's body. And he has the ability to see and know everything that is happening across all of time and space. No wonder the guy's been giving people a few weird looks.

After the Game of Thrones Season 8 premiere on April 14, #BranStark was trending on Twitter, mostly thanks to fans making thousands of jokes about his special skill of staring at everyone incessantly. Even the actor who plays Bran, Isaac H. Wright, tweeted about the Bran memes and asked for more.

In his tweet, Wright said, "Loving these #BranStark memes, keep em coming #ForTheThrone." He also even retweeted a meme himself:

While all the other characters moved around Winterfell and King's Landing in the Season 8 premiere, Bran mostly stayed put in his wheelchair in the courtyard. While there, though, he got to have some awkward eye contact with a whole bunch of characters, and the memers on Twitter took notice:

Bran had some pretty weird encounters with Tyrion and Jon, but the most memorable was definitely his last, which made up the very last scene of the episode. The premiere ended with Jaime Lannister riding into Winterfell, only to find Bran waiting for him in the courtyard to (of course) stare at him creepily. But, Jaime is more deserving of Bran's stares than anyone else since Jaime is the reason Bran can't walk. All the way back in the very first episode of the whole series, Bran climbed through a window and spotted Jaime having sex with his sister Cersei. In order to keep the truth about his incest secret, Jaime pushed Bran out the window. This moment in the Season 8 premiere was the very first time the characters saw each other since then, and Twitter had a lot of thoughts about it.

Bran will most likely be back for some more creepy staring when Season 8 of Game of Thrones continues at 9 p.m. ET, April 21 on HBO.