These Foot Tattoo Ideas Will Look So Rad In Your Summer Sandal Pics

The gorgeous weather has finally arrived, ladies. It's time to break out those cute sandals that have been hibernating in the back of your closet all winter long. Let your feet be free just like your carefree attitude this season. You'll be rocking your favorite floral dresses in just about no time, and will be posing for a ton of pics at brunch. With your trendy sandals center stage, you might want to consider some cool foot tattoo ideas.

If you've been wanting to get some ink for awhile now, but aren't sure where you'd like to place it, your foot may be the way to go. Throughout the summer, you'll be wearing flip flops, sandals, and espadrilles that will really showcase your new tat. And if you aren't sure on the design, go with something that's symbolic of the season. Flowers and a summer mantra always make for solid tattoos.

For some inspo, consider any of these seven tattoo ideas. Just you wait, your friends will fall head over heels for all of the pics you take of your fresh tat this season. (Make sure you give your new tattoo the proper amount of time to heal before getting it wet, though, and talk to your tattoo artist about how long you should wait to hit up the beach or pool.)

This Watercolor Elephant Is So Vibrant
inndylwil on Twitter

Not only are elephants adorable AF, but this watercolor-style tattoo is so beautiful to look at. It makes choosing this kind of design all the more easier. It really looks like the tat was painted on with a brush. Also, you can't argue that your feet will look elephantastic in that cute pair of kitten heels you've been eyeballing.

These Lilies Will Bloom Through Your Sandals
azarjatattoo on Twitter

A flower tat is a lily good idea if you're not sure what to get. It's both simple and beautiful, and all you need to do is settle on your favorite flower. Lilies are a great choice, because they come in all different colors, from white and pink, to orange and yellow. If you go with a combo of all the colors, it'll be like a rainbow is blooming through your shoes.

This Sunny Tat Is Perfect For The Beach Babe BFFs
abbie_dance25 on Twitter

If you and your best friend are looking to get matching tats this summer, this lyric tat is such a sweet idea. Just like the song says, your bestie is your sunshine and she makes you "happy when skies are grey." Although, you don't expect too many grey skies with the sun shining so gloriously outside.

Let Your Feet Soar With This Bird Ink
taylortrosper on Twitter

For the girl who has so much wanderlust, you need a bird tattoo. The travel bug has bitten you, and you have trips planned to explore the world this summer. You're always on the go, just like a bird in flight. Show off your wings with this tat of a bird peeking through your sandals as you explore the streets of Rome or party on the beaches of Ibiza.

Let The Vines Intertwine With Your Strappy Sandals
wilcofour on Twitter

If you have a bunch of strappy sandals you can't wait to wear this summer, an intricate tat like this one is the way to go. The vines that cover your foot will look like they're wrapped up in the straps of your shoes. If you're looking for a pop of color on your foot, add a bloom or two of your favorite flower.

This Sunflower Tattoo Is Too Sweet To Pass Up
jasmynsyrus on Twitter

Girls just want to have sun, am I right? Sunflowers are known to turn to the sun, and they stand tall when they do. You've been waiting all year long to break out your crop top and denim shorts, and embrace the warm weather. This tat is the perfect symbol to showcase how much of a summer babe you are.

This Ladybug Will Bring You Good Luck

Ladybugs are know for being lucky when you see one. When I was a kid, my friends told me spotting one of these cute creatures meant my whole day would be made. Carry that luck with you all summer long with a ladybug tat.