5 Facts About Olivia Rodrigo That'll Make You Stan Her Even More

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Some Disney Channel stars are just destined to become pop music innovators, and Olivia Rodrigo is certainly following in the likes of Selena Gomez, Miley Cyrus, and Demi Lovato's footsteps. Her song "Drivers License" took over airwaves and streaming services after it dropped on Jan. 8 and catapulted her star power straight into the mainstream. Now that everyone's busy searching for random tidbits about the singer to tweet from their newly-made stan accounts, it's time to read up on these facts about Olivia Rodrigo that will only make you stan her more.

If you ever doubted the talent that comes out of the Disney Channel actor-to-pop star pipeline, you won't after the massive success of "Drivers License." On Jan. 12, Rodrigo's track was streamed over 17 million times on Spotify. Her listeners broke the single-day streaming record for the platform, a record which was thought to previously have been held by Ariana Grande.

There's not much information out there about the teen singer, though, since her meteoric rise to mainstream fame seemed to happen overnight. Although "Drivers License" is Rodrigo's newest foray into a full-time career as a teen-pop idol, she definitely isn't new to the entertainment industry. Scroll down and read through some fast facts about Olivia Rodrigo's first acting roles, inspirations, and veteran-level songwriting skills.

She's Only 17 & She's Been In More TV Shows Than You Think

Rodrigo might only be 17 years old, but she's definitely been in more episodes of your favorite TV shows than you can count. The singer got her start in 2016 on the show Disney Channel show Bizaardvark playing Paige Olvera. She starred on another big name TV show, too, you just might not have recognized her. Rodrigo played Terrinea in a 2017 episode of Zooey Deschanel's New Girl. She's now starring in High School Musical: The Musical: The Series on Disney+.

"Drivers License" Is Her Debut Single As A Solo Artist

Rodrigo just signed as a solo artist to Geffen Records in 2020, but she's already making a splash in the music industry. If "Drivers License" is her first lead single, then fans can probably get hype for an even bigger project on the horizon soon.

"Drivers License" Isn't The First Song She Wrote, Though

Rodrigo helped write two songs for High School Musical: The Musical: The Series, and she did a pretty good job, too. She penned the ballad "All I Want" on her own, and the tracks' music videos racked up over 31 million views on YouTube. She also co-wrote "Just For A Moment" with her co-star Joshua Bassett.

Olivia's Biggest Inspiration Helped Her Gain New Listeners

Taylor Swift commented on Rodrigo's iTunes chart success with "Drivers License," and when she saw the comment, she had a full-on Swiftie meltdown (in the best way possible).

She Got Her Actual Driver's License During The Pandemic

Rodrigo just put out "Drivers License" on Jan. 8, but she's been able to drive since summer 2020. On the day she got her license, she posted she'd be listening to her new labelmate, Gracie Abrams, while driving around and crying.

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