Fab Five ‘Queer Eye’ Halloween costumes

These ‘Queer Eye’ Halloween Costumes Are Perfect For Your Own Fab Five

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For a lot of people, Halloween is all about zeroing in on the biggest pop culture moments of the year and finding the perfect way to make them your own. Of course, there have been a ton of major pop culture moments in 2019, but for anyone with a Netflix account, it is impossible to deny that the Queer Eye reboot continued to reign supreme. If you are one of the many fans of Netflix's hit makeover show, then these Fab Five Queer Eye Halloween costumes will be the perfect way for you to make a statement at your Halloween party this year.

It may feel like we've had Queer Eye for longer, but the Netflix reboot series actually only first premiered in February of 2018. That is when fans were all introduced to the new Fab Five: food and wine connoisseur Antoni Porowski, fashion expert Tan France, hair and grooming guru Jonathan Van Ness, culture expert Karamo Brown, and superstar designer Bobby Berk. These five people were able to completely transform the lives of everyday people on their show, and now it can be your turn to transform into them for Halloween! This is also a perfect group costume, so grab four of your closest friends, hash out who is more of a Tan and who is more of an Antoni, and then check out these Fab Five costume ideas:

Antoni Porowski


The key to dressing like Antoni Porowski is all in the T-shirts. Two of his iconic looks include band tees or his A Little Life shirt, so choose one to pair with some blue jeans. Oh, and you can add a lot more to look, too. Pop a bandana on your head or around your neck, and throw a dish rag over your shoulder. And for the real Antoni effect, maybe carry around an avocado.

Tan France


You might not be able to afford a fully fashionable Tan France look for Halloween, but the only really important thing you need is one of his signature patterned shirts... in a perfect French tuck, of course. Grab some silver hair spray to match Tan's hair, and you can even carry some shopping bags as props to complete the costume.

Jonathan Van Ness

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Jonathan Van Ness has served countless looks on Queer Eye, and is also the Fab Five member who has had the most dramatic fashion journey in the two years of the series. JVN's signature style right now is pairing a comfy crop top with a long, flowing skirt. Of course, don't forget to throw on a wig to get Jonathan's signature long locks.

Karamo Brown


After four seasons of Queer Eye, it has become pretty clear that Karamo has his own signature outfit. Basically, you really just need a bomber jacket — the more colorful, the better. He also rocks a ton of baseball hats with the Los Angeles logo on them.

Bobby Berk


And finally, Bobby's personal style can be a bit trickier to nail down, but if you watch enough Queer Eye then you might begin to notice he rocks a lot of fitted button-down shirts and fedoras. If you need something extra to be sure people know you are channeling Bobby, maybe carry around some paint swatches or a binder with "Design Ideas" written on it.

Of course, these are just some of the many looks the Queer Eye superstars have turned, so don't be afraid to marathon a few of your favorite episodes on Netflix to get some more costume inspiration!

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