These Colorful AF Dunkin' Donuts Cakes Are The Most Instagram-Worthy Sweets

by Collette Reitz
Caked Up Cafe/Instagram/Dat Cake Dough/Instagram

When it comes to coffee on-the-go, there is nowhere I'd rather go than Dunkin' Donuts. The coffee-and-doughnut chain has iced coffee, hot java, and plenty of sweet, sweet doughnuts to go right along with it. Even though I consider Dunkin' to be the perfect spot for everyday coffee and breakfast needs, there is a new way for DD fans to make Dunkin' a part of even their most special celebrations. Yep, people are making the most Instagram-worthy Dunkin' Donuts-inspired cakes, and you have to see them. TBH, these Dunkin' Donuts cakes are almost too pretty to eat.

OK, these cake creations truly are spectacular-looking, but I would still have no trouble at all cutting into these beauties for a delectable slice. Plus, doughnuts are heavily featured in the designs, of course, so you can get an extra side of something sweet when you opt for a Dunkin'-inspired cake. Personally, I have a hard time when it comes to making a decision for what kind of cake to have on birthdays or big celebrations. Usually, I wind up asking for funfetti, because I want a little color and fun for a special day. Seeing the gorgeous color combinations featured in the Dunkin' cakes, I think the funfetti box is going to stay in the cupboard when birthday rolls around in May.

I mean, just look at all of these very worthy options.

Mia Stav Cakes
miastavcakes on Instagram

Vibrant colors, doughnut holes (aka Munchkins), and classically frosted Dunkin' Donuts are what you get with this cake from Mia Stav Cakes in Brookfield, Wisconsin. Featured on the Dunkin' Instagram page on Thursday, Sept. 20, this cake has a lavender-colored base and Dunkin's classic pink-and-orange tiers on top. A chocolate drizzle, Strawberry Frosted and Chocolate Frosted Donuts, and a Dunkin' cold cup filled with Munchkins top off this celebratory confection. If a Dunkin' fan in your life has a cake-worthy celebration coming up, this would be the perfect choice.

Dat Cake Dough
dat_cake_dough on Instagram

Instagram user Dat Cake Dough was also featured in Dunkin's recent round-up of cakes, and I must say that it looks like a very decadent option. With a white-colored frosting, this cake lets the doughnuts be the star of the show. When it comes to the details, you can see the orange-and-pink sprinkles in the shape of the letter "D" adorning the Chocolate Frosted Doughnuts. Munchkins, more colorful AF sprinkles, and chocolate drizzled atop the cake tiers finish off the Dunkin' theme. I'll take a slice with a Powdered Sugar Munchkin, please.

Delícias Cake
deliciascakee on Instagram

When you think of Dukin'-themed cake, something like Delícias Cake's version might come to mind. With orange and pink dominating the color scheme, a cup of classic Dunkin' hot coffee made out of fondant, and an assortment of Dunkin' Donuts also formed from fondant, this cake is all wrapped up with a gorgeous orange bow. Even though there are no actual doughnuts to nosh on with this cake, the details that go into the fondant replicas of the brand's iconic menu items are pretty enough to rack up all the likes on the 'Gram.

Ady Cakes
adycakes_pa on Instagram

It's all about the Dunkin' Coffee in Ady Cakes' version of the Dunkin' Cake. Piped orange-and-pink frosting is at the base of this java-based cake. The colorful sprinkles embedded into the side of the cake add to the pops of color on this confection. Simply adorned with a fondant-created coffee cup, Equal packets, and two classic coffee stirrers that help get your cup of joe to the perfect cream-to-coffee ratio, this cake would be the perfect wake-up call for any Dunkin' loyalist.

Caked Up Cafe
cakedupcafe on Instagram

If you love colorful cakes and Dunkin', then this masterpiece from Caked Up Cafe is the one for you. With Strawberry Frosted, Vanilla Frosted, and Chocolate Frosted Donuts covered in sprinkles atop the vibrant purple, pink, and orange frosted cake, it's practically begging to get on your Instagram Story. Honestly, I can hardly take my eyes of this two-tiered sweet treat that is topped with what looks like a frosting-filled cold cup made to look like a refreshing DD Iced Coffee. Usually, I go to Dunkin' for the coffee, but with the doughnuts looking so delicious here, this cake might have just changed up my regular order.

J Cakes
J Cakes

"Yum!" is the first thought that comes to mind when I see this cake. J Cakes' version of the latest cake trend features the trifecta of Dunkin' goodness: coffee, classic doughnuts, and Munchkins. While the Dunkin' confections are all straight from the shop, the coffee cup is filled with a mocha buttercream to give the look of iced coffee. I don't know about you, but I was seriously fooled for a second thinking that J Cakes plopped a real DD Iced Coffee atop its drip cake.

When it comes to using your favorite coffee shop as the inspiration for celebratory cakes, I will say that I am very much here for the Dunkin' cake trend. With colorful sprinkles, real doughnuts, and some of the most realistic fake "coffees" you'll ever see, these cakes are perfect for every special occasion in your life. Now, I can't help but wonder: will saying "I do" next to a Dunkin' cake be the next trend to catch on? You'll have to wait and see.