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These Drive-Thru Halloween Experiences Will Keep You On Your Toes

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Whether you get spooked easily or live for horror films like The Exorcist or Bird Box, you'll pull out of these drive-thru Halloween 2020 experiences feeling like you're on the tip of your toes. While you drive down the familiar roads of your town or city, the hairs on the back of your neck will perk up and a shiver might even rush down your spine. From the passenger seat of your roomie's or partner's car, you'll be recalling each ghost or goblin you saw moments ago while looking over your shoulder to check for more.

These drive-thru experiences are immersive and feature a ton of epic visual effects, props, and even performers to submerge you in your favorite holiday. Some are based off of horror movies, so you may peep a character you recognize and be able to guess what's coming next on the mile-long road. Others are an elevated and socially-distanced version of a haunted house, or are based off of series like Stranger Things so you're able to experience fantasy locations like the Upside Down and Starcourt Mall from the safety of your car.

To experience them, you simply need to head to the individual websites or event pages for each Halloween-themed drive-thru, and grab a ticket for a specific date and time. Afterwards, you might want to plan a costume to wear while sitting in your car. Maybe you'll dress up like Eleven, a witch, or a unicorn. Either way, prepare to get spooked.

The Haunted Road: A Drive-Thru Halloween Experience
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First up is The Haunted Road. This experience is the first contactless Halloween-themed adventure of its kind in Central Florida. You'll want to check it out for all kinds of mystical creatures and theatrical twists that will wander toward you once your car is safely parked. It begins on Sept. 25 and runs through Nov. 7, 2020.

Of course, if you're more of a scaredy cat (which is totally fine, by the way), you can always opt for the family-friendly version of this drive-thru. It includes dancing, music, and a contactless treat instead of a myriad of tricks. No matter which experience you choose, expect it to last between 30 and 40 minutes.

'Stranger Things': The Drive-Into Experience

While waiting for the next thrilling season of Stranger Things to come to Netflix, check out this drive-thru experience that's based in DTLA. Hosted by Netflix, Secret Cinema, and Fever, it will take you into the mysterious town of Hawkins and let you experience popular spots such as the Starcourt Mall. While you're exploring — aka, driving through — the town, you'll be met with a bunch of secret stories and visual effects.

Tickets cost $59 and cover two people in one car. Although it may not be #mandatory, wearing an '80s-inspired outfit will bring the Stranger Things: The Drive-Into Experience to the next level.

Haunt'oween L.A.

The spirit of Halloween is going to be alive and well in L.A. this fall. That's because Haunt'oween L.A. — which will run from Oct. 9 to Oct. 31 — is safely bringing the best parts of the holiday to your friend group.

For $70 per vehicle, this drive-thru experience is delivering pumpkin picking, trick or treating, and a ton of spots to take an IG-worthy photo to your car's door. You'll want to slow your roll so you can soak it all in, especially the jack-'o-lantern tunnel. Don't miss out on the magical and memorable hauntings.

Scream n' Stream Drive-Thru Halloween Experience
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Scream n' Stream Drive-Thru Halloween Experience brings you into "Night At The Die-In," a new storyline based on a '90s-style movie. For a little over a mile, you'll meet and greet characters and eye-catching sights, and experience props and whimsical performers in Orlando, Florida.

Head to Eventbrite to get your ticket and select the date you'll go. The drive-thru is happening through Halloween night and will certainly keep you on your toes.

DriveBOO Halloween

There are tricks and treats lurking around every corner of this drive-thru experience which is actually a transformation of a parking garage in Dallas, Texas. DriveBOO Halloween is a spooktacular event that'll run every Friday and Saturday night during the month of October from 7 to 11 p.m. Your car will be surrounded at times with iconic Halloween characters or thrilling sights that'll make you jump a little in your seat. Grab your ticket at $30 per car, or $40 per car with the Apocalypse Upgrade that'll give you access to an extra floor of spookier sights.

Headless Horseman Drive-Thru Haunted Experience

Get ready for incredibly spooky times ahead at the Headless Horseman drive-thru in Ulster Park, New York. This experience isn't suitable for kids under the age of 13, according to the event's website, and will include a mix of strobe lights, clowns, and scenes that are made for the true horror lovers.

Although it's noted that monsters and the hired actors won't touch your car, the drive-thru does require everyone to wear a mask if you do decide to roll your windows down or explore the other areas of this event. Ticket prices vary based on the night you decide to go. General admission is $39.95 plus service and tax on non-peak nights, and $47.95 plus the fees on peak nights such as Halloween.