These White Chocolate Pancake Truffles From Denny’s Sound So, So Good

Courtesy of Denny's

Two of my favorite food worlds are colliding in thanks to these delicious new menu offerings from Denny's. The fast-casual diner is rolling out the Chocolate du Diner collection just in time for Valentine's Day. These Denny's Pancake Truffles for Valentine's Day taste just like your favorite breakfast food and are available for a limited time. Here's how to get the two new truffle flavors from Denny's.

In the spirit of love, Denny's is releasing the Chocolate du Diner collection on Valentine's Day, Thursday, Feb. 14, according to the restaurant. The lineup of truffles includes two delicious flavors including Decadent White Chocolate-Coated Pancake Truffle, and Milk Chocolate and Syrup Truffle. The new sweet treat offerings combine all of the flavors you know and love from the Denny's menu and pack them into a bite-sized truffle.

Although, these sweet bites can't be bought. Just like love, you'll have to sweet talk your way into trying these truffles. To enter for a chance to when the Chocolate du Diner collection, send a tweet using the hashtag #BeMyValendine. Denny's will select a couple of lucky winners at random to enjoy the new line of limited edition Chocolate du Diner truffles for free.

Courtesy of Denny's

The Decadent White Chocolate-Coated Pancake Truffle definitely caught my eye first, though. Pancakes and chocolate? Say no more. As the product name says, these truffles are covered in creamy white chocolate with a milk chocolate drizzle. The inside of the truffle is another story. The Decadent White Chocolate-Coated Pancake Truffle is actually just Blueberry Pancake Puppies (another new menu item from Denny's). The Blueberry Pancake Puppies are made with blueberries, of course, and white chocolate chips. So, imagine these bad boys dunked in white chocolate and finished with a chocolate drizzle. It's like a breakfast cake pop, minus the stick. Yes, please.

Of course, this dynamic duo wouldn't be complete without Milk Chocolate and Syrup Truffle. Because syrup is a must when it comes to pancakes, right? Right. This one is the perfect combination of sweet and sticky, according to Denny's. (And yes, there is really syrup on the inside.) Here's how I would eat these. First, I would take a bite of the Decadent White Chocolate-Coated Pancake Truffle. Then, would first take a bite of the Milk Chocolate and Syrup Truffle and pour the excess liquid sugary goodness on the pancake truffle. Just like how breakfast is supposed to be served.

Courtesy of Denny's

Both truffles are fried to perfection before getting a supreme coating of chocolate. Your mouth is in for an adventure. From crispy dough to smooth chocolate (and let's not forget the whole pancakes and syrup aspect), Denny's Chocolate du Diner collection is a satisfying bite. Now, these are the kind of chocolates I want to unwrap on Valentine's Day.

Breakfast is one of my favorite meals. I woke up early this morning to make myself eggs, bacon, and of course pancakes with syrup. Can you really call it breakfast if you don't even serve pancakes? Not in my house. I'm loving this new twist on pancakes and syrup, though. BRB, I'm off to tweet about it.