Tackle These Workout Challenges With Your Partner If You Want To Deepen Your Relationship

When you think about "taking things to the next level" with your partner, maybe the first thing that comes to mind is getting physical (wink, wink), or finally posting about each other on social media, or even having a conversation about moving in together. But you know what really takes a romance to the next level, my friends? Working out together. And if you don't want it to simply be a couple's jog, you can make it fun by figuring out some couples workout challenge ideas that'll really get the two of you excited to ~get physical~ in a totally different way.

"When training with your significant other, the benefits are many, some of them being sharing a common goal," says Rodrigo Garduño, founder and CEO of the fitness program 54D. Plus, he tells Elite Daily, working out with your partner can be a great way to sync your schedules and general routines, which will help both of you spend more time together, stay consistent with your exercise, and it'll make it easy for both of you to support each other in your fitness journeys along the way.

Oh yeah, and having that competitive edge to motivate your workout certainly doesn't hurt, either.

But what kinds of workouts are the best to commit to with your partner if you want to really challenge each other? Well, it's obviously up to you two in the end, but you have plenty of options if you're not sure where to start: You could do a 30-day yoga challenge together, a HIIT workout challenge, or you could even keep it simple by just hitting the gym together when it works for both of your schedules. Really, anything that you're both able to commit to for a month, or whatever time period works for you, is a great way to push each other while enjoying quality time with one another.

Of course, pushing yourself out of your usual comfort zone, especially when it comes to fitness, can be really intimidating, but according to Samantha Morrison, a personal trainer and health and wellness expert for Glacier Wellness, it can feel much more approachable with your partner by your side — especially if it's a workout that has partnership already built into it.

"Acroyoga is one of the most challenging and rewarding workouts for you and your partner," Morrison tells Elite Daily. "It requires a tremendous level of strength and trust, and combines yoga, acrobatics, and even elements of Thai massage to provide a truly one-of-a-kind experience."

Plus, Morrison adds, because acroyoga is so meditative and intimate, it can help couples connect in a deeper, more meaningful way. Working on communication and intimacy while you get a workout in? I mean, it's basically like killing two birds with one stone. And you might bring all that intimacy back home, if you know what I mean.

If you and your SO aren't into anything too wild or sweaty, I got you. Another challenging, but lower-impact idea, suggests certified personal trainer Christine Parizo, is to set up a step challenge, and compare who can take the most steps per day. "You can use a Fitbit or other device to keep track," Parizo tells Elite Daily. "The best part of this is that it doesn't push anyone to hurt themselves, particularly if your SO is at a different fitness level."

Regardless of what you and your partner choose to roll with for a fitness challenge, remember that the point is to connect in a different way than you're used to, and to simply have fun together. In other words, as Garduño tells me, try and leave any tension you and your SO might be experiencing in your relationship at the door. Or, you know, channel it into that healthy competition.