ColourPop's "Lizzie McGuire" collection in full.

The ColourPop x 'Lizzie McGuire' Collection Reviews Are Pouring In

Courtesy of ColourPop

One of ColourPop's most long-awaited collaborations is finally here, but before you and I blow our bank accounts on it and all its 2000s goodness, we must ask ourselves an important question: Is it worth it? Luckily, the Beauty YouTube community has already descended upon this collection with its answers to that exact question. Rather than try your luck, these BeauTubers have reviewed ColourPop's Lizzie McGuire collection. Beyond just breaking down their opinions on all the products, they also came through with some must-try looks to add to your summer mood board.

ColourPop's Lizzie McGuire collaboration dropped on March 26, and it's filled with all the vibrant colors and lip glosses you'd expect from a 2000s TV show. There are eight products total, including an eyeshadow palette, two glitter pots, two pressed blushes, a lip scrub, and two lip duos, all of which are pretty standard for a ColourPop collab. However, you never really know how you makeup will look until you try out it — or at least see it on one of your favorite, trusted BeauTubers.

Manny Mua began his review with the blushes. While the lighter shade, Dee-lish! ($12, ColourPop), wasn't his favorite for his skin tone, the deeper You Are Magnifico ($12, ColourPop) was a better fit, even if he didn't love the reflective pearls in the formula. However, Jesi from mesijesibeauty, liked how both the blushes applied, claiming they weren't patchy and that the shimmer flakes weren't overwhelming.

Now, for the unexpected hero of the collection: the Bubblegum Pop Lippie Scrub ($9, ColourPop). Manny was obsessed with this product, as he "loved the taste, and loved the way it smelled. It was phenomenal." Even beauty guru Breyonna Faye, who has very sensitive lips, enjoyed how creamy and not overly gritty it was. However, each reviewer noted how bubblegum-y the scrub was, so if you love that, you'll have to try your hardest not to eat it. And if you don't love that, maybe steer clear.

ColourPop's Glitterally Obsessed gels were, generally, not a go-to for many of the BeauTubers who tried the collection, simply because such intense glitter isn't necessarily in everyone's every day rotation. That said, Jesi and Manny noted that both pots packed a ton shine. Katrina from Makeup by Treenz did the heavy lifting in her review and tutorial by trying the sheer Sing To Me Paolo ($10, ColourPop) version on her chest and hair. While it didn't pop on her hair, Katrina's body looked like she just stepped out of a glitter bath. So have at it, glitter friends.

The lip duos, which come in Dear Diary ($18, ColourPop) and Seriously Cool ($18, ColourPop), got mixed reviews over all, but there's no denying the high-shine finish that jumps out of the computer screen when each BeauTuber swiped it on. They also boasted a good deal of plumping power. "They're a little thick for me, I'm not going to lie, a little goopy," Manny said. Meanwhile, the Miranda gloss from Dear Diary exceeded Katrina's expectations, especially because of the flecks of glitter. And I mean, let's be real: If your lipgloss didn't feel like it was about to spill down your chin, it wasn't the early 2000s.

OK, OK, I know what tea you're all waiting for: the 12-pan What Dreams Are Made Of Palette ($22, ColourPop). "I enjoy the color story. I think it's super cute," Manny said. "I feel like it goes so on theme with Lizzie McGuire, specifically." Both Manny and Jesi were drawn to the lime green Don't Freak shade. Manny used it for his outer eyelid shade and found it wasn't as pigmented as he wanted, but instead felt more pastel. But Jesi loved its vibrancy. "I definitely think this palette is really fun," Jesi said. "I like all the colors together. You can create a lot of different looks."

Now that you know what you're getting into, you can shop the collection now on ColourPop's website. ColourPop collabs sell out fast, and you never know when a restock is coming, so don't dawdle. Everything is priced below $46, although you can snag all the products in one set for $111.