Trader Joe's Has The Perfect Sip In Store For You This Holiday Season

Aside from putting together the perfect Thanksgiving menu and cleaning out your entire house or apartment, finding an impeccable bottle of wine for your annual Turkey Day meal is absolutely vital. While it may be a little bit tempting to spend big on a cute label or on a fancy brand, though, Trader Joe's offers tons of delicious (and shockingly low-priced) wines. So, if you want to find a ridiculously tasty sip that won't actually break the bank, make sure to check out each and every one of these cheap wines from Trader Joe's for Thanksgiving 2018. I swear you won't regret it, and I can almost guarantee that your guests will be pleased as punch.

Whether you happen to be looking for a deep and dry red, a light and fruity white, or an undeniably fun bottle of bubbly, Trader Joe's seriously has everything you could possibly ask for. Their wine store shelves are totally stocked with basically anything you might be looking for, and most of their inventory is cheap enough that you can get several bottles at a time guilt-free. The bottles below are just a few of my favorite sips that you'll be able to find at TJ's, and they should complement your Thanksgiving meal beautifully. Check 'em out.

2017 VINTJS Pinot Noir Willamette Valley, $9
Trader Joe's

The 2017 VINTJS Pinot Noir from Willamette Valley is a full-bodied, dry bottle of Pinot, according to the Trader Joe's website. It's going to pair wonderfully with your pre-dinner cheese plate, juicy lamb, or even a chocolatey dessert.

Incanto Prosecco, $11.99
Trader Joe's

There's no better way to celebrate than by cracking open a bottle of bubbly. This particular bottle of Incanto Prosecco, according to the Trader Joe's website, is dry and relatively aromatic, which is beyond perfect drink with that hefty slice of apple pie or even some sweet potato casserole.

Grand Reserve Chardonnay Sonoma Coast, $12.99
Trader Joe's

According to Trader Joe's, this light Chardonnay is lively, crisp, and acidic, with notes of citrusy zest. Sip it alongside your grandma's famous green bean casserole with a side of garlicky mashed potatoes, or even on its own. Regardless of how you decide to enjoy it, I know it's going to taste great.

Grand Reserve Pinot Noir Santa Maria Valley, $12.99
Trader Joe's

The Grand Reserve Pinot Noir is super rich with a slightly delicate finish, according to the Trader Joe's website. This bottle in particular is highlighted for being the perfect accompaniment for that Thanksgiving turkey on TJ's Fearless Flyer blog, so it's an obvious must for your Turkey Day feast.

L’Éclat Blanc de Blancs, $11.99
Trader Joe's

This bottle of L’Éclat Blanc de Blancs is crisp and a little fruity, per the Trader Joe's website, and it smells like buttery, freshly-baked cake. It actually tastes like a party in a bottle, so it's pretty much necessary for any and all celebrations this holiday season.

In my experience, wine is pretty much a quintessential part of most Thanksgiving celebrations. And, if you're anything like me, you probably don't want to spend an exorbitant amount of money on the perfect bottle. Trader Joe's is a pretty ideal destination for finding a tasty sip if you're on a budget, so make sure to browse your local TJ's wine store before making any major decisions. Cheers!