These Celebs Have Trolled Ivanka Trump On Twitter & It's Next Level Shade

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Social media does so much good for the world, and trolling the Trump family is just one of its many wonderful attributes. Even though Donald Trump gets the brunt of the attacks on the internet, these celebrities have trolled Ivanka Trump on Twitter for months. So much shade, so little time.

Ivanka Trump might not quite be the mega-controversial figure her father, Donald Trump, is, but the first daughter has also been the subject of scrutiny since daddy dearest took office in January 2017. Trump is arguably the most politically involved first daughter in White House history, and throughout her father's campaign she promised the nation that he would make changes that we have yet to see happen, such as paid family leave and fixing the gender pay gap. In the beginning it looked like she was just warming up to her new White House role, but it's been her compliance on a number of controversial Trump decisions, such as his fight to defund Planned Parenthood and the recent separation of immigrant children from their families at the border, that has seriously upset a number of people, including activists, politicians, and even celebrities.

Well, to probably very little surprise, there's a few familiar faces that have actually been completely trolling Ivanka Trump on Twitter for months. Without further ado, here's the best of the best.

Chelsea Handler
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There's no denying that comedian Chelsea Handler never holds back when she wants to share her opinion. She might be known for her celebrity interviews during her former E! talk show Chelsea Lately, but it was the start of her Netflix original Chelsea that allowed the host to explore her political interests. From her opening monologues to notable political guests, Handler has truly embraced spotlighting important figures fighting against the Trump administration. However, as a comedian, Handler sometimes just has to poke a little fun at the president. Let's be honest, the Trump family makes that pretty easy most of the time.

Just take this photo of Ivanka Trump with her father as an example. Handler's commentary is absolute gold.

I'm both amused and uncomfortable at the exact same time. Thanks for that, Chelsea.

Patton Oswalt
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Not a day goes by that the Trump family doesn't make me cringe in some way, but sometimes it's not always funny. In May, Attorney General Jeff Sessions said that the U.S. would separate migrant children from their parents at the border. Naturally, Twitter blew up in outrage over this declaration, but instead of tweeting against this idea, Ivanka Trump decided to tweet an extremely poorly timed photo of her holding her youngest child, Theodore. After posting the photo, Twitter called out Trump's inappropriate tweet, and actor Patton Oswalt followed suit with a few scathing, but fair, words of his own.

Mic drop. Well played Patton, well played.

Chrissy Teigen
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Is there anyone better at Twitter than Chrissy Teigen? If you said yes, then sorry you're wrong. The model, chef, and overall queen isn't one to stop herself from throwing some subtle shade every so often, and when she's not making fun of her husband, John Legend, for looking like the cartoon character Arthur, she's calling out the Trump family's absurdities.

Teigen might not always take her jokes to a political level, but rest assured her attention to detail is simply impeccable when trolling. In September 2017, Ivanka Trump posted a photo of her holding her new nephew Luke, and while it might be a cute photo at first, Teigen just had to call out Ivanka's awkward word choice.

Chrissy Teigen: chef, model, mom, and reigning Twitter queen.

I may not be the biggest fan of internet trolls, but clearly these celebrities have their game on point. I must admit, I'm pretty impressed.