21 Lifestyle YouTubers Who Will Open Your Mind To New Possibilities


As influencers continue to dominate every corner of the internet, it's often hard to wade through the millions of creators and find the quality content you're looking for. YouTube, especially, is inundated with endless beauty tutorials, product reviews, fashion hauls, and gamer videos of varying quality. Thankfully, I've got you covered on some content inspo that you won't have to think twice about. When it comes to must-watch content, these creators are shining bright, and they're making so much content worthy of the spotlight. These are the lifestyle YouTubers you need to be following, stat.

The truth is more people than ever are watching YouTube. According to the company's CEO Susan Wojcicki, as of 2019, YouTube counted 2 billion monthly unique users globally. She was also quick to point out those numbers are only increasing, and the majority of viewership comes from YouTube's youngest crowd, so it only makes sense lifestyle content is having a major moment.

From beauty hacks and vlogs documenting everyday life, to analysis and commentary about societal issues, anyone can grow, learn, and be entertained by watching these creators' content. Regardless of what you flock to YouTube for, your new favorite channel is listed below.

Nyma Tang

Since July 2013, Tang has been dropping beauty tutorials focused on vetting out the best products for women. Whether it be KKW's newest launch or Rihanna's latest Fenty Beauty release, Tang's got you covered with the full review. As a dark-skinned Black woman who often struggles to find brands that carry her foundation shade, she draws attention to the lack of inclusivity in makeup brands' shade ranges and spotlights brands producing comprehensive ranges.

Patricia Bright

Ever since she launched her channel in February 2009, Bright has been your go-to girl for all things fashion and beauty (seriously, she knows her stuff). But over the years, she's expanded the range of topics she covers on her channel to include getting real about life in a mixed-race family, her every-day problems like "mom guilt," and her experience with plastic surgery.

Tashina Combs

When it comes to cruelty-free beauty products, Combs is your girl. She's the internet's go-to expert for all things related to cruelty-free beauty, so if Combs recommends a product, it's one fans can always feel good about. Under her company Logical Harmony, she preaches the importance of checking the ingredients of the cosmetics products your're using, and how to avoid using brands that test on animals. Vegan mascara? Check. Cruelty-free tanning lotion? Combs knows the perfect one. She's been helping beauty mavens pick out the perfect products since launching her channel in 2011.

Stephanie Buttermore

Leave it to Buttermore to inject plenty of honesty into your YouTube subscriptions list. Buttermore's background as a cancer research scientist gives her a unique perspective, and when she's not in the lab, she's all about her passion for fitness. That being said, Buttermore will never promise you a 6-pack in six days or lead you to believe "skinny" is the equivalent of healthy. The YouTuber has been open her journey in accepting that, for her, a healthy, fit body meant letting go of unhealthy dieting and gaining some weight. Now, she embraces her love of food just as much as her passion for fitness.

Daisy Marquez

Marquez is a self-taught makeup artist who's been sharing all her best tips and tricks online since December 2009. She's known for creating enchanting looks whether it be holiday-inspired makeup or a dramatic prom look. Most recently, she debuted her very own makeup palette with BH cosmetics, solidifying her spot among the beauty elite. It's no wonder more than 1.4 million people follow her every move on YouTube.

Aaliyah Jay

Jay is one of YouTube's biggest fashion queens, and she has a fitting catchphrase: "I'm not into fashion, fashion is into me." Aside from her fashion know-how, Jay is a makeup expert as well. Since Nov. 2011, she's been cranking out makeup tutorials left and right. Now, she has 1.4 million aspiring beauty gurus watching her videos to show for it.

Denzel Dion

Before Dion started slaying the YouTube game, he was a popular content creator on Vine (that was before it shut down in January 2017). Now that he's made the full switch to YouTube, Dion has more than 1.4 million subscribers. He's known for his incredibly honest fashion critiques, which he's been serving up since October 2013. Like the time no celebrity was safe from his scathing 2018 Coachella outfit review, or his worst-dressed list from the 2019 Met Gala.

Bri Hall

Hall is one mult-talented lady. In addition to being a recording artist, her nearly 800,000 YouTube subscribers go to her for gorgeous new hairstyle ideas, the best natural hair products, and her latest black-owned beauty brand recommendations. She joined YouTube in May 2013 and has kept fans in the loop on her natural hair journey, including looks that failed and her struggles on maintaining healthy hair.

Kelly Stamps

Stamps describes herself as an awkward but endearing 24-year-old with a passion for storytelling, but if you watch her videos, you'll quickly realize her channel could be better summed up with one word: empowering. After launching in June 2018, Stamps has successfully grown her following from 500 subscribers to 330,000 in just two years. They tune in to watch her dish out tips and tricks about style, home decor, her favorite restaurants, and more.

Carli Bybel

Bybel is quickly becoming the new queen bee of lifestyle blogging. She's got makeup looks for every occasion on her channel, endless fashion hauls, and always knows the hottest new hairstyles. Her famous "get ready with me" videos feel super personal, as if fans have their own personal internet bestie. Plus, as an all-around lifestyle YouTuber, Bybel's got all the bases covered. It's no wonder she's built a dedicated fanbase of over 6 million subscribers since starting out in 2011.

As Told By Kenya

Kenya Wilson established her channel in 2018, but she really captured fans' attention a year later when she spilled some major tea about James Charles' 2019 Met Gala outfit in one of her most viral videos to date. When she's not venting about the Met Gala, Wilson vacillates between sharing other critical takes on celebrity culture and more straightforward insight into racial issues in the United States. Regardless of whether she's discussing a serious or lighthearted topic, Wilson speaks her mind, and that's why her viewers stay coming back for more.

Tarek Ali

Ali kicked off his YouTube career in December 2015 and has since amassed a dedicated following of 285K subscribers. That's because Ali is creating content for change. His videos help transform societal norms while entertaining viewers the whole way through. The YouTuber hopes to use his platform "to spread positivity and encourage the emotional, mental, and overall growth of every viewer,"[ according to his channel's 'about' page. He packs his own life experiences into each episode, which could cover everything from gay rights to body positivity.

For Harriet

For Harriet's page is a welcome dose of reality amidst a sea of superfluous content on YouTube. She prides herself on "celebrating the fullness of black womanhood," and she does a damn good job. Since joining YouTube in 2014, she's centered most of her content on diversity issues, specifically raising awareness on the inequality black girls and women face.

Kenneth Senegal

Kenneth Senegal started creating YouTube videos under the name HeFlawless in 2012, but he's since started using his actual name. He's grown a dedicated following of more than 400,000 subscribers who tune in on the regular to watch his entertaining videos, from amazing date night beauty transformations to some realer-than-real zodiac tea.

Jenna Catherine

Jenne Catherine welcomes people to her YouTube channel with the message, "If you are new to clean beauty, you've come to the right place!" Her words couldn't be more true. Catherine prides herself on sharing her wealth of knowledge about green beauty, focusing on organic, natural, and non-toxic products. For those looking to bring their beauty routine back to the basics, Catherine has hundreds of tutorials and reviews entirely focused on green skincare and cosmetics.

Elle Of The Mills

Elle Of The Mills aka Elle Mills quickly gained traction after winning the "Breakout YouTuber" category at the 10th Shorty Awards in 2018. Her content is a vibrant display of honesty and vulnerability, with one of her most-watched videos to date being her November 2017 vlog in which she came out as bisexual to her friends. The candid video has made her a champion for LGBTQ+ rights among fans, but she posts videos about all aspects of life, like her journey learning a new language and mental health. Basically, Mills is isn't afraid to talk about sensitive topics, which is probably what makes her so relatable. Since launching her channel in 2012, she's racked up more than 1.8 million subscribers.

Natacha Océane

Océane is an athlete who decided to bring her exercise expertise over to YouTube. The YouTuber always has workout tips, personal fitness vlogs, and healthy eating habits queued up to share with her ever-growing fanbase. She's been steadily building her following since launching her channel in 2015, and she currently boasts more than 1 million followers. And for those who feel fear at the first mention of fitness, don't worry. Océane promises to keep her content fun.

C's Beauty Blog

C, also known as CJ, started his YouTube journey in 2015. While many beauty bloggers focus on makeup tutorials, C is much more focused on taking care of the skin underneath. He teaches his fans how to properly take care of their skin so they look and feel amazing with or without makeup.

Amanda Rachlee

Amanda's YouTube page has brought her affinity for beautiful stationary to life since January 2013. Every video Amanda shares depicts her process of journaling or shares info about her favorite stationary products. The YouTuber has no qualms about sharing her inner thoughts with fans, so her catchphrase "making my way through life with a pencil in hand and creativity in mind," is more than fitting. In between showing off doodles and perfect penmanship, Rachlee provides a wealth of inspiration for those who want to embark on a journaling journey of their own.


SunKissAlba has been bringing lifestyle content to YouTube for more than a decade. After launching her page in May 2010, she's combined her love for beauty and wellness into an expertly curated channel which now boasts more than a million subscribers. Her tutorials on non-toxic beauty and natural beauty solutions are easy to follow, making her page great for beginners. But what makes Alba especially unique are her candid anecdotes about her personal life. The YouTuber has been open about what it was like becoming a mom at a young age, and it's part of what makes her so down to earth and relatable to many.

Sam Robinson

Robinson, who also goes by "Saaammage" on her social media pages, knows a thing or two about beauty on a budget. Many of her videos are centered around drug store beauty recommendations that are similar to premium products that cost the big bucks. She also gets bonus points for honesty, and some of her most-watched videos include her "products I regret buying" segments. Thanks to Sam, fans can save a lot of time and money because they can trust she's always giving them the beauty tea straight.