If You Love Being Playful In The Bedroom, You’re Probably One Of These 4 Zodiac Signs

To me, nothing beats a sex sesh that's just plain fun. Sure, passion and intensity are hot and definitely have a place in my heart, but when it comes to the lovers I remember most fondly, they were always the ones who didn't take themselves too seriously and genuinely seemed like they were having a great time. If that sounds familiar, then chances are you either are, or have been with, one of the most playful zodiac signs in the bedroom — the ones who know how to keep it light and fun when it comes to sexy time.

These signs tend to be the ones who generally approach life with a lighter, less serious perspective. These are also signs who enjoy a good laugh, including at themselves. They are confident, charismatic, and curious; they like to seek out new experiences, and are generally just easy-going people. In other words, who they are in the world is not all that different to who they are behind closed doors. Does that sound hot? Because it is. Honestly, giggling and just having fun getting up close and personal makes for some incredible foreplay. As for the sex itself, well, just because these zodiac signs are playful, that doesn't mean they're playing around.


For a fire sign like Aries, life is really just one big adventure. This sign loves to explore and get the most out of every experience, and of course, that includes in the bedroom. Bold and enthusiastic, this sign does what they want when they want, so that means whenever they're getting it on, they're thrilled to be there and want their partner to feel the same way.


If it isn’t fun, Gemini isn’t doing it. Period. So, when your partner is a Gemini, get ready to have a great time. This air sign will be gone like a breeze if they aren’t feeling engaged, mentally stimulated, or fully enjoying themselves. Thanks to their versatility and wit, Gemini’s enthusiasm is infectious. They are eager lovers and legendarily clever, so there will be as much giggling as there is pleasure with this sign. You can’t help but get swept up and off your feet by Gemini's genuine enjoyment of all that life has to offer, particularly in the bedroom.


Libra has a very balanced and easy-going attitude toward life, and that vibe definitely extends to how they approach sex, so it's never stuffy and overly serious. That's not to say they're a clown in the bedroom; in fact, this sign, ruled by Venus, has a natural gift for romance and charm. It’s just so easy to fall under Libra’s sexual spell. They are more than willing to please, just be aware they expect full reciprocity in the bedroom.


Free-spirited Sagittarius rarely takes themselves seriously in any circumstance, and that definitely includes the bedroom. This naturally good-humored sign prefers to keep things light, breezy, and full of laughter. As a fire sign, Sagittarius knows how to bring passion and intensity to their lovemaking, but it's always done with a jovial spirit that encourages just as much giggling as it does ardor. Enjoy it while it lasts, though, as this sign is famously fickle and hard to pin down for long.

While every sign definitely has the potential to bring playfulness to the bedroom, these ones just really have it down to an art form. Swoon.