These 4 Zodiac Signs Are The Most Driven & They Go After What They Want

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When someone has drive, they make it their mission to get what they want. Whether it's as simple as wanting sushi for lunch or asking their crush out on a date, these driven folks go for it. They know exactly what they desire, and no matter how many obstacles stand in their way, they have all the courage to make it happen. While others let self-doubt cloud their energy or fear prevent them from moving forward, those with drive charge forth. Let's bring some astrology into it, shall we? Because these are the most driven zodiac signs of all, and chances are you know exactly what they're so ambitious about.

For those of us who take things slow and second-guessing ourselves, watching these driven people in action is beyond inspiring. They will stop at nothing to make their vision a reality and they don't care what anyone says or thinks about it. They want to win this game? They'll win with flying colors. They want to travel the world? They've already booked their flights. It's marvelous to watch, really, because so many people complicate the truth by overanalyzing things or talking themselves out of what they want. When you've got drive, all you see is your goal, and all you're thinking about is achieving it.

If you've got placements in Aries, Scorpio, Capricorn, or Aquarius, you've got more drive than a sports car. Just make sure you've got your seatbelt on, capiche?

Here's why the following zodiac signs are so driven:

Aries: They Go With Their Gut And Fight For What They Want

Think of Aries as a cannonball shooting toward whatever they desire. And, boy, does an Aries know what they desire. This zodiac sign is ruled by Mars — planet of combat and courage — which makes Aries a fighter all the way down to their core. They never second guess what they want because they trust their gut and go for it the way an animal would. The energy an Aries has when they're driven to achieve something is next level and something to be marveled at.

Scorpio: They Commit To Their Goal And Do Whatever It Takes

When a Scorpio has their eye on something, nothing can sway them. This zodiac sign is ruled by both Mars, planet of ambition and energy, and Pluto, planet of power and obsession. When a Scorpio has a desire, it's all they think about. Instead of going for it out in the open, they form a strategy that takes everyone by surprise, sneakily obtaining what they want. It takes forever for a Scorpio to move on from a goal and that's what makes them so driven.

Capricorn: They're Always Trying To Accomplish The Impossible

Are you even surprised Capricorn made the "most driven" list? A Capricorn doesn't feel like themselves unless they've got a goal they're striving toward. They always have high expectations for themselves and the world around them. In fact, they're ruled by Saturn — planet of discipline and hard work — which makes them committed to getting what they want in the long term. Whether it takes months or even years to make their dreams a reality, a Capricorn will do it.

Aquarius: They Always Want To Bring Their Vision To Life

You know what's always on the mind of an Aquarius? A revolution. This zodiac sign is always striving to make not just themselves, but the entire world, a better place. Ruled by Saturn — planet of commitment and longevity — as well as Uranus — planet of radical change, this zodiac sign is both disciplined enough and brave enough to tear down the whole system to get what they want. No one is driven in a more creative way than an Aquarius.

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