Aldi Is Selling $5 Rosé Bottles In August To Toast The End Of Summer

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Courtesy Of Aldi

Well folks, it's that glorious time of the month when Aldi releases its famous "Aldi Finds." I, personally, always look forward to seeing what unique and seasonal items the grocery chain has in store on a monthly basis, and the lineup for August has finally been unveiled, at long last. So if you haven't already perused these "Aldi Finds" deals for August 2019, they feature $5 rosé and fall-inspired coffees. TBH, I'm obsessed.

Let's dive head first into the monthly food items. During the first week of the month, on Wednesday, Aug. 7, you'll be able to find Specially Selected Peach Chipotle or Mango Chili Tortilla Strips for $1.99 as well as Benton's Coconut Rolls. The following week, on Wednesday, Aug. 14, you'll be able to find items like L'oven Fresh Peach Cobbler or Mixed Berry Breakfast Bread for $3.99 and Park Street Deli Black Bean and Corn, Chipotle Cilantro or Chunky Mango Salsa for $2.49. Then, the week of Aug. 21 will bring you condiments like Cook House Moonshine Sauces Assorted Varieties for $1.99 and Park Street Deli Chickpea or Pepper Medley Layered Hummus for $2.89, and the week of Aug. 28 will supply savory bites like Clancy's Maple Bacon Wavy Potato Chips for $1.79 and Mama Cozzi's Pizza Kitchen Jalapeño Popper or Bacon Cheese Breadsticks for $3.99. Needless to say, your picnics will be totally lit until the end of summer.

Courtesy Of Aldi

This month's beverages, on the other hand, will keep your bar carts and pantries stocked until the end of time... and the coffees are totally perfect for fall, if you ask me. During the week of Aug. 7, you'll be able to buy Dancing Flame Rosé for $4.99 per bottle, and Barissimo Créme Brulee or Cinnamon Vanilla Nut Coffee Cups will be selling for $5.79 per pack. Later in the month, during the week of Aug. 28, you'll find Barissimo Maple Bacon or Bourbon Ground Coffee for $3.79 and Flower Keeper Pinot Gris for $8.99 per bottle. Seriously, what did I say about those coffee flavors? They literally scream "fall!"

Courtesy Of Aldi

While Aldi is best known for its grocery selection, its non-food finds are pretty stellar as well. During the week you can find various pet items from the Heart to Tail Cat Scratching Post for $12.99 and Heart to Tail Portable Travel Pet Playpen for $19.99, which are both available during the first week of the month. If you're looking for kitchen accessories, the week of Aug. 14 brings the Ambiano Belgian Waffle Maker for $14.99 as well as the Ambiano Quesadilla/Churro Maker for $12.99. Oh, and if you're looking to add a little greenery to the house, make sure to snag the Mini Succulents for $1.99 each — they're available the week of Aug. 14, too.

Courtesy Of Aldi

Whether you're looking for a new bottle of wine to crack open this Friday, or if you're simply seeking out tasty new snacks, Aldi is coming in clutch with its August Aldi Finds. If you need me, I'll be counting down the days until that Maple Bacon Coffee is available... it looks too good to resist.

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