These Under-The-Radar Facts About Ivanka Trump Will Have You Shook

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For the past year and change, we've gotten a new reality television show broadcasted from the White House: Keeping Up with the Trumps. No one asked for it, but here it is. Sure, President Donald Trump and his family have been on the scene for a while, but never with the sort of traction and visibility that their stint in the White House has given us. Because first daughter Ivanka Trump is her father's right-hand woman, she's been popping up in our news feeds since 2016, but there's still probably some things you never knew about Ivanka Trump. So sit back and enjoy this deep dive journey into the first daughter.

Trump is currently serving as her father's adviser with an office in the West Wing (well, at least for now. Who knows how long that will last considering the revolving door of staffers her father has at 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue). But before Trump and her husband, Jared Kushner, decided to follow President Trump into politics, she had a whole other life. She modeled, she worked in real estate, she worked at her father's company, she created a fashion line. The woman made moves, is what I'm saying.

So yeah, she's been in the public eye a bunch, but here are some things that you might not know about the eldest Trump daughter:

We've been lied to. Ivanka is not her real name.
ivankatrump on Twitter

I always thought that Trump's parents wanted to name her after her mother, Ivana Trump, but didn't want it to be the exact same. Turns out, that's wrong. Her name is actually "Ivana," and "Ivanka" is just a nickname that is derived from it. "Ivanka is the baby name for Ivana, like Bobby is to Robert," as Trump explained in a 2010 tweet.

Also, judging from that tweet, she takes the time to answer important fan questions. So another fun fact.

She has a family link to model Karlie Kloss.
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Trump's brother-in-law, Joshua Kushner, has been dating Kloss for six years now. So I might be jumping the gun a bit (there is no marriage talk on the table yet), but it seems entirely possible that Trump might get a supermodel sister-in-law. Six years is a long time. Also, they make a pretty cute couple.

Not going to lie, I spent a good chunk of time Instagram stalking these two lovebirds, and they are pretty damn adorable. I mean, if you're into beautiful people being cute together or whatever.

She and Chelsea Clinton are pals (or maybe a better word is "were" pals).
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The two daughters of politics were introduced by their husbands, Kushner and Marc Mezvinsky, a few years before Donald Trump and Hillary Clinton ran against each other in 2016.

"I am absolutely friends with Ivanka and I am grateful for her friendship," Clinton told Cosmopolitan back in January 2016. But Clinton also made it clear that she and Trump never discuss politics, and that she values her friendship with the first daughter. "I'm always going to believe, because this is how my parents raised me, that friendship is more important than politics."

Apparently that didn't work very well.

Clinton appeared on The Late Show with Stephen Colbert in the beginning of March 2018, and bluntly stated that she and Trump are no longer friends. She said,

I have not spoken to her in a long time. It’s clear though that she has supported policies and decisions that I don’t agree with. I’ve been very vocal about my opposition to President Trump and this White House.
She has her very own nickname in the White House.
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We already know that Trump serves as adviser to the president and has a swanky office in the West Wing but did you know that she also has a White House nickname? It's, uh, not very flattering.

Once upon a time in July 2017, Trump "briefly" took her father's seat at the G-20 summit, even though she is not an elected official, according to Vanity Fair. It was a huge breach of protocol and White House officials weren't happy about it. One of Trump's former advisers told Vanity Fair, "This is not a royal family, and she’s not the princess royal.”

After that event, some White House advisers began calling the first daughter "princess royal"... but only behind her back.

She's multilingual.
ivankatrump on Twitter

Trump's mother is Czech and so reason stands that she might have taught her kids. According to a Morning Call interview that Ivana did all the way back in 1989, she said that Trump understood Czech. "Our oldest son, Donald, speaks Czech very well. Ivanka understands Czech, but the youngest is lazy."

In a 2010 tweet, though, Trump confirmed that her brother Don Jr. speaks fluent Czech but she seems to "only know the curse words."

Maybe she is not so good with the Czech, but in that same interview Ivana said that Trump and the rest of her children learned French in school and are fluent.

She's an early riser.
ivankatrump on Instagram

According to a 2015 interview with Morning Routine, Trump wakes up at 5:30 a.m. every day. She then meditates, works out, listens to a TED Talk while moisturizing and applying makeup. Then she gets dressed, reads the paper and gets the kids off to school.

I would have to assume, though, that things have changed just a little since she snagged a gig in her father's White House. Maybe she still wakes up at 5:30 a.m. still, but I wonder if she still has time to all the things on her list before heading off to the West Wing. Or maybe not. Excuse me, Ivanka, could we have an updated itinerary? Thanks in advance.

She was once in a documentary about rich kids.
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Before there was Rich Kids of Beverly Hills and the social media escapades of the "Rich Kids of Instagram" (one of which is sister Tiffany Trump), there was Born Rich, a documentary about the children of the one percent.

Jamie Johnson, heir to the Johnson & Johnson empire, made the 2003 documentary which — amongst other children of extreme wealth—featured Trump in her 20s.

In one particular scene, Trump takes her friend Johnson on a tour of her Trump Tower bedroom (apparently she was big fan of the OG Rich Kids of Beverly Hills: Beverly Hills 90210). At one point she tells Johnson,

No matter what I hear about my parents, about my family, no matter what I read. the fact is that I'm absolutely proud to be a Trump.

Given Trump's place in her father's White House, I'm going to guess that's still true.

She met her husband at a "business lunch."
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I guess the "art of the deal" runs in the family.

Im 2007, a commercial real estate broker and a friends arranged for Trump and Kushner to have a business lunch — seeing as how they were both in real estate — that turned into networking for love (title of my upcoming reality television show). Trump told Vogue that the people who put it all together thought that they would do business together, not fall in love. Trump said,

They very innocently set us up thinking that our only interest in one another would be transactional. Whenever we see them we're like, '[It's] the best deal we ever made!'

So if you didn't know, now you know. By the way: you're welcome.