These 7 Jell-O Shots Look Like A Winter Wonderland

by Tessa Harvey

Where are all of my 21-and-over homebodies at? Oh, right — at home. If you're like me, and the thought of stepping out into the frigid air terrifies you, the winter just isn't cutting it. This can result in a major dilemma, because you still want to have fun and see your friends. The party doesn't have to stop just because the holidays are over, right? There's still a full season of winter to gather the girls, watch some Netflix, and have the girls' night in you've been meaning to get around to for ages. In fact, now's a better time than ever, because I know none of you are keen on waiting outside restaurants and bars for a table in these sub-zero temperatures. Gather your squad, and get crafting, because these winter Jell-O shots are incredibly Instagram-worthy, and they're the perfect treat for any night in.

It's never too late for some festive treats, and these seven ideas do not disappoint. TBH, it'll be pulling teeth to convince your girls to spend girls' night anywhere else from now on. Your friends will be excited to try every one you make, and they're so easy that you won't mind making more. These may very well become your winter go-to for a boozy treat.

Fruity With A Dash Of Winter Sweetness
Delish on YouTube

Maybe you're partial to your fruity summertime drinks, and the squad hasn't been a fan of Jell-O since their middle school days. You just might change their minds (and yours) with this sugary-sweet take. Don't forget to sprinkle on the sugar at the end for just the right flavor, and a little hint of winter snow.

The Holidays Aren't Over Until We Say So
Recipe Cook on YouTube

Don't look at me like that! Christmas trees are the ultimate winter wonderland symbol, so this list wouldn't be complete without one. Plus, they're just super cute. Top the trees off with the sugary decor of your choice, or leave out a little sprinkle bar and let your guests create their own.

It's Time To Pop The Champagne
Delish on YouTube

I'm sure you've seen these little squares around, and for good reason. Vodka Jell-O shots are so over. We're all about the champagne Jell-O, now. I especially love the color scheme — it's so reminiscent of the snow falling outside that it almost makes it seem wonderful... Almost.

Boozy Winter Wonderland Snow Globes
1FineCookie on YouTube

Talk about a winter's dream, right? These aren't your typical snow globes. They take a little more effort than the other gems on this list, but the result is worth it — and oh-so-delicious.

Don't ask me how to eat them, though. Maybe a little spoon would come in handy? Warning: The recipe calls for a little bit of creativity, so be prepared to dust off those Christmas tree drawing skills. There's no doubt these snow globes will make your Instagram sparkle.

This Is How You Celebrate The New Year
Tipsy Bartender on YouTube

No winter wonderland is complete without a tip to the stars. These pretty champagne Jell-O shots are as tasty as they are cute, so no worries there. They're also super easy to put together — make your Jell-O shots as usual, top them off with edible gold glitter, and don't forget the star topper. Simple and sweet.

Because Peppermint Is A Winter Essential
Better Homes and Gardens on YouTube

Peppermint bark, candy canes, peppermint mocha — peppermint is a wintertime staple. If you're looking to please a holiday-loving crowd, this is the treat to choose. The stripes might look intimidating, but all it really takes is some patience. Peppermint fix, check.

The Right Way To Eat Your Cranberries
Delish on YouTube

These sugar-frosted cranberry Jell-O shots are the ultimate semi-sweet winter treat, if not for just how picture-perfect they are. The recipe calls for just cranberry Jell–O, vodka, and your own frosted cranberries. No time is wasted here, and everyone will think it took way longer than it did. Can you really lose?

If you feel like being creative, mix it up with your booze of choice. Prosecco cranberry Jell-O sounds like a good idea to me.