Here Are The Delivery Places Open On NYE, So You’re Not Hungry When The Ball Drops

I don't know about you, but I never feel like cooking on New Year's Eve. Every year, a majority of my night is spent putting an outfit together, getting glam'd up, and meeting my friends for a house party or a night on the town. With that being said, there usually isn't even time to put a meal together, which is why I usually opt for takeout. If you plan on doing the same thing, you might be curious about delivery places open on New Year's Eve 2018 that you can contact for a quick and convenient meal. By choosing takeout on the big night, you'll have more time to meet up with your pals or cuddle on the couch waiting for the ball to drop.

Of course, food delivery services will vary depending on where you live and where you're ordering from. Therefore, it'll probably be best to check if your favorite local restaurant will be open for business on Dec. 31. If you'd rather plan your night before New Year's Eve comes rolling around, check out the following delivery services and restaurants that'll be open for delivery on the big night. By choosing one of them in advance, you won't have to settle for the fancy cheese plate at your friend's NYE party instead of eating a full meal. (Even though cheese is, like, really good.)

grubhub on Twitter

If you're trying to find a restaurant in your area that's open for delivery on New Year's Eve, enter your address on Grubhub and see if the service will bring food to your doorstep. If it will, you're in luck — because Grubhub will be open on New Year's Eve. Elite Daily reached out to the company via its online chat to make sure that it'll be open on Dec. 31, 2018, and it confirmed that the company will be running. However, it should only list the restaurants that are open — so there's a chance that not all eateries near you will be included.

seamless on Twitter

Those of you who are eligible for Seamless deliveries can also order takeout from the service on New Year's Eve. Elite Daily reached out to Seamless via its online chat to confirm that it's open on Dec 31, 2018, and the company said that the service is open 24/7. In other words, log onto its app or website on NYE and choose which restaurant you'd like to order from. Again, only restaurants that are open should be included in your Seamless selection, so make sure you check the app before setting your heart on a dish.

Uber Eats
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images News/Getty Images

If you're privy to Uber Eats, you're in luck. The food delivery service will be running on New Year's Eve, so log onto the app as you usually would and take your pick. Elite Daily reached out to Uber Eats to make sure it'll be running on Dec. 31, and the company confirmed that it's open all day, every day. As long as your restaurant of choice is open and available on Uber Eats on NYE, you'll be set.


If you're a loyal DoorDash customer, rest assured that you can log onto the app (or website) on Dec. 31 and order your go-to meal. Elite Daily reached out to DoorDash to confirm that it's open on New Year's Eve 2018, and a DoorDash spokesperson said that it'll be running. Again, the restaurants on the app may have varied hours for the holiday, but you should be able to find a bite on the delivery site.


Those of you who'd rather skip the apps and order pizza straight from the sources are in luck, because a handful of restaurants will be open on New Year's Eve 2018. Domino's, for example, will be open on New Year's Eve — but you should call your local spot to see what time it's delivering until. Why? Because the local Domino's near me will only be open until 10 p.m. on Dec. 31, but the hours of your local Domino's might be different.

If you're craving a different slice, you can explore for more pizza choices. According to Hours Guide, Pizza Hut will be open on Dec. 31, and so will Papa John's. Both Pizza Hut and Papa John's deliver, but you should check each store's hours before calling up and ordering your pies.

Burgers & Fries

If you're not craving pizza, then you might want to stock your New Year's Eve bash with some good old burgers and fries. Luckily, there are a handful of chains that you can order from to acquire the goods.

Bareburger, for example, is open on New Year's Eve — and the company delivers. If you're hoping to score one of its burgers, check out the company's location finder on its website. When you find the closest location to you, hit "Order Now," and the site will take you to a page with that location's delivery hours. But before you order, call your local spot and make sure the hours on its website aren't affected by the holiday. My local Bareburger is only open until 9 p.m. on Dec. 31, and the hours of your go-to spot might be different.

Those of you who would rather ring in the new year with a Sourdough Jack can visit Jack in the Box's website and order up. In order to do so, visit the company's location finder and enter your address. Once you do that, the company will use either DoorDash, Postmates, or GrubHub to complete your delivery.

The same goes for other fast-food burger hubs, like Burger King and McDonalds. Both restaurants are open on New Year's Eve and can be purchased through various online ordering sites, such as Grubhub and DoorDash (depending on your location). Before you order, make sure to check the hours of whichever restaurant you choose — because both eateries might close early in honor of the holiday.

Like I said, those of you who decide to order food from a delivery service will have to choose from restaurants that are open on New Year's Eve — and luckily, the apps should only provide you with restaurants that are. If you'd rather order snacks straight from your go-to spot, you'll have to call the restaurant in advance and make sure it's open. Either way, you should have a ton of food establishments at your fingertips to choose from before the ball drops.