Here's How To Get Free Pasta On National Spaghetti Day For An Easy Dinner

At this point, national food holidays are pretty much a daily occurrence. But IMO, there are only like, a handful that are actually worth celebrating... and Friday, Jan. 4, just so happens to be one of those days. In case you didn't know, this Friday is National Spaghetti Day, and based on my unyielding love for that stringy complex carbohydrate, you'd better believe I'm going all out. That's right, I am about to dive headfirst into each and every one of these five National Spaghetti Day deals for lunch, dinner — and most importantly — leftovers.

Whether you prefer your spaghetti mixed into a classic marinara blend, if you'd rather have it swimming in Alfredo sauce, or if you're ready to chow down on toppings galore, there are so many ways to snag some discounted spaghetti today. However, you won't have to give an arm or a leg for them. Some will ask that you dine in, others are applicable to online orders only, and many require online coupons. I would honestly do whatever it takes to get in on a spaghetti deal, though, and if you would too, make sure to check out a few deals, below. You can even easily score some free pasta! Your wallet will definitely thank you later.

Spaghetti Warehouse Free Spaghetti With Any Entrée
stuffthatsurvi1 on Twitter

If you love pasta nearly as much as I do, you're probably planning on making your way to The Spaghetti Warehouse later today. They're offering a free classic spaghetti with the purchase of any regular-priced entrée. You can choose from spaghetti with meat sauce, tomato sauce, or marinara, and you'll need to use this coupon from their website. Keep in mind that the offer isn't available in Columbus, Ohio, or Syracuse, New York. Wah, wah.

Russo's Woodlands 15 Percent Off Pasta
russoswoodlands on Twitter

If you're living in the Lone Star State, you can celebrate National Spaghetti Day at one of Texas' greatest New York-style pizzerias. This Friday, you'll be able to get a whopping 15 percent off any pasta dish at Russo's Woodlands, and IDK about you, but my stomach is about to be very, very happy.

Carrabba's $10 Deal

Carrabba's restaurants throughout the U.S. will be celebrating National Spaghetti Day with a $10 special. For a tenner, you'll be able to choose from Spaghetti Pomodoro, which is sautéed in classic tomato sauce, Penne Alfredo, or Linguine Positano, which comes with crushed tomatoes, garlic, olive oil and basil, according to the restaurant's website. The discount is available for dine-in orders only, and it's limited to one order per person. Sounds delicious to me.

Hungry Howie's $5.99 Large Spaghetti With Any One Topping
hungryhowiesfl on Twitter

Participating Hungry Howie's locations are partying it up for this glorious celebration by offering large one-topping baked spaghetti orders for only $5.95. You can get in on this tantalizing deal at all participating locations, and it's only available for online and carry-out orders. Count me in.

Luby's $5.99 Meal
lubys on Twitter

Again, Texans are getting lucky today. Luby's, a moderately-priced Texas-based restaurant chain, is offering its homemade spaghetti with two sides and a roll for just $5.99 in honor of National Spaghetti Day. Yes, you heard that correctly, and seeing as Luby's has more than 50 locations in the Lone Star State, you most likely shouldn't have a problem finding one near you.

There are so many deals and so little time to get in on them, so choose your Spaghetti Day celebration destination wisely. Really, though, don't worry about any food FOMO — you simply can't go wrong with spaghetti.