These 42 Products On Amazon Have 2,000+ Rave Reviews & Are Under $10

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In these modern times of free shipping and express two-day delivery, it can be a challenge to refrain from clicking that "Add To Cart" button every time you happen across an awesome product. Even taking the most cursory glance at my bank account is a persuasive argument in favor of fiscal responsibility, which is why I've made a deal with myself: impulse buys are restricted to all the cool products on Amazon that are only $10 — everything else? It's gotta sit in my shopping cart for at least 24 hours before I buy it.

And while that might not sound like a lot of fun, it's all about perspective. Would you prefer to take home a $30 shirt — or would you rather snag yourself a cast iron skillet, anti-chafing balm, and a toilet spray made with 100 percent real gold nano-particles, all for the same price? To me, the choice is simple.

So whether you're looking for hidden gems on Amazon to treat yourself, or you're simply trying to reign in some frivolous spending habits, look no further: I've rounded up some of the most highly-rated products available that won't break your bank account, even if you buy all of them.

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