56 Cool Things On Amazon That Are Only $10

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New year, new you: no longer will you stay up all hours of the night making random impulse clothing purchases because your credit card bill was $50 less than last month. And of course you'll stop ordering delivery for dinner when you just bought groceries the day before. We're all (mostly) adults here, so we have to live, and act like adults — which means it's time you start limiting those impulse purchases to the hidden gems that are all under $10 on Amazon.

But I understand that it can be difficult to go cold turkey off fun spending, which is why I'm allowing you to pick a bunch of items off this list instead of just one. So instead of one flimsy shirt for $25, you can get a garlic press, pore-tightening serum, teeth-whitening charcoal powder, organic toothbrushes, and even a handy paw-washing machine for your dog — all at $50 or less.

When it comes to ballin' on a budget, Amazon has hundreds of best-selling products all at affordable prices, even if you're looking to break the bank by whipping out that extra $1. But now's the time to put that $1 back in your wallet. You'll need it for later when you spend too much on take-out Pad Thai later this week.


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