50 Hidden Gems Under $10 On Amazon To Treat Yourself Or Someone Else To

I'm of the belief that if you're going to treat yourself (or someone important to you), you might as well leave the shopper's guilt behind. That being said, for those moments when you just can't quiet the voice of responsibility, there are loads of genius things under $10 on Amazon. You get to look forward to that brown box filled with goodies on your doorstep, and your landlord doesn't have to wait an extra week to get the rent from you. It's a win-win.

These hidden gems are well worth a look because although they're unlikely to show up on your Facebook feed, the existing reviews and ratings are pretty impressive. Past buyers are thrilled that they can now core a pepper in one movement, massage away their tired eyes with real jade, and dry their laundry faster and with less static.

In other words, these cheap products will actually improve your life on a day-to-day basis, because they're practical, affordable, and genuinely useful. Also, yeah: they're $10 or less. The next time you're sitting in a bathtub with a glass of wine in one hand and your credit card and tablet in the other, treat yourself with some reasonable purchases that won't prompt any buyer's remorse.

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Entertainment — 50 Hidden Gems Under $10 On Amazon To Treat Yourself Or Someone Else To

1. This Swiveling Case/Stand Hybrid That's Available In 13 Cool Colors

SuperLite 360 Leather Stand Case, $10, Amazon

Made from durable PU leather, this SuperLite 360 case fits the iPad 2, 3, and 4 and doubles as a versatile stand. It has a swiveling tab that allows you to position your tablet horizontally or vertically, and since it's lined with soft microfiber and automatically puts your device to sleep when it closes, it protects it as well.


2. This Aromatherapy Soap Turns Your Shower Into A Spa For $6

Plantlife Aromatherapy Herbal Soap, $6, Amazon

There aren't any synthetic ingredients in this Plantlife herbal soap, and it's gentle on both your skin and your mood. Real, pure peppermint essential oil rejuvenates and uplifts you, while olive and coconut oils leave your body feeling moisturized and clean. It also helps to aid in circulation and nourish both dull and oily skin.


3. The Water-Resistant Drawstring Bag That Can Handle All Your Adventures

G4Free Water-Repellent Gym Bag, $8, Amazon

With its lightweight design and multiple pockets, you'll find plenty of uses for this G4Free drawstring bag — especially since it's resistant to water. Whether your routine includes swimming, hiking, and the gym, or running errands, doing yoga, and an overnight stay with a friend, this one's smart design has your back (literally). It's also available in a bunch of eye-catching colors.


4. The Moisturizing Cream With Real Coconut Oil And Lavender Extract

Advanced Clinicals Coconut Oil Cream, $9, Amazon

This moisturizing cream is made with pure coconut oil and real lavender extract for immediate hydration and a glowing complexion. It's great for any kind of skin — whether it's dry, oily, combination, or sensitive — and reviewers say the smell is "so pretty and subtle" while the consistency is "creamy but absorbs nicely." It's also paraben-free and can be used on both the face and body.


5. A Set Of Unique Brushes For Everything From Blending Foundation To Applying Shadow

LALANG Makeup Brushes, $4 (Set of 6), Amazon

So far, these LALANG makeup brushes have a five-star rating due to their unique toothbrush design, extra soft yet dense bristles, and comfortable handles. They come in a set of six to tackle everything from contouring to eyeshadow, and reviewers are really impressed with their fabulous blending capabilities.


6. A Brilliant Tool That Helps You Core And Prep Peppers In Seconds

Jalapeño Pepper Corer, $8, Amazon

Cut off the top with the serrated edge, reach inside with the slim design, and pull out the seeds with the stainless steel scoop. This jalapeño corer ensures that prepping your peppers takes mere seconds, and it's 100 percent dishwasher-safe, too.


7. The Trigger Point Massage Tool Might Look Weird, But Reviewers Are Saying It Feels Great And Saves Their Thumbs

ROSENICE Deep Tissue Massage Tool, $9, Amazon

It might look a little bizarre, but reviewers are saying things like "This has definitely saved my thumbs from lots of strain," and "I suffer from neck, shoulder and back pain and this thing is fabulous." The ROSENICE deep tissue tool allows you to apply the perfect amount of pressure with minimal effort when you're massaging trigger points and working out knots. It's made of a durable plastic material that has a hand mold for maximum comfort, and you can use it on yourself or others.


8. These Smart Kitchen Gadgets Spray Some Fresh Citrus Onto Your Salads

BlueTop Citrus Sprayers, $5 (2 Pack), Amazon

Poke these citrus sprayers straight into your lemon, lime, or orange to get a fresh spritz of juice wherever you need it. They're great for dressing salads, seasoning fish, or flavoring drinks, and they come with one big one and one smaller one to suit all sizes of fruits.


9. This Nail-Strengthening Oil That Also Softens The Cuticles

Bee Naturals Nail And Cuticle Oil, $18, Amazon

This nail and cuticle oil penetrates quickly to strengthen and nourish nails while conditioning the skin around them. It uses a natural blend of vitamin E and tea tree oil to create an antioxidant-rich formula that absorbs quickly and doesn't feel too greasy. One reviewer writes, "I love this product’s natural ingredients and feel my nails are getting the best chance to grow healthy and strong."


10. This Hand-Held Kitchen Tool With Interchangeable Blades For Different Zoodles

Vegetti Spiral Vegetable Slicer, $10, Amazon

Perfect for julienne style slices or long noodles, this spiral slicer has dual stainless-steel cutting blades for thick or thin cuts. You can make fettuccine or spaghetti out of potatoes, zucchini, carrots, cucumber, or squash with this handy little tool — and over 3,000 reviewers love how it's easy to use and is made of BPA-free materials.


11. This Cell Phone Mount That Works With Virtually Any Device

MPOW Universal Cell Phone Tripod Mount, $9, Amazon

Shoot steady videos, take selfies, or steam like a pro with the mount. It works universally to hold any smartphone steady and comes with a long arm with a steady base, so it's incredibly secure. You can even rotate the device vertically or horizontally without taking it off.


12. This Rose And Mandarin Lip Balm That Smells Amazing And Seriously Hydrates

Rosebud Smith's Lip Balm, $8, Amazon

Reviewers are calling Rosebud Smith's lip balm a "must-have classic with a beautiful, spicy twist" because of its amazing hydration, heavenly smell, and subtle color. The rose and mandarin flavors are created with all-natural orange and a blend of spices, and the cottonseed oil is especially effective when it comes to transforming dry, chapped lips.


13. A Himalayan Salt Scrub Infused With Real Lavender Oil For Your Next Treat-Yourself Day

Majestic Pure Himalayan Salt Body Scrub with Lychee Essential Oil, $14, Amazon

Made with totally pronounceable ingredients and infused with sweet almond oil and Lychee fruit essential oil, Himalayan bath scrub is a must for your next Treat Yourself day. It buffs away dead skin using real Himalayan salt crystals and nourishes the new layers underneath it with coconut. Reviewers say the smell is wonderful and it "really does make your skin nice and soft."


14. These Non-Stick Silicone Baking Mats That Replace Cooking Sprays And Parchment Paper

AmazonBasics Silicone Baking Mat, $10 (Set of 2), Amazon

Make baking easy and cleanup even easier with these AmazonBasics baking mats. They're made from oven-safe silicone that replaces oil, cooking sprays, and parchment paper because the non-stick surface won't cling and wipes clean. They can be used over and over again and are totally fine in the dishwasher, too.


15. This Cleansing Kit Infused With Essential Oils To Keep Your Yoga Mat Sanitary

Luna Yoga Mat Cleaner Spray Kit, $10, Amazon

This Luna mat cleaner kit keeps your yoga gear extra zen and free of bacteria. It comes with a fully-natural spray made from antibacterial plant extracts and uplifting essential oils, as well as a microfiber yogi towel that dries super quick. "Smells good and works good!" raves one reviewer, and honestly, what more could you ask for? It's also alcohol-free.


16. The Quality Kabuki Brush That Gives Foundation An Airbrushed Look

Lamora Kabuki Brush, $8, Amazon

People call this Lamora Kabuki brush a "must have" because it gives foundation an airbrushed look, whether it's liquid or powder-based. It has quality synthetic bristles, a wooden handle, and a dense, flat top so you can apply and blend makeup like a pro. It's also easy to clean and doesn't absorb as much product as other brands.


17. The Detangling Brush With Cone-Shaped Bristles To Remove Knots Without Pain

TI Style Hair Detangler Brush, $7, Amazon

Unlike average brushes, the TI Style detangler uses unique, cone-shaped bristles that separate strands sideways instead of downward. As a result, it glides through hair without ripping, breaking, or snagging, and you can use it wet or dry for any type of hair — though those with curls say it's especially effective. It even comes with free bobby pins.


18. The Cooling Tiger Balm To Numb Pain Anywhere On The Body

Tiger Balm Ointment, $7, Amazon

Using natural herbal ingredients like menthol and clove oil, this Tiger Balm ointment numbs all kinds of pain and stiffness, including muscles, joints, abdominal aches, and cramps. Reviewers say it's "gooey, tingly happiness" in a jar, and some say they can't even get through their day without it.


19.These Adorable Pot Lid Lifts In The Shape Of Farm Animals

Tovolo Pot Lid Lifts, $11 (Set of 3), Amazon

These adorable pot lid lifts come in the shape of farm animals and prop lids up so steam can escape. The result? Pots won't boil over, and you can still prevent spills and splatters. They're made from silicone, and reviewers say they fit most cookware and are easy to clean.


20. This Protective Silicone Case For Your AirPods

OEAGO AirPods Case, $8, Amazon

Protect your AirPods against damage and loss with this handy case. It's made from lightweight yet durable silicone, has a built-in carabiner clip, and features a dust-proof plug hole on the bottom. It's even available in four different colors. It protects from shock, and won't change shape if you remove it and put it back on multiple times.


21. A Jade Roller That Shrinks Pores And Brightens Dark Circles

Ikakon Facial Jade Roller, $7, Amazon

Made with real jade stones, this facial roller improves circulation, reduces dark circles, and lessens inflammation. It can also be stored in the fridge or the freezer for an extra boost of pore-shrinking cold therapy, and the double-sided stones can tackle big or small areas.


22. The Lanolin-Based Balm For Severely Chapped Skin

Vermont's Original Bag Balm, $9, Amazon

Since 1899, Vermont's Original bag balm has been protecting farmers' dairy cows from chapped skin during the harsh winters. It's enriched with lanolin to heal cracks and keep skin soft and smooth, whether it's your hands, knees, elbows, lips, or feet. People use it on rashes, callouses, and even their dogs' noses. One writes: "Always a winner for people with dry/cracked, itchy skin - anywhere on the body from forehead to the soles of the feet and everywhere in between. Good for burns, scrapes and bruises, too. Have been using it for years ever since an Aunt put some on my scalded hand. Never without it and neither are my friends."


23. A Strengthening Cream For Nails That Are Splitting Or Cracking

Hard As Hoof Nail Strengthening Cream, $8, Amazon

If your nails peel, split, crack, and break, Hard As Hoof strengthening cream might be able to help. It conditions and reinforces nails with calcium, vitamins, and oils to help them grow longer and thicker, and some buyers swear by it: "I didn't expect this product to wow me... I can already see and feel an amazing difference in my cuticles and nails."


24. This Freezable Clay Pack With A Built-In Strap, So You Can Ice Any Body Part

NatraCure Cold Pack Ice Wrap, $10, Amazon

The clay cold pack retains chill for longer than most ice packs, the interior stays pliable when frozen to better conform to your body, and the nylon strap keeps it in place anywhere. No wonder more than 1,700 reviewers are loving this NatraCure ice wrap. "I'm a Physical Therapy assistant and this has been a hit with my clients," one reviewer says.


25. These Magnetic Eyelashes With Dual Magnets And A Free Tool

Magnetic Eyelashes, $7 (4 Pieces), Amazon

Get big, dramatic lashes without the glue and without the hassle. These magnetic eyelashes attach below and above your natural ones for a fuller, thicker look in seconds. They feature dual magnets to follow the curve of your eye, and they're reusable as well as non-irritating.


26. These Soapstone Cubes Chill Your Drink Without Diluting It

Quiseen Chilling Stones, $8, Amazon

Because they're made from natural soapstone, these Quiseen chilling stones absorb the cold from your freezer and transport it to your drink — without watering it down. They're reusable, super easy to clean, and come in a velvet carrying pouch for easy storage.


27. If You Often Lose Your Keys In Your Abyss Of A Pocketbook, Try These Genius Hooks

AKOAK Key Organizer Clips, $7 (6 Pack), Amazon

These AKOAK organizer clips hang on the interior pockets of your bag, so the next time you need your keys, you don't have to dig through everything. They're made from durable plastic, come in six different colors, and are also great for backpacks and briefcases.


28. This Activated Charcoal Toothpaste That Actually Whitens Teeth

FineVine Charcoal Whitening Toothpaste, $11, Amazon

Made using real bamboo charcoal and other natural ingredients, this FineVine toothpaste removes stains from the surface of the teeth for a whiter, brighter smile. It also tackles odor and bacteria using essential oils, and it even helps bleeding gums and can delay tooth decay.


29. This Quality Cedarwood Essential Oil You Can Mix With Shampoo For Healthier Looking Hair

Gya Labs Cedarwood Essential Oil, $7, Amazon

When used for aromatherapy, cedarwood can help calm the senses, boost the immune system, and re-gain clarity while working. This Gya Labs thyme essential oil is 100 percent pure, therapeutic-grade, and undiluted without bases and fillers. It's also a great addition to your shower routine, as it can help you hair look healthier when added to your shampoo.


30. The Mask Made From Egg Whites, So You Can Remove Blackheads And Shrink Pores

Skinfood Egg White Pore Foam, $10, Amazon

Tighten large pores, minimize impurities, and nourish skin with this Skinfood Egg White pore foam. It's packed with protein-rich albumen and vitamin-rich niacin, both of which help to remove blackheads, prompt collagen growth, and improve skin's elasticity. Reviewers say they'd recommend it to any skin type because it leaves even sensitive skin feeling soft and moisturized.


31. This False Lash Glue For People Who Are Sensitive To Latex Or Other Ingredients

Cardani Secure Hold False Lash Glue, $7, Amazon

Free from gluten, sulfates, BPA, latex, and animal-derived ingredients, this Cardani false lash glue is great for people with allergies, skin sensitivities, or contact lenses. It creates a secure, all-day hold for fake lashes, it dries clear, and reviewers say it's incredibly easy to apply.


32. This Pure Bentonite Clay Powder Nourishes Your Skin And Detoxes Your Hair

Simpli Indian Healing Bentonite Clay, $9, Amazon

The 4.8-star rating says that whatever you use this Simpli bentonite clay for, you won't be disappointed. The 100 percent pure clay has no additives or fragrances, so it's great for DIY facials, spot treatments, insect bites, rashes, clay baths, and hair detoxes. It's sourced from mineral-rich deposits in Wyoming, so it heals as well as nourishes.


33. These Carefully-Designed Brushes For Detailed Cleaning Jobs

OXO Good Grips Deep Clean Brush Set, $6, Amazon

Sometimes, the littlest cleaning jobs create the most satisfaction. These Good Grips Deep Clean brushes get into tiny corners, shower tracks, drain rings, sink rims, stovetops, and fixture crevices. You get two brushes with sturdy nylon bristles and soft, non-slip grips with thumb pads. The larger one is sized for grout and tracks, while the smaller one is great for getting in and around fixtures — and it even has a built-in wiper blade.


34. These Compression Socks Made With The Best Materials And Technology

DANISH ENDURANCE Graduated Compression Socks, $9, Amazon

"I'm on my feet for 12 hours a day as a nurse. I swear by these socks," one reviewer writes. Designed and manufactured in Europe, these compression socks use only high-quality stitching, antibacterial fabrics, and a medical technology that boosts circulation. They're breathable and sweat-wicking, but effectively increase oxygen flow and compression to keep feet and legs comfortable all day.


35. A Brightening, Hydrating Face Wash Made From Rice Water

The Face Shop Rice Water Bright Cleansing Foam, $7, Amazon

Buyers have called this K-beauty cleanser a "pimple-killer," "total game-changer," "a holy grail," and "hands down the best face wash [they] have ever used." It's made with brightening rice water and detoxifying moringa oil to create a creamy texture that minimizes loss of moisture while removing makeup.


36. The Individually-Wrapped Cloths To Remove Smudges Now And Repel Them Later

iCloth Lens and Screen Cleaner, $7 (30 Wipes), Amazon

Designed for everything from your glasses to your devices, these iCloth cleaning wipes remove oil, grease, germs, and grime in seconds. The gentle formula is also safe on lenses and screens, and helps to keep them cleaner for longer by repelling oils and dust. They come individually wrapped for portability and dampness-control.


37. The Gentle Therapy Oil That Gives You Soft, Glowing Skin

Palmer's Formula Skin Therapy Oil, $10, Amazon

Ideal for sensitive skin and designed to work on scars, dry patches, stretch marks, and uneven skin tone, this Palmer's Formula Skin Therapy oil has amazing ratings. Its blend of cocoa butter, vitamin E, and rose hip oil easily absorbs into skin without leaving a greasy residue, and reviewers say it feels "so silky soft" and "makes skin glow."


38. A Flexible Guy With A Hook For A Head, So You Can Hang Your Phone Anywhere

Flexible Cell Phone Holder, $7 (2 Pack), Amazon

This adorable little guy wraps around virtually any cell phone so you can stand it up, hang it from the rear-view mirror, or attach it to your wall charger. The flexible body is wrapped in silicone to avoid scratches, and it can also be used to hang keys, notepads, or headphones.


39. Rather Than Getting Clay Under Your Nails, Use These Silicone Brushes To Apply Your Face Mask

Silicone Face Mask Brushes, $5 (2 Pack), Amazon

"It’s a product that I didn’t know I needed until I got it," one reviewer raves about these face mask brushes. The flexible silicone head is great for applying face masks, peels, and serums in thin, even layers, and because it's not porous, it's easy to rinse clean afterwards. Best of all, you won't get clay or charcoal under your nails.


40. This Spandex Pocket That Adheres To Your Phone To Hold Your Essentials

Case Art Plus Card Sleeve, $9, Amazon

For those concerts where bags are prohibited or those jogs when you'd rather not carry one, try this Case Art Plus card sleeve. It attaches to any phone or phone case using a strong adhesive, and suddenly you have an extra stretchy spandex pocket to hold your ID, credit cards, cash, business cards, or even headphones. It's available in five different colors, and one reviewer calls it the "best simple product" they've bought for their phone: "I used to only use it on nights out when I didn't want to bring my purse but it has now become a daily necessity."


41. These Screen Protectors That Look And Feel Like Your Actual Touchscreen

TicTacTechs iPhone Screen Protector, $8 (Set of 2), Amazon

These highly-rated screen protectors are made from tempered glass that offers maximum protection from scratches, cracks, and bumps. They also feel a lot like your real screen and won't bubble up or create that rainbow effect like other brands. This pack comes with wipes, dust removal stickers, a cleaning cloth, an installation guide, and two packs compatible with a Samsung Galaxy S9.


42. These Fruity-Smelling Pads That Remove Your Nail Polish

LA Colors Nail Polish Remover Pads, $8 (32 Pads), Amazon

Free of acetone but packed with fruity scents, these LA Colors nail polish remover pads are awesome for traveling and "smell absolutely amazing," reviewers say. Each pod comes with 10 pads and fits easily in your purse or makeup bag for manicures on-the-go.


43. This Dry Brush With Wood, Natural Bristles, And A Removable Handle

Wholesome Beauty Dry Skin Body Brush, $8, Amazon

Cleanse pores, exfoliate dead skin, and improve circulation with this Wholesome Beauty dry brush. It's made from real wood with 100 percent natural bristles that reviewers call "firm without being harsh, but not too soft." The handle even detaches and the brush has a strap so you can use it two different ways.


44. This Microfiber Cloth That Removes Waterproof Makeup Without Any Cleansers

PleasingCare Makeup Remover Cloth, $7, Amazon

Just add water to this PleasingCare cloth, and you can wipe away your makeup in seconds — yes, even the waterproof stuff. The secret is the soft microfiber material that clings to residue and excess oil, leaving your skin smooth and clean without any drying cleansers. It's also washable, eco-friendly, and one of the best options for sensitive skin.


45. These Wool Dryer Balls Reduce Static, Wrinkles, And Drying Time

Handy Laundry Wool Dryer Balls, $9 (6 Pack), Amazon

Because they're way healthier than chemical-filled fabric softeners, save more energy than dryer sheets, and last longer than plastic options, these Handy Laundry dryer balls have a 4.3-star rating. They're made from real New Zealand wool, and they reduce static, wrinkles, and drying time to make your laundry day a whole lot smoother.


46. This Colander Made Specifically For Draining Anything In A Can

Prepworks Can Colander, $7, Amazon

Rather than using the lid to try and drain your tuna or beans, give this Prepworks can colander a shot. It fits most standard-sized cans, keeps your fingers clean and safe, and just needs to be pressed over the opening. The liquid drains out, the food stays in, and you're ready to continue on with your meal prep.


47. The Next Time Your Drain Is Clogged, Try These Effective And Inexpensive Snakes Before Calling A Plumber

Vastar Drain Snakes, $5 (3 Pack), Amazon

"Seriously, this was so satisfying and gross," one reviewer says about these Vastar drain snakes, and over 2,000 others agree: these things really work. The flexible barbed wand easily grabs hair, food, and garbage from all different kinds of drains, so you don't have to call a plumber.


48. This Color-Changing Jelly Lipstick With A Real Flower Inside

Pro Kailijumei Flower Jelly Lipstick, $9, Amazon

Pretty much a mood ring for your lips, this Pro Kailijumei lipstick changes colors depending on the temperature and pH. It can be anywhere from a light pink to a natural rose, and the satisfying jelly consistency is made with natural, hydrating oils and even has a real flower inside.


49. This Healing Honey And Tea Tree Mask For Oily, Acne-Prone Skin

Freeman Facial Manuka Clay Mask, $6, Amazon

With antibacterial ingredients like manuka honey and tea tree oil, this clay mask is ideal for oily, acne-prone skin. It absorbs excess sebum and impurities without over-drying, and reviewers say it can also be used as a cleanser if you're in a rush.


50. These Absorbent Blotting Tissues Made From Rice For A Fresh, Matte Complexion

Palladio Rice Paper, $6, Amazon

Because it's made from natural rice, this Palladio paper absorbs excess oil for a matte complexion whenever you need a touch-up. They're packed in a handy pocket that fits easily in your purse, desk drawer, or glove compartment, and reviewers say it "does exactly what you want it to, and doesn't leave your fingers greasy or smudge your makeup."

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