You’ll Flip Out Over These 36 Genius Things Under $10 On Amazon With Tons Of 5-Star Reviews

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Admit it: whether it's an arthouse movie or a new kind of doughnut, it's easier to take a chance on something when you know going in that it has good reviews. When you're shopping for the best things under $10 on Amazon, those five-star reviews count for a lot, too. They're basically your only resource before you buy something, since you can't demo or check out the product in-person before you do.

There's nothing wrong with relying on reviews when you're buying stuff online. The truth is, the reviews section on Amazon is a gold mine of valuable information about how to use (or not use) the things you're interested in trying out. From tips on how to utilize that rose water toner on your whole body to how to actually use a tongue cleaner, the feedback left by others in the reviews section can give you a serious advantage before you purchase.

Sometimes I even catch myself going straight to the reviews and skipping the product descriptions altogether. The reason is simple: On Amazon, each one of those reviews feels like an honest, useful breakdown of what works about something, and reading them feels like a terrific way to stay ahead of the curve.

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