35 Unique Gifts Under $10

So you've got a budget, and you're looking for something good. If you're headed to the mall, good luck finding anything other than a quippy mug and a pair of toe socks for less than $10. Amazon, on the other hand, has loads of unique gifts under $10 that make it look like you actually tried. It's a wonderful feeling, isn't it? While you know you'll still be able to afford your January phone bill, your friends/family members/coworkers/boss will think you broke the bank with a classy, personalized gift.

The secret to finding $10 products on Amazon that you'll want to buy right now? Look, look, and look some more. On any given day, Amazon has dozens of great buys on their Most Wished For, Best Sellers, and Movers and Shakers pages. Sifting through them, however, can be a pretty big commitment, and with the holidays coming up fast, you don't really need any more of those. Sitting around a table with your particularly political relatives is commitment enough.

No worries. When it comes to finding the best affordable holiday gifts, you can rest easy knowing that the heavy lifting has been done for you. Here are 35 awesome gifts to choose from, and all of them are $10 or less.

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Entertainment — 35 Unique Gifts Under $10

1. This Baby Dino Tea Infuser To Brighten Up The Morning

Baby Dino Loose Leaf Tea Infuser, $10, Amazon

As if tea isn't already great enough, this Baby Dino infuser is like a ray of sunshine poking out of your favorite blend. Your BPA-free silicone friend stands at the bottom of your cup or hangs on the side of a pitcher, and its small holes eliminate tea debris so all you get is flavor. It's even dishwasher- and microwave-safe, and has a flexible neck to securely fit any cup or mug.


2. These Fashionable Gloves With Screen-Friendly Pads For Texting

Women's Winter Texting Gloves, $10, Amazon

These fleece-lined gloves are super warm and fashionable, with a slim fit and a decorative buckle around the wrist. They've also got touchscreen technology patches on the thumbs and index fingers, so you don't have to take them off to text. They're even stretchy, so they'll fit most hands comfortably. "I love them," comments one buyer. "Thin enough to look good, thick enough to keep my hands warm, and the touch screen in my car works perfectly with them."


3. This Cooling Eye Mask To De-Puff Under Eyes

Hot/Cold Eye Mask, $8, Amazon

This plush eye mask has aqua gel in it, which can be put in the fridge to provide a cooling effect and relief against headaches, sinus pain, and de-puff tired or stressed eyes. It can also be put in the microwave for similiar relief against headaches, and it's a relaxing way to wind down.


4. This 3-In-1 Tool For Prepping Avocados Like A Champ

3 in 1 Avocado Slicer Tool, 10, Amazon

Avocados are one of the most delicious fruits, and they're also probably the most likely to get you maimed while prepping. Fair? No, but this handy tool can help. It cuts the skin, removes the pit, and slices and scoops the inside, all using a comfort-grip handle and a safe BPA-free head. Reviewers also say it's really easy to clean, and it "made [their] life so much easier."


5. These Convenient Finger Grips/Stands For Your Phone

CellStand Smartphone Finger Ring, $8 (Pack of 4), Amazon

With a 360-degree rotation and the ability to stand up on its own, this smartphone ring makes it so easy to both hold and mount your device. It has a sticky adhesive that attaches to cases and phones, and the Nano gel can be washed, removed, and adjusted without a sticky residue. This pack comes in black, silver, gold, and gold (so it's actually four gifts in one).


6. These Spherical Ice Balls That Chill Drinks Without Watering Them Down

Froz Ice Ball Maker, $7, Amazon

In addition to looking insanely cool, these Froz ice balls chill coffee, liquor, and water instantly, but melt very slowly, preventing dilution. You only need one per drink, and the tray itself is made from BPA-free flexible silicone that's easy to use and clean. It's also leak-proof, with a secure lid that won't spill or tip over in the freezer, so you don't have to worry about spills in the freezer.


7. This Quality Wallet That Has Room For Everything A Traveler Needs

Travel RFID Blocking Wallet, $10, Amazon

Even though it's got a slim minimalist design, this travel wallet has enough room for your passport, ID (and a see-through slot to make it easy to view), two credit cards, bills, and your boarding pass. It's even got a hidden pocket for valuables, and an RFID blocking layer to keep your private information safe. It comes in black and brown, and is made from a premium synthetic leather. Reviewers say it's really well-made, sturdy, and sleek.


8. This Acupressure Pillow That Gently Relieves Tension

StringyBall Stress Ball On A String, $8, Amazon

This soft-density stress ball has a string to secure it on the wrist while it relieves stress and strengthens hands and wrists that work or type all day. The flexible cord has an adjustable fastener, and it's easy to use anywhere without worrying about the ball rolling away.


9. These Quality Makeup Brushes With 7,000+ Rave Reviews

BS-MALL Premium Makeup Brushes, $10, Amazon

A set of 10 high-quality makeup brushes for just under $10? Amazon strikes again. These things are soft, silky, and shed-proof, and they come with everything your makeup routine needs: foundation, eyeshadow, lip liner, blush, and powder brushes, all with bold handles for easy use. If the 7,000 reviews aren't enough to sway you, they even come in an attractive box for gifting — and they're good with liquids, powders, and mousse products.


10. This Clip-On Smartphone Lens For The Aspiring Photographer

Luxsure 3 in 1 Phone Lens Kit, $10, Amazon

For that friend who can't eat a single bowl of spaghetti without taking artsy pictures with their phone, there's this lens kit. It attaches right on to almost any smartphone by using a damage-free padded clip, and you can switch out the fish-eye, macro, and wide lenses in seconds. It's also super lightweight and takes high-quality pictures every time, so if you don't have time to break out the professional equipment, you're still covered. It also comes with a lens clip, a cleaning cloth, and a soft bag to travel with.


11. This Luxurious Silk Mask For Day Nappers Or Light Sleepers

ALASKA BEAR Silk Sleep Mask, $9, Amazon

It's hard to believe that this ALASKA BEAR silk sleep mask is so affordable, given that it's made from 19-momme natural mulberry silk on both sides. It offers breathable, cool relaxation that blocks out light without irritating your face, and the easy-to-adjust strap won't snag or put too much pressure on your temples. Reviewers use it while traveling, day-sleeping, or even to prevent dry eyes in the winter.


12. This Essential Oil Diffuser That's Small Enough To Take Anywhere

Humidifier Essential Oil Diffuser, $9, Amazon

This silent diffuser and humidifier it's perfect for small rooms or for placing on your desk. It's powered by a USB you can plug into your computer, and the LED lights change colors at the push of a button.


13. This Lightweight Hand-Held Spiralizer That Makes Vegetables Way More Fun

Vremi Spiralizer Vegetable Slicer, $9, Amazon

It may be small, but it's tough enough to handle everything from zucchini to potatoes. This vegetable spiralizer (and its included ceramic peeler and cleaning brush) makes it easy to incorporate more vegetables into your favorite meals. Make creative salads, zoodles, curly fries, and hash browns with no trouble at all, and it's even dishwasher safe for your convenience.


14. These Himalayan Salt Candles That Purify The Air

Himalayan Salt Candle Holders, $10 (2 Pack), Amazon

Much like the trending salt lamps, these Himalayan salt candles heat up to release negative ions, purifying the air around them. They can apparently help with dust, allergies, and mildew, and they're hand-carved to create a soothing atmosphere with their calming orange glow. Just add some tea lights and let them do their work.


15. These Golden Masks Completely Hydrate Dry Lips

Gold Lip Masks, $10 (20 Pack), Amazon

After a cold, rough winter, who couldn't use these lip masks? The collagen, rose extract, and hyaluronic acid work to deeply hydrate the skin, resulting in smoother lips. They cover the whole mouth area, and are surprisingly easy to apply.


16. These Collapsible Colanders That Take Up 1/4th The Amount Of Space

TedGem Collapsible Colanders, $9 (Set of 2), Amazon

Nothing's better than a well-designed kitchen gadget that's easy to use and easy to store. These collapsible colanders are great for small apartments because they fold up to a quarter of their size. One of them is small (perfect for vegetables), and one is larger to accommodate bigger batches of pasta. They're made from nonstick food grade silicone (BPA-free), have heat-resistant handles, and you can even throw them in the dishwasher when you're done.


17. This Portable Foot Massager That People Say Provides "Instant Relief"

TheraFlow Foot Massager Roller, $8, Amazon

Few things are as magical as an anytime-you-want foot massage. The TheraFlow is a quality Theaceae wood roller with textures that are made to release tension, improve circulation, and stimulate pressure points in the feet. It also has a stable base that stays stationary as it rolls, so you can use it on any flat surface with ease.


18. This Huge, Fizzy Bath Bomb Made With Real Essential Oils

Beauty By Earth Aromatherapy Bath Bomb, $7, Amazon

Bath bombs are arguably one of the most luxurious gifts you can give, and this one from Beauty By Earth is huge, fizzy, and has some of the most quality ingredients available. Dead sea salt detoxes the body, organic shea butter moisturizes the skin, kaolin clay cleanses the pores, and premium essential oils calm the mind and soothe the senses. This one in particular is made for stress relief, but Beauty By Earth also has scents like "Muscle Relief," "Bedtime," and "Get Well Soon."


19. These Silicone Caps That Stop You From Wasting Beer

Beer Savers, $10 (6 Pack), Amazon

These reusable caps are just the thing for anyone who likes to purchase those big bottles of beers, but never finishes them. They're made of durable silicone, and they'll fit any standard bottle.


20. This Set Of Cubes That Make Packing (And Unpacking) A Breeze

Gracefair Packing Cubes, $8 (Set of 7), Amazon

For the person who absolutely loves organization or travel, there's this packing cube set. It comes with three cubes (for clothes) and three pouches (for toiletries or underwear) that save you some serious space in your suitcase, plus a bag just for shoes. They make everything square and compact so it all fits, and they ensure that you don't have to dig through piles of clothes to find that one T-shirt. It's all made from high quality materials, from the fabric to the zippers, and they come in 10 different color options.


21. A Scalp Massager That Feels Like You're At A Salon

Scalp Massager, $9, Amazon

This scalp massager thoroughly cleanses the scalp and relaxes you after a tough day. It's great to exfoliate and deep clean the scalp in conjunction with shampoo, so you can bring it in the shower with you. Use it with or without shampoo for a salon-like experience.


22. These Sleeping Kitties That'll Melt Your Heart (And Claim Your Wine)

Fred WINE LIVES Kitty Drink Markers, $10, Amazon

Even dog people can't resist these kitty drink markers that wrap around the stem of your glass. They come in a set of 6 different colors to remind everyone which glass is theirs, and they're made from durable silicone that you can wash if you need to. One reviewer sums it up best: "If you've ever heard your family members or friends say, "Now which wine glass is mine?" before, then this gift is a great way to remedy that problem!"


23. An 11-Function Survival Tool That Fits Right In Their Wallet

Stainless Steel Survival Pocket Tool, $10 (Pack of 5), Amazon

This little tool might be the size of a credit card, but it can actually perform 11 important functions that anyone could appreciate. It includes a trusty bottle opener, a knife edge, saw blade, four kinds of wrenches, a screwdriver, ruler, and even a keychain ring if they prefer to attach it to their keys.


24. These Cute Slippers That Clean Your Floor For You

TheWin Microfiber Mop Slippers, $5, Amazon

Warm, adorable, and made from safe materials, it would seem as though these slippers couldn't get any better. They can. The bottoms are coated in soft microfiber fingers that actually clean and dust your floor while you walk — and it's safe to use on vinyl, tile, and hardwood floors. They can even dry wet floors for you, they're machine-washable, and can fit any size.


25. This Sturdy Stand That Holds Even The Bulkiest Phones

Honsky Solid Device Stand, $8, Amazon

This simple modern stand is made of solid aluminum and designed to hold your smartphone while reading, watching movies, or charging. It comes in several different colors, has anti-slip washers on the bottom, and is weighted and sized to even hold phones with bulky cases. Any phone can fit on it both horizontally and vertically, and it comes in rose gold, gold, and silver.


26. This Smart Way To Keep Your Morning Coffee Warm All Day Long

Home-X Mug Warmer, $8, Amazon

Everyone knows someone who drinks coffee at a snail's pace and reheats it in the microwave 10 times before finishing it. The Home-X mug warmer plugs into a USB by your desk (or a power adapter) and keeps your coffee or tea warm for hours. It's got a convenient on/off switch, and can be used as a candle or wax warmer, too. It can also be used to heat gravy or other smaller food items if you're having a dinner party.


27. This Brilliant Reusable Lint Roller That Rolls Up Like A Tube Of Lipstick

Flint Reusable Lint Roller, $6, Amazon

My favorite pair of yoga pants are like a magnet for hair and fuzz, so I use my Flint constantly. It's a reusable lint roller that twists upwards out of its protected tube, so it stays sticky no matter where you store it — and it's easy to take with you everywhere. It's filled with multi-use adhesive sheets, and the high-quality Japanese paper refills are 100-percent recycled for an environmentally friendly solution. It comes in 18 eye-catching colors and designs, and it's small enough to fit in your pocket.


28. The Cutest Mount For Their Phone Or Tablet

Dinosaur Phone & Tablet Mount, $9, Amazon

This adorable little dinosaur is actually a sturdy mount designed to hold any phone or tablet. It makes watching videos so much easier, and it comes in pretty much every color you could imagine.


29. This Impact- And Water-Proof Notebook That You Can Leave Out In The Rain

Rite in the Rain All-Weather Top-Spiral Notebook, $6, Amazon

For the avid camper, travel journalist, or forgetful student, you've got the Rite in the Rain notebook. It's made from an all-weather paper that's resistant to rain, sweat, dirt, water, and grease, so if it's left outside or put through the laundry, your notes will stay intact. You can also write in it if it's pouring out. It's made from tough impact-resistant binding that won't lose its shape in pockets, suitcases, or backpacks — and it's completely recyclable.


30. This Facial Spray For A Dewy Pick-Me-Up During The Day

Mario Badescu Rosewater Facial Spray, $7, Amazon

Made with real aloe, thyme, gardenia, and rosewater, this Mario Badescu facial spray helps to hydrate and clarify throughout the day. It's safe for sensitive skin with its non-irritating formula, and reviewers say it leaves them with "a dewy, fresh look." It won't mess with makeup, and it's especially great for dry or irritated skin.


31. This Quality Cube For The Person Who Loves To Fidget

Fidget Cube, $9, Amazon

With eight different sides contained in one and a variety of textures, activities, and resistance levels, this fidget cube helps to relieve stress, angst, and restlessness. It's got buttons, balls, toggles, and spinners that help relax your nerves and focus your mind, so fidgeters are a little more comfortable during work, school, or anywhere else.


32. This Egg-Shaped Night Light That's Just A Good Thing To Have

VINABTY Mini LED Flashlight Tumbler, $6, Amazon

These VINABTY LED tumblers make for an awesome stocking stuffer. Tap the bottom to turn the light on, and again to turn it off. The LEDs create a warm, soft glow that's great for walking to the bathroom at night, finding something in your purse, car emergencies, or power outages. It won't tip over, and it gives off a warm light that's also great for an impromptu night light.


33. This Cute Headband That's Reliable & Adorable

ETUDE HOUSE My Beauty Tool Headband, $6, Amazon

This cute headband comes with super-cute cat ears and is great for keeping baby hair and bangs out of the way while applying face masks or washing makeup off. Plus, the wearer looks adorable in the meantime. It's made from a soft and stretchy material that really holds hair back without tugging.


34. A Tool That Can Open Literally Any Kind Of Bottle Or Jar

Jar/Bottle/Can Opener, $8, Amazon

Whoever came up with this tool is a genius. It includes a beer top opener, jar opener, jar seal-breaker, bottle cap grip, and even a little hook for pulling up those tricky tabs on the top of some cans.


35. The Perfect Little Massager For Tired Fingers & Hands

Dual Finger & Hand Massager, $7 (2 Pack), Amazon

This two-sided massager has one side designed to roll back and forth across your palm and another that surrounds each finger, targeting tired muscles and stiffness. Aside from relieving tension, it's also incredibly relaxing to use.

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