35 Unique Gifts Under $10

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So you've got a budget, and you're looking for something good. If you're headed to the mall, good luck finding anything other than a quippy mug and a pair of toe socks for less than $10. Amazon, on the other hand, has loads of unique gifts under $10 that make it look like you actually tried. It's a wonderful feeling, isn't it? While you know you'll still be able to afford your January phone bill, your friends/family members/coworkers/boss will think you broke the bank with a classy, personalized gift.

The secret to finding $10 products on Amazon that you'll want to buy right now? Look, look, and look some more. On any given day, Amazon has dozens of great buys on their Most Wished For, Best Sellers, and Movers and Shakers pages. Sifting through them, however, can be a pretty big commitment, and with the holidays coming up fast, you don't really need any more of those. Sitting around a table with your particularly political relatives is commitment enough.

No worries. When it comes to finding the best affordable holiday gifts, you can rest easy knowing that the heavy lifting has been done for you. Here are 35 awesome gifts to choose from, and all of them are $10 or less.

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