Good Luck Getting 1 Of These 4 Zodiac Signs To Apologize

You can't go through life without getting mixed up in a little conflict every now and then. While it definitely sucks to be the bad guy in the situation, it's worse when you know damn well you did nothing wrong and yet, the person who's at fault simply refuses to say they're sorry. I mean, if they would just own up to whatever they did wrong and offer a sincere apology, the problem would cease to exist. You'd be able to hug, kiss, make up, and move on with your lives. Why are some people just completely incapable of acknowledging their screw-ups and making amends? We'll never know. Believe it or not, there are even certain zodiac signs who never apologize for what they did wrong.

While your zodiac sign is never an excuse for sh*tty behavior, it certainly does help explain a few things. Like, how if you're a Taurus, Scorpio, Leo, or Aquarius, you do have a tendency to be too prideful to admit you were at fault. And hey, I know I shouldn't judge. I get that apologizing for every little mistake you make is ridiculous and that standing your ground is a sign of self-respect. However, a complete lack of humility is also a weakness that needs to be worked on. It's always the most well-rounded folks who take responsibility for their own actions. If you happen to be one of these signs, you need to find the right balance.

Taurus: They’ll Be Damned Before They Ever Admit They Were Wrong

This earth sign is arguably the most stubborn sign in all the zodiac. If you happen to be on the other side of an argument with a Taurus, beware. Proving your point will be an exhausting feat.

The problem here is that they're so fixed on their point of view that it's hard for them to see the other side. Even if you're making complete sense when you explain to them why they're at fault, a Taurus has preconceived notions about the situation that harden their perspective to the point of complete inflexibility. In their world, it's their way or the highway.

Leo: In Their Version Of The Story, They’re Always The Good Guy

A Leo thinks of themselves as the protagonist, the hero, the star, the one who saves the day. Never in their wildest dreams have they ever entertained the thought that they might actually be the bad guy. Plot twist!

They tend to believe that the reason behind their negative behavior justifies it. If they ever do apologize, it might go something like, "I'm sorry you feel that way, but—"

A Leo has trouble understanding that just because they understand why they did what they did doesn't make it OK. They forget that there are other characters in their story trying to get through their day, too.

Scorpio: An Apology? From A Scorpio? You Must Be Dreaming

Why were you stupid enough to get involved in an argument with a Scorpio in the first place? You brave, foolish soul.

A Scorpio would rather do literally anything besides admit that their behavior was problematic. They're so cunning and strategic that they're used to being able to wriggle their way out of ever taking the blame. Even if the situation was 100 percent their fault, they're capable of manipulating the situation until you're the one apologizing. They'll stand by their belief in their innocence until they become innocent.

Aquarius: Good Luck Getting Them To Make The First Move

If an Aquarius ever did something wrong to you, have fun trying to track them down for a confrontation. They've likely packed their bags and left town. Facing their mistakes is literally their worst fear and they're simply hoping that if enough time goes by, you'll forget all about it.

You see, an Aquarius has such a profound vision of themselves that admitting they're not perfect taints their image of themselves. Even if deep down inside they know they owe you an apology, the act of actually giving it just feels gross to an Aquarius. They can't go around believing they're superior if they admit that they're also not perfect.