If You're One Of These Zodiac Signs, You Need A Trip Into Nature ASAP

I'm a city girl at heart. I grew up in Los Angeles, which means I'm accustomed to never-ending traffic, a taco spot situated on every street corner, and tightly packed crowds brimming with an amalgam of colorful characters. While some find this city overwhelming, I find it invigorating, but even I need a break every now and then. Truth is, city-dwellers are often living by an unnatural rhythm. It's important to remember that we're meant abide by our natural instincts. Which reminds me — these zodiac signs love being in nature the most: Taurus, Libra, Sagittarius, and Pisces. If you've got placements in these zodiac signs, you need a trip to the wild way more often than you might think.

Between constantly relying on technology, inhaling pollutants in the air, and spending way too much time indoors, it's easy to forget just how important it is to spend time in nature. When was the last time you walked barefoot along the grass? Listened to the sounds of waves crashing along the shore? Lovingly sat beneath a tree? If you're one of the below zodiac signs, your wellbeing requires a strong connection with Mother Earth. You might love the feeling of leaving behind civilization and becoming one with the wild. You might just need to be surrounded by plants and herbs so you can absorb some positive energy. Whatever the reason, nature is calling your name.

Taurus: They Need To Feel The Earth Beneath Their Feet

Is it no wonder that Taurus needs nature like the rest of us need air? Taurus is a fixed earth sign, known for being grounded, stable, and resolved. What's more grounding than setting foot into the natural world? A Taurus often has an inherent connection to nature's spirit, whether they realize it or not. They're empathetic towards animals, planet earth, and all living things. If you've got placements in Taurus, there's a strong chance you feel more at home surrounded by green than skyscrapers.

Libra: They Require Natural Beauty In Order To Feel Alive

Libras are the human embodiment of beauty. After all, Libra is ruled by Venus, planet of love and all things gorgeous, so naturally, a Libra is tuned in to nature. The most pure and unadulterated form of beauty is found in nature. It's where wildflowers, butterflies, rivers, and trees live, and a Libra finds inspiration in it all. Being surrounded by the pristine and raw spirituality of nature gives a Libra a sense of purpose in this harsh world.

Sagittarius: They Love To Venture Into The Wild Unknown

No zodiac sign is as much of an adventurer as Sagittarius. While a Sagittarius can find a sense of adventure in the city, they're more likely to find it where civilization ends. I bet many Sagittarians have fantasized about dropping everything in their lives, packing a backpack, and heading off for the Pacific Crest Trail. They want to heal their spirit, discover new things, and witness the power of the wild in real life. A Sagittarius needs to know how unfathomably big the world truly is.

Pisces: They Need Nature In Order To Rejuvenate Their Spirit

Honestly, don't most people with Pisces placements feel suffocated if they can't get enough nature in their lives? This is one of the most spiritual signs in the entire zodiac wheel, and there's no place to find spirituality better than the natural world. The fact that Pisces is also a mutable sign just emphasizes their need for a change of scenery in order to rejuvenate their sense of self. In nature, a Pisces can meditate, breathe, and absorb all the magical vibes that Mother Earth has to offer.