Your Favorite Thing About Spring Break, According To Your Zodiac Sign

What happens during spring break, stays in spring break. You've finally wrapped up your final exams and now, you're ready to party. Spring break is essentially a teaser for summer. The weather's warming up, the sun is out, and everyone's dying to have an excuse to wear a bikini and jump in the pool. Even if you're no longer in college anymore, I bet you still find a way to celebrate spring break. Why wouldn't you? Your favorite thing about spring break, according to your zodiac sign, will get you in seasonal spirit.

Doesn't it make so much sense that spring break happens when the sun is in Aries? This cardinal fire sign is ruthless, energized, and ready for anything. Spring break lasts only a week, but that week is jam-packed with activities. Only when the sun is in Aries would everyone have the motivation to go as hard as possible in just seven days. Between pool parties, beach outings, music festivals, and vacations to Mexico, who would have thought a week would be enough time for it all? Regardless of how you choose to honor this all-American holiday, I bet there's not one person who doesn't love it. Whether you spend the week resting up or partying hard, spring break belongs to you.

Aries: Getting To Do Whatever The Heck You Want

Not only does spring break happen around your birthday, it reflects everything about your wild and untamed personality. You're doing exactly what you want during spring break, and no one can tell you otherwise.

Taurus: Lounging By The Pool With A Beverage

You're in the mood to soak up the sun and relax in style. All you want to do is head to the pool with your favorite sunglasses on and a cold beverage in hand. Who said you couldn't spend spring break lying down?

Gemini: All The Social Activities You've Got Planned

You're ready to leave studying behind and just revel in the excitement of being around other people and having a good time. You live for spring break and how it's basically a week-long social activity.

Cancer: Going Home And Seeing Your Family And Friends

Yes, you're totally stoked to party it up, but not before you make a trip back home so that you can reconnect with your family and friends first. You can't wait to sleep in your own bed and pet your dog.

Leo: Going To Festivals And Events Looking Fabulous

You've got some exciting events coming up during spring break. You've been daydreaming of wearing your flashiest outfit and hopping on the dance floor. You can't wait to see how your Instagram looks by the time it's over.

Virgo: Having Time To Reorganize, Rest, And Plan For A Party

You love that spring break is an opportunity to finally start re-organizing your life after a long series of final exams. However, that doesn't mean you don't use your organizational skills to make damn sure you're partying well.

Libra: Getting To Wear All Your Pretty Spring Clothes

You've probably got a whole closet full of spring attire that you've been waiting all winter-long to finally wear. You're breaking out your favorite bikinis, sundresses, and wedges and lavishing in how great it is to have your taste.

Scorpio: Getting To Spend Time With Your Faves

You've got a few people on your mind when it comes to spring break and all you want to do is spend time with your faves. You're stoked to meet up with your best friends and have some quality time with the people who matter.

Sagittarius: Going On Vacation And Getting Out Of Town

If anyone's getting out of town during spring break, it's you. You think of spring break as a time when legends are made, so you're definitely not missing out on all the spring break vacations or else you'll get major FOMO.

Capricorn: Getting A Leg Up On Your Projects (Or Parties)

There are two types of Capricorns: The ones who focus on getting ahead in their career during spring break and the ones who focus on getting ahead of the partying. Are you getting the party started at noon?

Aquarius: All The New People You're Gonna Meet

You're definitely excited to reconnect with all your friends during spring break but you're in love with the fact that you're definitely going to make some new friends too. With all the events and parties, why wouldn't you?

Pisces: Being Able To Go With The Flow For A Week

You're just here for the ride, Pisces, and you're down for whatever during spring break. Whether you're simply lying down and staring at the blue sky or bopping your head to a DJ set, you're enjoying yourself.