These 4 Zodiac Signs Are The Most Secretive & You May Never Know Them Completely

Have you ever met someone who immediately started telling you all about their personal life? I mean, you just shook hands one second ago, and suddenly, you know all about their crush on a co-worker and that one time they embarrassed themselves in the ninth grade. On the other end of the spectrum are those who never say a word about themselves. They exude mystery, choose their words carefully, and you wonder if you'll ever be able to crack them. Chances are, they're one of the four most secretive zodiac signs, and there's a whole side to them that you may never know about.

Look, everybody has secrets. Even if you're relatively open about how you're feeling, some information is just too sensitive to share. But some take their secrets very seriously, and if you've got placements in Scorpio, Capricorn, Aquarius, or Pisces, you just might be one of them. These secret-keepers rarely ever put themselves in a position of vulnerability and good luck finding their diary. If you whisper something in their ear, they'll never tell a soul. Getting them to be honest about how they're feeling is no easy feat. So if you're lucky enough to be someone any of these zodiac signs confides in, consider yourself worthy of their trust.

Read on to find out why they're so protective over the truth:

Scorpio: They're Very Careful About Who They Let In


Is it any wonder Scorpio is ruled by Pluto, planet of all things hidden? They've always got a card up their sleeve and there is never a moment where a Scorpio isn't carefully considering what to share and what to keep to themselves. At their core, a Scorpio is an investigator and they love staying one step ahead at all times. But deep down, a Scorpio is afraid of being powerless, and if they trusted just anyone with their secrets, they'd feel naked.

Capricorn: They Prefer To Keep Things Close To The Chest


If you know a Capricorn, you know how stoic and unreadable they can be. It's as if their façade is made of stone and you have to chip away at it over time before you gain their trust. After all, this zodiac sign is ruled by Saturn, planet of limitations, and they're famous for keeping their walls up. At the end of the day, a Capricorn just wants to appear like they're capable and have their priorities straight. Being vulnerable about their feelings may feel like weakness to them.

Aquarius: They're Known For Withdrawing From The World


An Aquarius is a tough nut to crack because they don't even seem all that secretive. They're social, charming, and they know how to work a crowd. But have you noticed how often they disappear? They'll be coming around all the time and then suddenly, they've gone M.I.A. and you'll have no clue what they're up to. That's because an Aquarius is deeply independent and individualistic, which makes them all the more secretive about their feelings. They'd rather have fewer attachments than necessary.

Pisces: They've Got More Secrets Than They May Realize


A Pisces' personality is inherently a secret. They've got a dreamworld they disappear to and literally no one else in the world knows about it. You can try pinning them down and getting them to open up about their escapist tendencies, but it's nearly impossible. Have you ever noticed how you'll be talking to a Pisces and then their eyes will go blank and you'll realize they've been totally spacing out? They're definitely thinking about a secret of theirs but chances are, they'll pretend they were listening the whole time.