These 39 Products On Amazon Are The Coolest Things You'll See All Day

Life is full of boring purchases. From paying off your water bill to buying laundry detergent, there are lots of things that don't feel great to use your hard-earned paycheck for. But I have a secret on how you can throw money around for fun and not regret it come morning — just check out some really cool Amazon products, of course. That way, when you come home two days later and find a stainless steel strawberry huller waiting for you on your doorstep, your immediate reaction is "Yes! A fun purchase!" instead of "Do I really, really need to spend 15 bucks on detergent?"

Of course, it can be difficult to find cool products that are actually worth the money, which is why we've rounded up some of the coolest products on Amazon that you never knew existed for you. Besides — who's got the time to peruse the Internet for hours on end, searching for great deals?

Answer: I do. But not you, because you're busy trying to remember your login information so you can pay said water bill. So kick back, start scrolling, and maybe even scoop up an electric pot stirrer while you're at it. You won't regret it.

The Iced Coffee Maker That Can Also Brew Tea

The Mr. Coffee iced coffee maker makes a delicious pot of iced coffee — but it can also be used to brew tea bags, or even loose leaf tea. The brew basket is removable so it's easy to clean once your beverage has finished steeping, and it's large enough that you can make double or single servings. There's an automatic shut-off feature that prevents this coffee maker from running after your drink has been brewed, plus it's compact enough for small kitchens and offices.

A Toothbrush Holder That Kills Potentially Harmful Bacteria

The idea of sticking a grimy, dirty toothbrush in your mouth is a little gross — so keep your brushes clean using this innovative and stylish toothbrush holder. Unlike other organizers, this one has a built-in UV light that kills harmful germs and bacteria: plus, there's also a fan that circulates air so your brushes dry quickly. No tools are necessary to install this holder in your bathroom, and each order comes with double-sided tape so that you can attach it to practically any flat surface with ease.

The Hair Towel Made From Plush Microfiber

Traditional bath towels can cause your hair to break, frizz, or weaken, because they create friction when you rub them all over your head. Fortunately, the Evolatree hair towel wrap is made with plush, absorbent microfiber that helps prevent split ends and frizz — and even helps curls retain their shape when you air dry them. There's a loop on the back of this towel that allows you to tie it back so that you can easily watch television, work from home, or do daily chores while your hair dries, and one size is designed to fit all lengths of hair.

A Tool That Makes It Easy To Slice Up Fries

With the Abtong crinkle cutter slicer, you can easily make fun carrot slices, cucumber or zucchini chips, or even crinkle-cut French fries — and the blade is made from sharp stainless steel that won't dull over time. The loop at the base of the handle allows you to hang this slicer when it's not being used, and the compact size takes up hardly any space if you decide to store it in a drawer. It's a fun, easy gadget that upgrades and streamlines your salad prep.

The Kit That Has Everything You Need To Start Grilling

Whenever summer starts approaching, the Wealers camp kitchen utensil organizer is a necessity — so you're ready to grill at a moment's notice. Each kit comes with scissors, a ladle, spatula, knife, tongs, rice paddle, cutting board, bottle opener: and the carrying case is made from thick woven cotton that prevents them from getting scratched. There are multiple pockets on the inside where you can organize any extra utensils, and as an added bonus, the case itself has a multi-colored woven pattern that's chic and classy.

A Computer Mouse That Lets Your Hand Rest Naturally

Unlike traditional computer mice that require you to rotate your wrist so that it's flat, the J-Tech Digital vertical mouse stands upright so that your hand fits on top of it naturally without any twisting required. The ergonomic design ensures that it fits comfortably in your hand, and you can even adjust the sensitivity depending on your preferences. Compatible with all Windows computers, you can also remove the palm rest for added comfort.

The Device That Takes The Work Out Of Opening Beer Bottles

It's not always easy to open a bottle of beer — unless you have an automatic beer bottle opener. This handy device is made from durable stainless steel that's resistant to rust, and it's great for bottle cap collectors because it doesn't warp or dent the caps as it pulls them off. It's great for anybody who has arthritis or limited flexibility in their hands: Just push it down in order to pop any cap off.

A Pair Of Briefs With A Built-In Compartment To Hide Your Valuables

Whether you're traveling and want to avoid being robbed, or simply want an extra-secure place to hide your valuables at a music festival, the Speakeasy Briefs stash underwear is the best (and yes, oddest) choice. The convenient pocket that's built into these briefs is large enough that it can easily fit a flask, passport, cell phone, and more — plus, the blend of modal, cotton, and spandex make these underwear exceptionally comfortable.

The Attachment That Turns Your Toilet Into A Bidet

Installing a bidet is luxurious AF, but probably not the easiest thing to do — luckily, the this option is cost-effective and simple. The chrome-plated knobs on this bidet attachment give it an expensive look even though the price is more than reasonable, and the high-pressure faucet ensures that the water pressure isn't weak. Installation only takes a few minutes, and it's designed to easily attach to any standard two-piece toilet.

A Gel That Gets Rid Of Stubborn Calluses

You could pay to get your calluses professionally buffed, or you could save yourself some time and money by using the Lee Beauty Professional callus remover. It only takes 10 minutes for this gel to penetrate deep into your calluses so they melt away without any scrubbing necessary. If your calluses are super-intense, then a gentle scrub with a pumice stone combined with this gel will do the trick, and one Amazon reviewer even raved that after three minutes her calluses "were literally melting off!"

The Headphones That Don't Tie You Down With Messy Wires

I can't tell you how many times I've yanked my headphones off my head because I accidentally pulled on the cable, whereas the Mpow Bluetooth headphones have no cables to worry about. These headphones fit over your ears to help block outside sound from interrupting your music — and ear cushions are designed to rest gently over your ears so that they don't grow sore as you wear them. The battery will last for up to 20 hours of playtime when it's completely charged, and if you're in a rush, a quick 10-minute charge will provide you with up to two hours of music.

A Balm That Alleviates Irritation From Bug Bites And More

Itchy bug bites can quickly drive you up the wall, whereas the Emu Joy bug bite stick stops the itching — so you're not left constantly scratching yourself. Great for people of all ages, this balm does not sting once you've applied it, and there's no odors, so you don't end up smelling like bug spray all day. The emu oil in the formula helps it absorb quickly into your skin without leaving any greasy residues, and you can also use it for small cuts, bee stings, and more.

The Razor That Contours To The Shape Of Your Body

It can be difficult to get a close and accurate shave around your bikini area, which is why the Schick hydro silk razor is designed with five curve-sensing blades that contour to the shape of your body as you shave. Unlike other razors, this one has a built-in waterproof trimmer that you can use both in and outside of the shower, and the included moisturizing serum is hypoallergenic so that people of all skin types can use it.

A Brush That Help Prevent Ingrown Hairs And Razor Bumps

It can be difficult to get rid of razor bumps once they've already appeared, so why not prevent them from appearing in the first place by using the Dylonic exfoliating brush? Not only is it a chemical-free way to prevent irritated post-shave skin, but you can also use it as an exfoliator to get rid of unwanted flakes. This brush is ergonomically-designed to fit comfortably in your hand, and it disassembles easily so that cleaning is a breeze.

The Thermos That Keeps Your Canned Beverages Cold

No one enjoys having their cold soda or beer get warm after a few minutes, so keep your beverages appropriately chilled by using the Thermos can insulator. Designed to fit any 12-ounce can, this thermos is vacuum-insulated so that heat from the outside and your hands doesn't transfer to the can inside. One Amazon reviewer even raved that it "fits fine in my car drink holders, and [there's] no screw-top to mess with!"

A Brush That Attaches To Your Drill For Added Cleaning Power

Instead of wasting time scrubbing away at stubborn dirt and grime, use the Hiware drill brush attachment set and save yourself some stress. This set of attachments are designed to fit into almost any cordless drill, so you can easily power through dirt in your grout, tile, bathtub, carpet, and more. Plus, the nylon bristles are durable and won't scratch surfaces.

The Humidifier That Runs At Whisper-Level Volume

Not only does it operate at whisper-level volume — so you can let it run while you sleep — but the LEVOIT cool mist humidifier also lets you adjust how much mist gets released into the air so that your room doesn't become too humid or too dry. There's also a pre-programmed automatic mode that adjusts the output depending on how humid the room already is, and the water tank is large enough that it can provide up to 36 hours of continuous mist.

A Device That Stretches Your Hats So They're More Comfortable

If you've ever bought a hat that wound up being too tight on your head, then the FirstChoice hat stretcher is the tool you've been waiting for. Made from solid wood that won't warp under pressure or over time, this handy tool lets you stretch any tight hats so that they fit on your head — and the heavy duty turnbuckle makes it easy to slowly adjust the size without going too far.

The Water Filter That's Perfect For Hiking, Camping, And More

Perfect for hiking, camping, traveling, or even an emergency kit, the Sawyer Products mini water filtration system attaches to any standard disposable water bottle and removes 99.9 percent of all bacteria, including salmonella, cholera, and E. coli. Designed to last for up to 100,000 gallons, this filter also removes 100 percent of micro-plastics from your water, and each order comes with a reusable squeeze pouch and a cleaning plunger.

A Handy Lounger That You Wave Through The Air To Inflate

Just wave it through the air — and the WEAKPO inflatable lounger will catch the wind and fill itself up so that you have a comfortable place to rest at the beach, while you're camping, or even at any outdoor sporting event. Unlike other inflatable loungers, this one is designed to keep your upper back and neck supported, and the built-in anti-deflation technology ensures that it stays inflated for at least six hours.

The Airtight Food Bags Made With Durable Silicone

Unlike traditional food baggies that ultimately wind up as garbage in a landfill, the Conscious Kitchenware food bags are made from durable silicone that provide an airtight and leak-proof seal. Silicone is also naturally antibacterial so you won't have to worry about germs and bacteria growing in these bags, plus they're reusable. Each order comes with four bags: three small, and one large.

The Device That Stirs Your Pot For You

Walking away from the stove while you're cooking is a surefire way to burn your meal — unless you use the StirMATE smart pot stirrer. This handy device will automatically stir your soups, stews, chili, risotto, and more — so that you don't have to stand over it the entire time. Designed to fit pots of all shapes and sizes, the battery lasts for up to 13 hours when charged fully, and the construction is completely BPA-free.

A Cross-Body Bag That Keeps Your Information Safe From Electronic Pickpockets

Not only does it have built-in RFID blocking technology so that your credit card information is safe from electronic pickpockets, but the Travelon cross-body bucket bag also has a slash-resistant body and shoulder strap so that thieves won't be able to cut the bottom and steal your belongings. The straps also allow you to lock your bag to stationary objects like chairs and poles so that it's difficult for grab-and-go thieves to scoop your bag. Plus, many Amazon reviewers commented on how it's very "well-made."

The Thermometer That Takes A Reading From A Safe Distance

Able to read temperatures all the way up to 716 degrees Fahrenheit, the Etekcity digital laser thermometer is an easy way to measure the temperature of hot items while maintaining a safe distance. This thermometer allows you to easily take the temperature of items up to 14 inches away, plus the LCD screen has a backlight so that it's easy to use in the dark. And as an added bonus, there's also an automatic shut-off feature that helps preserve the battery.

A Tool That Removes The Stems From Your Strawberries

Not only can you use it on any type of soft fruit with a stem, but the Chef'n strawberry huller also makes it easy to prepare delicious fruit to use in pies — or even just as decoration at a dinner party. The claw in this huller is made from durable stainless steel that won't rust over time, and because there are no sharp edges to cut yourself on, it's also great for people of all ages.

The Tool That Makes It Easy To Serve Delicious Watermelon

Just push down the blade into your watermelon and the YUESHICO watermelon slicer will slice up delicious cubes of melon that you can use in recipes, drinks, or even as garnish. The cubes are evenly sized no matter how big or small the watermelon is, and the blade is made from stainless steel so you won't have to worry about it becoming rusty over time. Each order also comes with a melon baller scoop, too.

An Infinity Pillow Made From Bamboo And Microfiber

Made from a combination of high-quality bamboo fabric and plush microfiber, the Huzi infinity pillow is extremely breathable, so you'll never become hot when you're sleeping on a plane, train, or couch. The bamboo fibers are also naturally antibacterial so the risk of mold and bacteria growing on it are slim, and you can also use it as an eye mask while traveling. One reviewer writes: "Cool but yet warm, snuggly, adaptable in so many ways and positions! Oh, how I love this Infinity Pillow! I used it for 2 five and a half hour flights, just got home and don’t want to even try to sleep without it. It’s the first truly multi-purpose travel pillow I’ve purchased!"

The Device That Takes The Work Out Of Making Omelets

Professional chefs and home cooks alike struggle when it comes to flipping an omelet — unless they're using the Holstein Housewares omelet maker, of course. This handy device cooks your omelette evenly on both sides so that there's no flipping required, and the cooking surfaces have a non-stick coating. The two-slot design allows you to cook multiple omelettes at once, and the non-slip base ensures that it stays firmly planted on your countertop.

A Device That Takes The Work Out Of Chopping Up Herbs

Mincing up herbs like garlic, parsley, and basil can take a lot of time, whereas using the Kuhn Rikon Swiss chop chop is as easy as pulling the rip cord. The exterior of this chopper is made from hearty plastic that won't crack easily, and the blades are both made from stainless steel so you won't have to worry about them growing dull over time. You can chop your ingredients to coarse, medium, and fine levels — plus, the non-slip base prevents it from moving while you pull the cord.

A Convenient Shelf That Attaches To The Side Of Your Bed

Perfect for bunk beds and cramped bedrooms, the BedShelfie original bedside shelf is an easy way to add storage space in your bedroom without taking up much square footage. There's practically zero installation required — all you need to do is attach the built-in clamp to the side of your bed, and the shelf itself is made from eco-friendly bamboo that looks great with any decor that's already in your room.

The Shaker That Lets You Create Your Own Salad Dressings

Perfect for vinaigrettes, marinades, and of course, salad dressings, the Whiskware salad dressing shaker has a blender ball on the inside that prevents your ingredients from clumping so that you're not left scraping away at the bottom to get everything to mix evenly. The spout only opens when you press the lever — which helps prevent any accidental spills — and there are even measurement markings on the side so that it's easy to keep track of your ingredients.

A Glue That You Can Mold To Fit Almost Anything

If you've been searching for a glue that's waterproof, heat- and cold-resistant, durable, and flexible, then look no further than the Sugru moldable glue. This glue turns into a silicone rubber once it dries, and it can bond to practically anything — glass, ceramic, wood, metal, plastic — you name it, and this glue can tackle it. You can use it indoors and outdoors, plus it'll even insulate electrical wires up to 24 volts.

The Patches That Help Heal Away Any Unwanted Blemishes

Just place one of the Rael acne healing patches over any unwanted blemishes, and the serum inside will extract any impurities without you needed to pop anything. Each patch is transparent so that you can easily wear them in public without anyone noticing, and the strong adhesive prevents them from falling off as you go about your day. Each pack contains 24 patches in two sizes: small and large.

A Pack Of Tape That Prevent Wardrobe Malfunctions Before They Happen

Try using these Scotch wardrobe tape strips for lots of wardrobe malfunctions: the space between buttons that don't stay flat, low-cut tops, and more. These strips are great for securing plunging necklines so that no fashion faux pas happen, and they're gentle on both your clothes and your skin so that you won't have to worry about any irritation. Each order comes with 36 strips, and one Amazon reviewer even raved that the tape stayed on even as she "danced and sweat in the club from 11 p.m. until 4 a.m.!"

The Lint Remover That Saves You Money On Batteries

Unlike other fabric shavers, this electric lint remover will only operate when the safety cover is attached so that there's no chance of you accidentally cutting your fingers while you get rid of annoying fluff, lint, pills, bobbles, and more. The battery is rechargeable, and it'll even run for up to 45 minutes of continuous use when fully charged.

A Utensil That Lets You Chop Ingredients Directly In The Pan

Alright, so you may not be able to cut ingredients like you would with a knife, but the pinwheel blades in the Pampered Chef mix n chop are great for getting rid of chunks in your meat and vegetables as you stir the pan around (great for meat sauce, tacos, soups, and more). The soft handle grip has thumb rests built into it so that your hand feels comfortable whenever you're using it — plus, it's also heat-resistant up to 428 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Handy Sharpener That Fits Right On Your Lanyard

Not only does it have a convenient hanging hole so that you can keep it on a lanyard, but the Smith's pocket pal sharpener also features two sharpening slots: a coarse carbide slot for a quick edge, and another slot with ceramic stones that finely hone your blade. The sharpening angles are pre-set so that you won't have to worry about making any adjustments, and the compact size is great for any situation.

A Liquid Bandage That's Completely Waterproof

No one enjoys seeing their bandages fall off in the pool or shower, so why not try using the NEW-SKIN liquid bandage instead? This serum quickly seals and dries overtop cuts, scraps, wounds, and cracked skin — plus, it's also completely waterproof and antiseptic. You can move in any direction with this bandage since it dries flexible, and you can even use it to prevent hard calluses from forming on your skin.

The Water Bottle That Motivates You To Stay Hydrated

Drinking water is important, but remembering to do it can easily slip your mind — which is why the BuildLife motivational water bottle has messages and time stamps on the side that encourage you to stay hydrated. This water bottle can hold a full gallon of water, and the lid is leak-proof to help prevent any accidental spills. The entire construction is completely BPA-free, plus there are no funky chemical tastes or odors when you open the package.

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