These 37 Weird Things For Your House Are Great & Have Thousands Of Amazon Reviews To Prove It

Looking to do a little retail therapy? If you're not quite sure what you want to buy but are most definitely looking to make a purchase, Amazon is a great place to start. Not only can you scan the virtual shelves from the comfort of your own home, but you can also improve the way your home looks and feels — starting with these home products on Amazon with thousands of reviews.

Best of all, some of this stuff is pretty weird — and when it comes to weird, the huge online retailer is home to some pretty great finds. Whether you're hoping to discover products you never knew existed or items that have earned hundreds of five-star ratings, Amazon has more than a few options that are sure to catch your eye and earn that 'click to buy' button press.

Since actually scoping out the best products on Amazon can sometimes be trickier than you might assume, I took it upon myself to hop in the trenches and save you from having to do the same. That said, ahead you'll find some of the quirkiest gizmos and gadgets the site has to offer. Spoiler: You might want to buy them all.

Lifestyle — These 37 Weird Things For Your House Are Great & Have Thousands Of Amazon Reviews To Prove It

1. This Ultra-Thin, Super-Bright Light That Fits In Small Spaces

Looking to add a little light to your space? This slim LED light fits in the teeniest corners to illuminate whatever it is you're working on. The lamp features five different color modes, all of which have seven levels of brightness. And since it's fully rotational, you can use it from any angle.

2. An Innovative Bathroom Device That Will Save Your Tub From Clogging Up

Tired of standing in a few inches of water every time you take a shower? The trick to draining your tub is to outfit it with one of these innovative hair catcher tub drains. Unlike most drain covers, this gadget fits within your drain to collect stray hairs without impeding water flow. Once you notice draining starts to slow, simply pop it out, remove the hair, and put it back into place.

3. This Handy Cleansing Brush That Holds The Soap For You

Streamline your dishwashing routine with one of these handy palm brushes. The hollow design is made to store soap so that you can easily press a few drops out whenever it's time to wash. Not only will it speed up your overall washing process, but because it keeps the soap with the brush, it will help clear off some of the counter space surrounding your sink, as well.

4. This Interchangeable Scrubber That Makes Cleaning Every Inch Of Your House Easier Than Ever

If you're in the mood to deep clean your floors, ceilings, and everything in between, save yourself from getting down on your hands and knees or up on a ladder by adding one of these extendable spin brushes to your collection of cleaning tools. The tool comes with four replaceable brush heads and has a battery that lasts up to 1.5 hours, so you don't have to worry about constantly switching products or having downtime as they charge.

5. This Clear-Pocketed Shower Curtain That Stores All Your Favorite Bath Products In Plain Sight

If you're like me, you constantly hop into the shower and turn the water on, only to notice you're missing one of your must-have products. To keep yourself from dripping all over the house as you run to find your products, try storing all your shower necessities in this convenient clear pocketed shower curtain. That way, anything you possibly need will be just a short reach away.

6. A Minimalist Bedside Shelf That Hooks Right Onto Your Bed Frame

No room for a nightstand? No worries — you can hook this minimalist wooden shelf right onto your bed to serve the same purpose. The shelf is designed for easy use, so it even has little cutouts for your tech wires to fit through.

7. A Round Power Strip That Helps Keep Your Cords Close By

You know how most power strips are designed in a straight line so you end up only being able to use some of the outlets if you have large plugs? Well, this flexible surge protector puts an end to that. It can be bent into a circle, semi-circle, or zig-zag so that you can use each and every outlet it has to offer.

8. This Small Air Purifier That Kills Germs And Reduces Odors

Whether you're sick, want to prevent becoming sick, or simply don't like the way your house smells, you'll be glad to have one (or two) of these plug-in air sanitizers. The powerful gadget pulls germs and odors out of the air, all without taking up any counter space. Simply plug it into the wall and you're good to go.

9. These Activated Charcoal Air Purifying Bags That Absorb Odors In A Cinch

Don't let stinky kitchens, bathrooms, or gym bags get you down. With these charcoal air purifying bags, every space in your life will smell fresh and fragrance-free. The durable, eco-friendly design is made to absorb odors from the air without any harmful chemicals. Best of all, each bag lasts up to two years.

10. This Toilet Stool That Promises To Make Pooping Better

Look, I get it: poop talk isn't the most fun you can have. But, you know what is? The way this Squatty Potty makes going to the bathroom more comfortable than ever. I won't go into the details, but let's just say nearly 10,000 shoppers have given this bathroom accessory a whopping five-star review for how much it enhances going to the loo.

11. The Toilet Plunger That Uses Air To Blast Through Clogs

Speaking of the bathroom, if your toilet constantly gets clogged, it's time to toss the classic plunger in favor of one of these high-pressure air power plungers. The air gun design works by suctioning back-up and blasting it with air to effectively dislodge any particles. In additional to toilets, it can be used on sinks, tubs, and pretty much drains of all kind.

12. A Microfiber Spin Mop That Can Be Used On All Surfaces

Take the stress out of cleaning with this swivel microfiber mop. the extendable design is made to reach under the most troublesome spaces, without ever having to crane your body in uncomfortable ways. Once you've gone over a section of floor, dunk the head in the water and spin it out to absorb any of the excess liquid. After you've fully finished cleaning, remove the mop head and pop it in the wash to rinse it clean before your next use.

13. These Miniature Reusable Bags That Will Help You Reduce your Plastic Waste

Help reduce your carbon footprint by switching from single-use plastic baggies to these reusable silicone sandwich bags. The pinch-lock seal design comes in a variety of colors, so you can stock your pantry according to your personality. And, unlike regular plastic baggies, these are microwave- and dishwasher safe, so you can even heat things up in them.

14. These Vented Food Containers That Will Help Keep Your Produce Fresh

Stocking your fridge with fruits and veggies can sometimes feel like a waste — after all, without the proper storage, they can go bad pretty quickly. Luckily these produce-saving food containers are here to help. They have a vented design and innovative crisp tray that helps keep water out to extend the live of your groceries.

15. These Lidded Ice Cube Trays That Keep Water From Sloshing Around

I know I can't be the only one who spills water on the way from the sink to the freezer when carrying full ice cube trays. If that sounds all too familiar, consider adding some of these lidded ice cube trays to your freezer. Not only will they keep water in, but you can even use them to make frozen desserts and snacks, which you can then easily transport thanks to the lid.

16. These Little Pucks That Magically Remove Pet Hair From Clothes In The Dryer

What if I told you that removing dog hair from your clothes could be as simple as throwing a little disc in the dryer? Well friends, get excited, because thanks to these paw print pucks, you can do just that. The reusable tools are designed to magically attract pet hair from wet clothes as they dry. You're welcome in advance.

17. These Sponges That Cut Through Even The Most Caked-On Grease

With over 1,500 gleaming reviews and an endorsement by Teflon, it's safe to say you can have confidence in these multi-use scrub sponges. The textured top helps dislodge any food or grime build-up, where the squishy sponge helps rinse everything a way as the final step.

18. This Shower Mirror That Makes Shaving Less Of A Risk

Whether you like to look at yourself in the shower, need help seeing hard-to-reach areas while shaving, or want to give a friend a quirky gift, this fog-free shower mirror will be a hit. It's designed to be hung or held, so you can switch up how you use it each and every time you shower.

19. A Hand-Held Vacuum That Helps Clean Hard-To-Reach Nooks And Crannies

Pet hair can be a beast to clean. Luckily this cordless pet hair vacuum helps get the job done. In the car, on the couch, between the sheets — this heavy-suction tool will help pick up every last strand of pet hair. And if you find any spots that are especially hard to reach, just pop on the crevice tool to dig deep during your cleaning.

20. This Textured Cat Litter Mat That Will Save You From Having To Clean Up Stray Particles

You wouldn't want to see used toilet paper all over the house, so the same should be true of stray cat litter. That's why this durable cat litter mat is such a must. Place it under your pet's litter box — and when they step out after their business, the tiny bristles with trap any stray litter so that it doesn't end up on your floor, between the couch cushions, or in your bed.

21. This Heated Back and Neck Pillow That's Great For DIY Massage Sessions

Wouldn't it be nice if you could schedule a massage any time you felt the slightest kink in your neck? While that could get pretty pricy, adding this plug-in shiatsu back and neck massager pillow won't be. The pillow features relaxing 20-minute massage sessions that automatically shut off after use. Additionally, you have the option of adding heat.

22. A Flexible Tablet Stand That Creates A Hands-Free Approach To Streaming

Whether you'd like to watch shows in bed, Face Time hands-free, or need a way to easily watch home cooking videos while trying to recreate the dish, this gooseneck tablet stand will come in super handy. It clips onto any surface and bends whichever way you need while still providing enough support to keep your tablet stable and steady.

23. This Shampoo Bar That Helps Put An End To Flaky Scalps

Clean beauty products are becoming more and more popular as the world becomes more eco-conscious. Want to hop on the trend? These naked shampoo bars give you the same quality rinse from a bottled shampoo without all the excessive plastic waste. Simply wet, suds, and rinse for a head full of squeaky clean strands. This kiwi version soothes scalps and dandruff, too.

24. This Colorful Motion Sensor That Turns Your Toilet Into A Light Display

If you've ever sat on a toilet in the dark only to find that the seat was left up, you're well aware how necessary a toilet night light really can be. These glowing motion sensor LED toilet lights will turn on as soon as you enter the bathroom, so you'll never fall in again. What's more, it has 16 different colors to choose from, and you can cycle through all of them.

25. These Little Racks That Make Pouring Leftovers Into Baggies Easier Than Ever

Pouring salsas into baggies might not be your first choice, but if you've been there, you know how messy it can be. That's why these hand baggy stands are so well-loved on Amazon. They give your baggies the support the need to stay up and open as you fill them with your favorite fruits, veggies, snacks, and leftovers.

26. A Strainer That Snaps Onto Any Size Pan For Easy Draining

Why give yourself a whole other dish to clean when you can simply clip a colander right on the edge of your pan? This dishwasher-safe silicone strainer attaches to any pot or pan for streamlined draining. And, if you're not a fan of green, you can choose from red, as well.

27. This Color-Changing Shower Head So You Can See The Temp Of The Water

If you're really feeling the idea of funky lights in your bathroom, know that you're not alone. Over 1,000 shoppers recommend this LED light shower head. It has five stream settings and three color settings that change according to the water temperature. Pretty fun, right?

28. This 80-Inch Light Strip That Can Be Cut Into Smaller Pieces To Illuminate Your Whole Room

While we're on the topic of LED lights, why not turn your television into your very own glowing cinema with these color-changing LED light strips? Each strip is 80-inches long and can be cut to the size of your choice (just be sure to follow the directions). Once installed, you can use the remote to switch between colors and brightness.

29. A Long-Lasting LED Light Bulb That Has 16 Million Color Options

In case you haven't noticed, colorful lights are beloved by Amazon shoppers. This LED smart lightbulb is a fan-favorite thanks to its ability to link with Amazon Alexa, Apple HomeKit, and Google Assistant so that you can control it with voice commands. What's more, there are endless color settings to choose from, so you can change your lighting based on your mood without ever having to repeat if you don't want to.

30. This Night Light That Mimics The Progression Of Natural Light

Why hassle yourself with remembering to flip the switch each and every night when these plug-in night lights come with an automatic dusk-to-dawn sensor that switches them on at night and off during the day? The slim design plugs into any outlet without blocking the other plug, something that many reviewers love. And with nearly 1,200 four- and five-star reviews, they're absolutely worth the affordable price.

31. These Alarms That Keep Your House Safe for Just $10

If you want to implement a home security system — but don't have thousands to spend on a fancy installation, take a peek at these best-selling door and window alarms. They come with three settings (off, chime, and alarm), one of which is most definitely loud enough to alert the whole residence if an intruder tries to break in. What's more, they have a convenient low battery test button, so you'll never have to worry about your alarms dying out randomly.

32. A Suction Cup Brush That Will Save You From Skipping Rinsing Your Feet In The Shower

Many people think that simply letting body wash slide down over their feet in the shower is enough to rinse them clean, but in reality you should actually be cleansing them each time you step in. No need to contort your body in small spaces to reach your arches, toes, and heels, simply stick one of these foot massager scrubber brushes in your shower. Rub your foot across it with the included rejuvenating gel and try to tell me it's not the best thing ever.

33. This Soft Suction Cup Pillow That Turns Any Tub Into A Spa-Like Oasis

Bath time is supposed to be relaxing AF. One way to ensure it will be is to suction one of these soft spa bath pillows to the edge of the tub. It's made with 2 full inches of cushy foam, so you can sit back and relax as you soak the day away.

34. A Handy Little Drain Cover That Lets You Fill Your Tub To Your Heart's Desire

One of the biggest annoyances with baths is that the overflow drain is often lower than most people would prefer. To keep your bath from unnecessarily draining, stick one of these air-tight overflow drain covers over the metal. At last you'll be able to fill your tub to your desire.

35. These Pretty Hand-Blown Glass Bulbs That Ensure Your Plants Stay Watered

If you frequently forget to water your plants, give them a little TLC with one of these hand-blown glass aqua bulbs. Fill it with with water, flip it over, and stick it in your plant. Doing so ensures your plant stays hydrated without ever over-watering it. These bulbs are especially helpful for busy people always on the go.

36. A Divided Baking Pan That Turns Every Brownie Into A Delicious Crispy Edge

Let's be honest: Brownies along the edge of the pan are best. Hands down. That's precisely why this non-stick edge brownie pan is such a hit on Amazon. The twisty design creates tasty edges on each and every brownie, so that everyone who grabs one can enjoy the best of the batch.

37. A Super-Fast Kitchen Gadget That Speeds Up Cooking Eggs Of Any Kind

Scrambled eggs, poached eggs, over-easy eggs — this fun little rapid egg cooker can turn you into a total pro. The best part is that it's designed to cook up to six eggs (perfectly) in less time than it'd typically take to boil water, so you can expect speedy snacks in a flash. Elite Daily may receive a portion of sales from products purchased from this article, which was created independently from Elite Daily's editorial and sales departments.