These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Worst New Moon In Aquarius Because Comfort Levels Are Shifting

You know I hate letting anyone know that difficulties lie ahead, but to say that life is made of nothing but sunshine and rainbows would be a lie. The moon is a sensitive planet in astrology, as it rules over your emotional, inner-world. It has the power to bring you total ease and spiritual excitement, as well as drag you through your shadows in order to learn more about yourself. This time around, you may be experiencing more of the latter, because these zodiac signs will have the worst new moon in Aquarius 2019: Cancer, Leo, and Scorpio. If you have a sun, moon, or rising sign in any of the following, prepare for this lunation to potentially feel more challenging.

However, don't let this news make you believe that a nightmare lies ahead. In fact, a new moon is still a very positive lunation that wants to help you turn over a new leaf and let go of the past. But don't forget that the moon is still moody and delicate, no matter what phase she's in. Even though you're in the process of releasing emotional baggage and detangling your world, you may have to face your own struggles head on before that can happen. If this lunation leaves you feeling hollow or empty, understand that it's only temporary.

Cancer: You're Going Through An Internal Metamorphosis

This lunation will reach you on an extremely deep level. It shoots energy into your eighth house of death and rebirth the most intense, passionate, psychic, and sexual houses of all. There's a possibility that you'll be experiencing an ending of some sort, in which you have no choice but to say "goodbye" to an aspect of life that no longer fits in your world. Remember that with all things created, something else must be destroyed. You'll feel the devastating beauty of this destruction when the new moon in Aquarius radiates through the sky, so prepare to face the mortality of all things.

However, this lunation can help you forge deeper connections with others, which is why the eighth house is so famed for its spiritual and sexual power.

Leo: You're Relationships Will Be Under Scrutiny

This new moon takes place in Aquarius, your opposite sign. In astrology, opposite signs have the tendency to challenge and conflict with each other. However, they also have the power to complete each other. Speaking of completing each other, this lunation will rattle your seventh house of partnerships, aka your descendent.

Since new moons always symbolize a new beginning of some sort, this one entails a new beginning in the way you deal with and experience relationships. It could be the signification of a relationship falling to pieces. It could also be the spark that sets a new partnership on fire. Regardless, there will be a shift coming when it comes to those you hold close, so prepare for your emotional ties to be tested.

Scorpio: You May Be Experiencing Discomfort At Home

Is there any place in this world that's more important than your home? It's where you return to feel safe after a long and stressful day. It's where you lay your head to rest every night, feeling vulnerable yet cradled by your bed and surrounded by loved ones. When you don't feel comfortable in your own home, it ripples its exhausting effects all throughout the rest of your life. Home is where it all begins, and on Jan. 4, the new moon will electrify your fourth house of home and family.

This essentially means that you're experiencing a new beginning in one of the most sensitive parts of your life. Even though that sounds scary, it will inevitably be positive. Home changes its intrinsic meaning as you grow.