These 3 Zodiac Signs Have The Worst Luck In Love This Month

by Cosmo Luce

Bad luck is a matter of perspective. In one view, bad luck seems to be a missed opportunity, a failure, an inconceivable twist of fate that has left you out in the cold and down on yourself. Through another lens, bad luck is a necessary barrier, keeping you out of a room in your life you weren't meant to ever walk into. Your May 2018 love horoscope will show these three signs that rejection is a means of protection, where you learn how to finally come for yourself.

If you find yourself struggling in your love life over this next month, you have some important questions to start asking yourself about forms you want to break down. What might this loss be making more room for? Where are your places of personal ignorance being broken down? What do you want to build from the destruction of this relationship's structure? It might seem like the ruin of your heart is unspeakable, but really, this is what it feels like to be growing at the same time you are always dying. Start making what you want to make out of it and really living for yourself. Ride to your own rescue.

Bad luck is simply the place in your story where you learn how to finally come for yourself.

1. Aries (March 21 To April 19)

You've never been one to slow down when you're falling in love. This month, the sun in Taurus is going to slow things down for you. There are one of two ways in which you can approach this grounding energy. You can accept it, and use the time to come to better terms with yourself before embarking on another romantic relationship. Or you can fight the feeling, and plunge headfirst into a downward spiral of your own making. Either path holds a fair amount of stress for you. This anxiety will likely last through the second week of May, but you can find a way to use it to your advantage if you manage to treat the structures that contain you more like playgrounds than prisons.

2. Gemini (May 21 To June 20)

Taking some time to yourself this month will be very beneficial to you, Gemini, but you will also have plenty of opportunities to bury your feelings in superficial distractions. Digging too deep down into your emotions might have you feeling like you cannot fully participate in the season unfolding around you. You might also experience a certain amount of feeling trapped in your own head. Try not to feed the trolls that keep you up at night. Try not to give into the temptation of what might even be a really good fight. Call on your higher self to guide you towards whatever it is you truly want — because your current love interest? They're really not it.

3. Leo (June 21 To July 22)

Reinventing yourself requires disruptions to your previous ways of being. That's not to say that this short-term difficulty won't feel like it's injecting your life with some really serious repercussions. Keep in mind that the world has ended many times and regenerated itself again. Every day has its own death in our experience of night. What would it mean to embrace this chaos, and wield change as your sword? What branches could you cut away so that your light shines more and more brightly? What would it mean to be fully in communion not with what everyone else is doing around you, but with what your emotions are telling you about yourself? If learning this requires a necessary loss, then so be it. Becoming a tall tree requires blocking smaller saplings out.