These 3 Zodiac Signs Will Have The Best Luck In Love This Month

by Cosmo Luce

May is going to be an auspicious time for many, many signs. Regardless of relationship status, the May 2018 love horoscope predicts a collective opening up. As boundaries have become increasingly crystallized, we are all going to be finding the spaces in our lives where we could stand to make a little more room. For some of us, the widest spaces of all will prove to be in our hearts. Taurus, Sagittarius, and Aquarius in particular are going to be exploring the heart's chambers, finding hidden rooms where they believed there were only walls before.

Although nobody can say for sure what's going to be planted in your heart during the month of May, keeping an open mind and being receptive to what the universe offers you will be beneficial. You never have to accept what someone is giving you, but be careful that you're scrutinizing gifts too closely. Sometimes things really are as good as they seem; sometimes people really are genuine, considerate, and invested in getting to know you. Don't close yourself off to love that would shake your foundations. In order to be your best self, clean out old resentments and heartbreaks, and start incorporating new patterns into your life. It's going to be a fun summer; spring is only laying the groundwork.

1. Taurus

With May being Taurus's season, this earthy sign will be sinking their roots into the ground. They'll be approaching their love life with an eye toward nurturing and sustenance, which will make all matters of the heart very fulfilling to them indeed. Taurus thrives when their coffers are full; they give their all to a relationship, and when the conditions are right, their love can blossom into an ecosystem that supports life in all of its abundance. With the start of this new growing season, Taurus will be feeling their heart's power in all of its capacity, using it to strengthen and protect those near and dear to them.

2. Sagittarius

The last three months have been all about Sagittarius encountering unexpected lessons that brought them closer to their own heart's desires. Things that felt unaccessible to Sagittarius before have suddenly become extremely available. Will this fire sign choose to stay and play the long game, or bolt at the first sign of tension? That's only for the archer to say. There's no wrong choices in the game of love, but Sagittarius needs to closely examine whether their actions would seal them off from love — and whether that's the direction they would really want to take.

3. Aquarius

Contrary to popular belief, Aquarius believes they're a try-hard in love. It's just that their efforts don't really make human sense. They perceive that they're getting close to someone when in fact they remain light years away, floating on the other end of the galaxy. Taurus season will almost force Aquarius to get close and stay close to other people. Usually Aquarius responds to intimacy by projecting until their own fears of intimacy seem like everybody else's fault. This time, Aquarius is actually going to build tethers to someone close to them and learn what it feels like to stay for once, instead of running away.

They'll be surprised to find that it's actually relaxing to give in to physical connection rather than wheeling off into the cosmos. They'll also find out what happens when they explore their passions instead of hoarding it for creative fuel. And while normally Aquarius would feel suppressed under Taurus' stranglehold, they might just come to find that a degree of stability is a good thing, not only in their romantic relationships, but in the primary relationship they have with themselves.

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